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как я мечтаю провести хотя бы одни сутки 🛏 ☁️ 😴
в реальности - это работа для ребят из Dream Catcher (@drmctchrbilyzna), которые основали новый бренд постельного белья. видите на картинке ловца снов? точно такой же добавляется к каждому комплекту белья, как и принт с этой иллюстрацией. в общем, целый набор для создания уюта в спальне. кто в Киеве, заходите завтра посмотреть и пощупать - маркет Всі Свої.
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#thecozyknittercollection packages preparing for the journey to their new cozy homes 🍂☁️☕️
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hello everyone 🙌🏾
here you can see some fragments from the book I’m working on at the moment with my friends Egreš (@egres_ ) - independent publisher from Slovakia.
the book is called ‘Gréta’ and it tells us about underwater life and how the inhabitants of the ocean react to the pollution of their house with garbage that is thrown out by people. 🐋
the book is now running crowdfunding campaign here:
🔹 🔹
people from Slovakia can support this project: the book will be published and you will get some beautiful and useful gifts.
people from another countries can support with their attention and maybe one day this book will be published on different languages
(we dream about it 😌✨)
P.S. theme of plastic pollution is very important for me and I hope for many people here too.
let’s do something to educate ourselves and our next generations 🐋 🙏🏾 🌊
- text written by Andrea Gregušová
- graphic design by @matejvojtus
- illustrations by me

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• the cozy knitter • launch2!
#thecozyknittercollection sets are available to PRE-ORDER in my etsy-shop ✨
I want to warn that the processing of pre-orders will begin in early December, but this time the quantity should satisfy many people :) purchases will be processed in the order of the queue.
I hope for your understanding and patience.
and I wish you a cozy day 🏠☁️🍂 .

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attention please 🙌🏾
first of all, a huge thank you all for your incredible support with all your words and purchases of these new sweater brooches and ‘cozy knitter’ sets! 👀♥️ I didn’t expect such highness of your feedback and my first edition was sold out in a few hours! 😱

so, secondly, I want to ask those of you, who didn’t catch their sets today: you will be able to do this very soon, when I will be sure of quantity of the brooches to restock them as soon as it possible! I am already work on it.
and I repeat: thank you, dear people. you are the best 😚♥️
p.s. postcards and stickers are still in stock!
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good evening dear everyone! 🍂
I am really happy to announce these new products which were created in the collaboration with beloved Melody Hoffman @bmandarines 🧡and called ‘the cozy knitter collection’.
some people can recognize the ‘little sweater’ and another cozy details of Melody’s space (I am sure, a lot of you feel an inspiration from her lifestyle and work ☁️🧦)
so our little collaboration inspired by the coziness and calmness of the beautiful space which we can create around us, to feel tranquil, safe and warm, especially on these grey days, and I hope some of you will find these little illustrations inspiring and warming for themselves. many-many thanks to dear Melody for her warmth and endless inspiration 🙌🏾
everything available in my Etsy shop (together and separately):
please have a look and tell me what you think:)
have a cozy sunday evening ☁️🏠☕️
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🧦🍂☁️ sunday
new sticker set ‘calm day’.
little story of 18 details at one sheet, size 11*15 cm (transparent or white)
🏷 🌰 🍂 decorate your planners, notebooks, letters, gifts!
в Украине такие стикеры можно приобрести в @shchos_cikave / @shoshowroom / @utopia_8 / @yalanzhi_objects, как и другие мои изделия ✨
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autumn birds ☁️
in a period of cloudy and cold weather i want to make my days more special and a little brighter, for example, wearing a small detail on my favorite sweater or shirt or dress. red shades in the autumn-winter time remind me of something fairy. i wish you the same ♥️🏠 ‘sweden red house’ and ‘red roof house’ are now in my shop:
p.s. favorite white shirt from @pulp.clothes ☁️
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space for breathe 🏠☁️🚶🏻
is necessary
shapes 🏺
непараллельные прямые
sometimes I feel pretty fortunate person in the field of second-hand finds 🖤🌼 @marimekkodesignhouse
& in the corner some of your orders from my Etsy:) ☁️ ✉️ready to fly to you.
little brooches preparing to be shipped around the world 🌎✨
the time is running out too fast and if you’re interested in wholesale order for holiday season, you can already contact me. because the process takes much of time:) 🍁🏠🍂 have a wonderful day everyone!
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tea always helps. ginger+lemon especially.
📦 wrapping story
rainy days 🌂
🌾 a few days ago I walked through the misty mountains of Georgia, and now I can smell the Indian summer in Lviv. I am back home:)