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Thank you @marieclairemag for writing about sustainability and introducing our Circular Collection to your readers. Thank you for opening up a dialogue and making important issues a priority! We’re grateful for your voice! @bayouwithlove @dell #DellxBayouwithLove
16.01.2018 12:40:37
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Good morning! Hanging in new places:) 🌎🙏🏼❤️
14.01.2018 13:18:21
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Hey guys happy Sunday! By now you probably know that every Sunday I donate my social media to my @YearsofLiving team to talk about carbon pricing! Please take a second to read these posts!!! This week’s post will really help you get involved! Come on it’s five minutes of your time :) “The #PutAPriceOnIt team is excited to announce we are a finalist for the MIT Climate CoLab contest. Over the last year and a half, you've seen stories sharing the impact the #PutAPriceOnIt campaign has on countless college students, and toward winning carbon pricing policies across the country. Go to the link in the @putapriceonit bio and follow the link to VOTE for the campaign! Your vote will support student leaders to #PutAPriceOnIt and win on climate in 2018.” Link in stories :)
14.01.2018 13:02:19
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Stackable. The Circular Collection. Each piece is meant to reflect this beautiful world we live in as we strive for a circular economy and zero waste. All 14-18 carat gold with diamonds and opals. Ethical, sustainable. Gold is gold, even if it’s been used before. It has a story...making it even more special. 🌎 link in stories. @bayouwithlove @dell #dellxbayouwithlove
13.01.2018 13:27:31
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“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” - William Wilberforce
Hi guys. Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Today is a day set aside for us to remember the horrific torture victims of human trafficking have endured. To think about their stories and stand with the families who still don't know where their precious children are or if they will ever see them again. We must raise our voices to say NO MORE.

Please join the fight. Stand with us by raising your voice, posting information about the horrors of human trafficking, and declaring: it is NOT OK TO ALLOW SLAVERY TO EXIST IN OUR MODERN WORLD. And please follow @uheroes and find ways to get involved. This cannot go on any longer!!!! Spread this message! Share this, read about this, TALK ABOUT THIS!!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 #antihumantraffickingawarenessday #endslavery #endit
11.01.2018 23:11:52
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Sustainable. Ethical. Made in Los Angeles. @bayouwithlove and @dell Circular Collection Made with recovered gold from recycled computers 🌎🌱 link in stories
11.01.2018 12:06:21
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TODAY IS THE DAY! I am THRILLED to share with all of you one of the most exciting collaborations I’ve been a part of.
Over a year ago, @Dell approached me with the idea of making something beautiful from what is
traditionally considered waste. Their environmental partners had developed a process for extracting gold from old computer motherboards in the U.S. that was 99% more environmentally friendly than mining gold from the earth.
At the same time, I was working to launch @bayouwithlove out of a desire to create and support sustainable items that matched my lifestyle. Match made in heaven!
Today we’re revealing The Circular Collection by @BayouwithLove and @Dell, a new 14-18 carat gold jewelry collection made in the US and sourced from gold recovered from Dell’s recycling programs.
This is so exciting because we’re bringing together technology and sustainable fashion and bringing people closer to an issue that plagues all of us who use technology in our everyday lives.
Demand for tech gadgets continues to climb YET only 12.5 percent of electronics are recycled. Valuable resources that can be recycled and upcycled are going to waste. Americans are throwing out phones containing over $60 MILLION in gold and/or silver EVERY YEAR!!! That’s crazy!!!!
Our new collection is available at and to support responsible recycling and learn about Dell’s process for extracting gold and putting it back into their own products, visit
#DellxBayouWithLove #CES2018 #Legacyofgood
09.01.2018 13:01:17
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We made it!! So excited to finally be here with my @dell and @bayouwithlove family! Stay tuned! In 30 minutes we will be announcing our secret collaboration! We will be posting and live-streaming on all platforms as we speak on stage about the process leading up to this very special moment!! #DellxBayouWithLove
09.01.2018 12:28:37
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URGENT! This just came from my friend and animal angel @boochaces . Please read and help us brainstorm how we can save these babies! Feedlots are where unwanted horses go to wait to die, basically. From the feedlots, they are shipped to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered for their meat. The meat is then shipped to various regions for human consumption. Not many people realize or understand this. Rancho Relaxo, Goats of Anarchy and Twist of Fate were able to save three FOALS (baby horses) from a feedlot in Colorado. There are three foals left. If there are any horse people out there willing to rescue one or all of these babies, please contact @boochaces. There is a deadline of tomorrow morning - when the three that are safe get trailered to New Jersey to undergo quarantine. These foals are approximately 4-6 months old. They are also said to be discarded nurse mare foals or reservation foals. These babies WILL go to slaughter if not rescued. *** UPDATE! WE FOUND THESE BABIES AN AMAZING HOME! THEY ARE SAFE!!! WE PULLED THEM FROM THE FEEDLOT! THANK YOU FOR SHARING AND HELPING TO ENSURE THEIR SAFETY! I WILL SHARE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS AS SOON AS THEY ARRIVE! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!
08.01.2018 19:58:17
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A visual example of unity. Wearing black and standing in solidarity with all of my sisters this weekend as we move into this new time where victims are no longer silenced and everyone’s voice is heard. This weekend represented a new chapter for women and men all across the world. This weekend we were one, but from this day forward we are equal. @instylemagazine + @goldenglobes thank you for having us❤️ #TIMESUP
08.01.2018 19:15:17
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Beautiful night and beautiful energy at @theartofelysium this weekend. Thank you @moniquelhuillier and @lindseydupuis for making a new mama feel fancy :). And @johnlegend @gracevanderwaal @xambassadors your performances brought me to my knees. Your art brought together an amazing group of people for a very special cause❤️
08.01.2018 17:53:17
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Oprah you fierce, beautiful woman. Every room fell silent as your presence was louder than any thought, any movement, or any chatter. To inspire without force, without anger, is the true definition of power. Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless and demanding love and compassion in a speech that had the entire world listening. You lead the leaders Oprah, you always have and you always will. @goldenglobes @oprah #TIMESUP
08.01.2018 13:30:03
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Good morning from the air!
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“It’s time to shift the balance in the workplace from representing the few to representing us all” @timesupnow #TIMESUP ❤️
05.01.2018 13:51:11
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Three days til we launch our secret collaboration together. I’m so grateful for this experience and all that I’ve learned over the last year. This project really has the ability to change the way we view sustainability and redefine our approach to luxury. I believe I can speak for both @bayouwithlove and @Dell when I say we are SO excited!#DellxBayouWithLove
05.01.2018 10:32:03
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Hi guys!!! Excited to be a #fabfitfunpartner and can’t wait to share some of this with you today! I love discovering new brands in the health/wellness/beauty/fashion world, but I especially love when they are locally made, plant based, organic and/or chemical free. What’s great is you can customize your box choosing some of the items yourself while also supporting some great causes and young entrepreneurs. As a young woman who also started her own company, I am thrilled to be working with @fabfitfun as they focus a lot on putting together boxes that support really powerful female founded companies. These boxes are great for gift giving, and they’re seasonal so you can feel like the holidays never end :). I want to hear your thoughts so comment below and tell me what you love about these boxes, and any other ideas you have! Some of my fav products in my box are the cruelty-free face mask and non toxic paraben-free makeup applicator❤️ Ps I really think @bayouwithlove should be in a box...don’t you? :)
The best part, you can use NIKKILIVE to get 10$ off your box at
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2017 you changed me forever. You made me understand what it means to be human. You made me a mom. You made me a true believer in a love I’d only ever dreamed of... 📷 cred @iansomerhalder
01.01.2018 11:58:36
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Yummmm. It’s an apple cider vinegar hair rinse kinda day🌱Herbs flowers and apple cider vinegar. Comfrey, mallow, chickweed and lavender. Let it soak. Use 1/4 cup of your vinegar potion and the rest water to make your hair rinse. 🌱happy Saturday!
30.12.2017 17:42:42
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Just a few more days until we launch a project we have been working on over at @bayouwithlove for over a year now... I’m so excited to share this with all of you...coming soon! #DellxBayouWithLove
28.12.2017 13:38:28