Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar
Our player @munarclar falls against Gaël Monfils at the @AustralianOpen. All the best to our player #RafaNadalAcademybyMovistar
16.01.2018 11:52:54
Pics of our technical director #CarlosMoya at the #RafaNadalAcademybyMovistar stand at @australianopen. Thanks to the fans and the press for checking it out!! #ausopenrna 😉
16.01.2018 04:50:11
Big thanks to Aaron Cohen’s family for their hospitality in Tel Aviv while we are competing at 3 ITF junior tournaments in #Israel #RNAFamily
15.01.2018 11:51:08
15.01.2018 03:21:37
Congratulations @munarclar for your new victory (7-5, 6-2). It’s the first time he is qualified for the Main Draw of a Grand Slam. He will enjoy our @rafaelnadal #AustalianOpen #RNAPlayer 💪🏻🎾🔝
13.01.2018 19:47:38
Making every day and every practice session count. #ToniNadal #RafaNadalAcademy #RafaNadalMethod
13.01.2018 14:50:10
Unique moments from last year’s #SummerCamp. We look forward to living many more in a few months. Not long now #RNASummerCamp
12.01.2018 12:42:22
#RafaNadalAcademybyMovistar player Enrique Luque (left) wins the Pre-Qualy of the ITF Pro-Circuit Men's F1 and earns a WC to play the Main Draw of the Tournament.
Fellow Academy player Pablo Schelcher (right), was the other Finalist and earns a WC for the Main Draw of Doubles of the Tournament. #RNAPlayers
12.01.2018 11:57:21
📸 of the #prequaly ITF Pro-Circuit tournament at the #RafaNadalAcademybyMovistar. It's a pleasure for us to host these tournaments here ;) Thanks to @iberostar @aireuropa @majoricaofficial @cocacola @telefonica @aireuropa @lg__mobile @mallorcasir
11.01.2018 16:36:22
Our player @munarclar is in the last qualify round at the @australianopen . All the best to Jaume!!! #RafaNadalAcademybyMovistar
11.01.2018 09:51:49
Our player @munarclar has won his first match of the first qualy at @australianopen. Our coaches have followed the game very closely along with @rafaelnadal and #CarlosMoya. #RafaNadalAcademybyMovistar
10.01.2018 07:48:36
All ready to start pre qualy of #Futures ITF 1 at #RafaNadalAcademybyMovistar 💪🏻🎾
10.01.2018 02:47:12
Memories of the summer… Who remembers how much fun we had at the #SummerCamp last year? Are you ready to repeat it? 👌👏
09.01.2018 13:30:37
Happy to hold 4 ITF tournaments at the #RafaNadalAcademybyMovistar this year as well! From 10.01 to 17.02
08.01.2018 08:21:36
Making friends from all over the world. One of the many perks of spending the summer with us. Check out our #SummerCamp2018.

Link in bio 😉
08.01.2018 06:40:29
#Repost @australianopen (@get_repost)
A closer look at @rafaelnadal and Carlos Moya training at Melbourne Park today ☀️
07.01.2018 19:00:01
Practice sessions on the #RafaNadalAcademy, under the Majorcan Sun. Practice with the best and make new friends at our #SummerCamp2018.

Link in bio 😉 #RNASummerCamp
05.01.2018 12:44:40
Here, our player is working on his footwork and hip mobility
05.01.2018 10:00:11
Yunseong Chung (19 years, Seoul, Korea) #3 ITF junior (2016) is currently training in the Weekly Program at Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar.
05.01.2018 04:57:01
#tbt to a practice session at the #RafaNadalAcademy from the very best.
04.01.2018 12:10:26