We are all a work in progress. All the faults you find in someone you love, they too can find your faults. So, treat them how you would want to be treated when you fall short. Speak without blaming, listen deeply, accept them for who they are, and if you can’t, be honest without being cruel. 👁❤️👁
Once you have her, nothing can compete. 💎❤️🔥
@asagemoon Believing is a superpower. ❤️👁🙏👁❤️
I feel this power. 🔥❤️👁🔮👁
@deborahabyrd 😘💋🎼💋🎼🙏🏻
My new love.. Tato.... I rescued him from the gas chamber,, he rescued me from myself. 😇
@enlightenthejourney This is the truth,,,, thank you Mindy ...💋💋🔮
For all the beautiful women who are my dear friends in this beautifully painful world we all dwell in..... Be you. Love you. Be the unique being God made you to be. You have a purpose big or small in the eyes of man matters not because in Gods eyes, the smallest of love and kindness is the biggest. I speak the truth. #🙏👁❤️😇🙏
My Diana......has the vision. 🔮👁🌟🌪☄️🌈☀️☔️💨☃️🌤🔥💥✨⚡️👁🙏👁💋🎼🔥💋🎼🔥💋🎼🔥
Always I love you. No matter what.... Don’t ever forget that. 👁❤️👁
Me. 😇
Use your senses more than paying attention to what everyone else is doing.
I love you...... 👁🙏👁
No make-up. 59 years old...She looks amazing....
Buy the cream... 😘