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Tabea (@sale.yallou)
sale.yallou 10:02 12.12.17

@tattmontana187ink  the truth is this is a photo. A real one. But photoshopped. Like any picture on Instagram

TM (@tattmontana187ink)
tattmontana187ink 10:06 12.12.17

@sale.yallou  why even photoshop the real image?? “Distortion” “fish eye lense” it’s all manipulated

Fred Sickler (@fredsickler)
fredsickler 10:15 12.12.17

@tattmontana187ink  Did your senses engineer your car or your smartphone? You depend on science every day, then use science to deny it.

Fred Sickler (@fredsickler)
fredsickler 10:15 12.12.17

@sale.yallou  I’ve looked at your posts. That’s not art, it’s mutilation.

Tabea (@sale.yallou)
sale.yallou 10:26 12.12.17

@tattmontana187ink  photoshop brightens up the photo and makes the colour more beautiful

Tabea (@sale.yallou)
sale.yallou 10:26 12.12.17

@fredsickler  that’s what yo mama said when she first saw you

Fred Sickler (@fredsickler)
fredsickler 10:28 12.12.17

@sale.yallou  That’s mature.

TM (@tattmontana187ink)
tattmontana187ink 10:30 12.12.17

@sale.yallou  just like you can distort/copy/paste in photoshop . We’re a new generation, we’re curious, we’re only asking questions

Tabea (@sale.yallou)
sale.yallou 10:31 12.12.17

@fredsickler  yes i know

Tabea (@sale.yallou)
sale.yallou 10:32 12.12.17

@tattmontana187ink  yes and I photoshopped some nasa pics myself in a lab which came straight from a satellite so you can show me anything but I knwo what’s the real truth so no, these pics are real but photoshopped

TM (@tattmontana187ink)
tattmontana187ink 10:33 12.12.17

@sale.yallou  yes they are reall photoshopped 😭

Fred Sickler (@fredsickler)
fredsickler 10:35 12.12.17

@sale.yallou  I’m glad you’re proud of yourself 😊

Tabea (@sale.yallou)
sale.yallou 10:35 12.12.17

@tattmontana187ink  not like another reality, just that it’s more beautiful

Tabea (@sale.yallou)
sale.yallou 10:36 12.12.17

@tattmontana187ink  like Hubbles pictures. Everything is real for us except the colours. Humans aren’t able to see those colours

Tabea (@sale.yallou)
sale.yallou 10:36 12.12.17

@fredsickler  nah not really but dude just show some respect

Beatriz Zambrano (@zambrano0210)
zambrano0210 10:40 12.12.17


Fred Sickler (@fredsickler)
fredsickler 10:45 12.12.17

@sale.yallou  Respect for what? For people who deny science while benefits from it? For tattoos?

Tabea (@sale.yallou)
sale.yallou 10:47 12.12.17

@fredsickler  bruh I just said that people tattooing people are artists.

Fred Sickler (@fredsickler)
fredsickler 10:54 12.12.17

@sale.yallou  Respect is earned, not demanded. Tattoos aren’t art, they’re mutilation, and it’s worse because almost all of the “art” is god awful.

Блог (@milk_roblox)
milk_roblox 11:13 12.12.17


PUENTES (@andresbridges)
andresbridges 14:32 12.12.17

Hell yeah

Lance Smith (@wuhfel)
wuhfel 16:12 12.12.17

@burrrrrn.d  Moron. The camera doesn't pick up the stars because the light from the earth. You can't take pictures of the stars in the middle of Times Square.

elle fin (@go.home.fin)
go.home.fin 16:43 12.12.17

@fredsickler  you're pathetic

Bee Garcia (@bee.garcia23)
bee.garcia23 16:43 12.12.17

Who take a picture ???

TM (@tattmontana187ink)
tattmontana187ink 16:45 12.12.17

He deleted everything 😭⚰️

Theron Parlin (@theronparlin)
theronparlin 17:24 12.12.17


Theron Parlin (@theronparlin)
theronparlin 17:26 12.12.17


N.M. (@nerilatte)
nerilatte 18:01 12.12.17


cd (@cajedumo)
cajedumo 18:14 12.12.17


Mary-Jane Love (@maryjane.loveee)
maryjane.loveee 19:23 12.12.17

You can clearly see how flat the Earth is....

JMC Academy (@_evank)
_evank 19:39 12.12.17

Love how they use fish eye lense cameras...

JMC Academy (@_evank)
_evank 19:40 12.12.17

@maryjane.loveee  fish eye lense...

Banani Mallick (@pompa_75)
pompa_75 20:39 12.12.17


Dr. Tariq .. (@6aroog)
6aroog 22:57 12.12.17


Tomer Erez (@tomererez7)
tomererez7 03:35 13.12.17

@eatingmovies  where's the land bruv

Achmad Fauzi (@achmad_fauzi_212)
achmad_fauzi_212 03:58 13.12.17


Ben Hutton (@benhuttonmagic)
benhuttonmagic 05:59 13.12.17

Nice try NASA

Gabriela Hesketh Anchieta ✌ (@gabhesketh)
gabhesketh 06:16 13.12.17

@rppndec  kkkk isso mesmo! Plana com um domo

﷽ (@ybn.knuk)
ybn.knuk 09:03 13.12.17

@bornxo  how we get them pics tho lol

﷽ (@ybn.knuk)
ybn.knuk 09:04 13.12.17

@bornxo  no stars? Lol top left why earth mad blurr in one spot

degala_lj (@ljdegala__)
ljdegala__ 09:07 13.12.17


🍕 (@bornxo)
bornxo 09:08 13.12.17

@ybn.knuk  “ @golegs  @ka.lavdim  stupid comment. Take a photo of the stars from under a street light and tell me how many stars you can see in the photo. Zero dopey....exposure.”

Fred Sickler (@fredsickler)
fredsickler 09:50 13.12.17

@_evank  If a fish eye lens was being used everything would be curved. This is a wide angle lens with typical barrel distortion. The Earth isn’t flat. Get used to it.

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 09:51 13.12.17

@achmad_fauzi_212  No

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 09:55 13.12.17

@burrrrrn.d  Srsly. If they take a pic of the bright earth they have to turn down the exposure. And that leads to the less bright stars to go dim.

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 09:55 13.12.17

@sabs_8583  Sure

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 09:57 13.12.17

@kymani_pyg  Satellites idk but the stars are dimmed out cus the bright earth they turned down the exposure. So you cant see the less bright stars

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 09:58 13.12.17

@t.j.corcoran  Its not and other people than nasa proves it. Flat earth has non leading profs.

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 09:59 13.12.17

@kaylalaveau  You can't know if its real or fake. Its probally how it looks in space

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 10:00 13.12.17

@drecaopone7154  Exposure low

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 10:00 13.12.17

@science_______ftw  Exactly

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 10:06 13.12.17

@pj_theone  Becuase the earth is really huge! You cant see the curvature from your balcony. Nor a airplane

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 10:07 13.12.17

@pj_theone  I mean. I'm not paid by nasa or a really a fan of them, but the round earth is just more logical

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 10:07 13.12.17

@j_decasby  Why?

Kymani Hall (@kymani_pyg)
kymani_pyg 10:20 13.12.17

@mailliw_is_ha44y  if that’s what u think 👌

Hidayatullah (@hidayat.uh)
hidayat.uh 10:32 13.12.17

@achmad_fauzi_212  :D

j_decasby 11:00 13.12.17

@mailliw_is_ha44y  to fool you and distract your from what’s really going on right now.

TJ  Corcoran🇺🇸 (@t.j.corcoran)
t.j.corcoran 11:11 13.12.17

@mailliw_is_ha44y  the silly caps indicate its satire

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 11:12 13.12.17

@j_decasby  But the earth doesn't need to be flat for that. There are more logical proofs that its round than flat. You didnt talk about that but i assume you meant it.

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 11:13 13.12.17

@t.j.corcoran  Okay bro. Its just hard to notice when flat earthers act like that and have caps

j_decasby 11:18 13.12.17

@mailliw_is_ha44y  well depends on what you’re trying to distract from right? There’s more going on past the Antarctic ice wall ring. So I’m order to keep people away from that, they sent everyone’s imagination into space while THEY do what they have to do with everything that’s beyond the ice wall ring

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 11:59 13.12.17

@j_decasby  theory

j_decasby 12:11 13.12.17

@mailliw_is_ha44y  watch the video in my bio

08.09.17 (@pj_theone)
pj_theone 17:03 13.12.17

@mailliw_is_ha44y  did I say I can see it from a balcony? but even the distance they tell us the curvature begins, everything continues to stay like it would on a flat motionless plane. And it’s only more logical to you because they’ve done a great job of implanting the concept of a round earth to you, so anything said against that is seemed not “logical” when you won’t even look into it. Not a single real picture of this round earth, biggest red flag alone. The whole round earth thing started because people back then were seeing ships sail over the horizon, and that view of perspective was enough for them to decide it’s round. well that was until we have telescopes and cameras where if we zoom in, the ships never sailed over anything. In fact, it’s flat on SEA LEVEL.. there’s a reason why they call it that. So the very thing that the round earth base had started from, is easily a myth, and everything after that was just added science fictionally, but ya’ll believe that as real science because it’s the only info you can grasp your hands on, of course round earth will be more logical to you. You need to start questioning instead of believing

Prema The Pig (@premapig)
premapig 17:22 13.12.17


Kymani Hall (@kymani_pyg)
kymani_pyg 17:32 13.12.17

@mailliw_is_ha44y  eyy boi a who ya tek fi fool move up !!

Coco 🙋🏼 (@colleenelsofany)
colleenelsofany 18:01 13.12.17

@cowboysdavie  CGI or wha? 🤔

Yusuf Tuğrul Kadık (@m.perfectionist_)
m.perfectionist_ 18:35 13.12.17

Uyduda geliştiriyonuz iyi tamamda , kızı özledim gidemiyorum yanına .Artık ışınlanmayı bulun hadi bekliom ok.

Davie Mcnamee (@cowboysdavie)
cowboysdavie 18:45 13.12.17

@colleenelsofany  or fish eye.. if its off nasa theres sumthin up fo shooo 😂

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 18:48 13.12.17

@pj_theone  And just don't forget the mesurements people have made that add up to earth. And that some things that we see wouldn't work on a flat earth

ᏇᎥᏝᏝᎥᏗᎷ (@mailliw_is_ha44y)
mailliw_is_ha44y 18:49 13.12.17

@kymani_pyg  English please

John Kline......yep (@jkline49)
jkline49 19:31 13.12.17

@suckmyoil  You got me , I wave my white flag in surrender. Your extreme list of FAQs proving otherwise has put me at ease. You are one of the great debaters. One could say you were even a master baiter.

Scotty (@_heartcooksbrain_)
_heartcooksbrain_ 19:52 13.12.17

@alchemy_wolf  You will probably say it's fake.

alchemy_wolf 20:00 13.12.17

@_heartcooksbrain_  😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Science alwayswins (@science_______ftw)
science_______ftw 20:12 13.12.17

flat earthers are lying sacks of s*** .

musica_na_almah 22:28 13.12.17


alejand_ro 01:02 14.12.17

I hope one day to be able to see that view

JMC Academy (@_evank)
_evank 01:26 14.12.17

@fredsickler  the world doesn’t spin at 1000mph around the sun in a empty fkn space. Keep believing nasa the snakes. Brainwash morons

Conessia Giles (@gilesconessia)
gilesconessia 07:26 14.12.17


Conessia Giles (@gilesconessia)
gilesconessia 07:32 14.12.17

Alej no one is going there you wont miss a thing

کامیاب فر (@kamiabfar)
kamiabfar 07:33 14.12.17

میگم سفینه دست دو بدون رنگ کم کارکرد ندارین واس فروش؟@nasa 

Conessia Giles (@gilesconessia)
gilesconessia 07:33 14.12.17

Musica whats so fake about it you must not have all of the pieces

Fred Sickler (@fredsickler)
fredsickler 08:17 14.12.17

@_evank  You repeat the same debunked BS as every other flat earth believer, but call other people brainwashed. You have no factual basis for your beliefs. No math or physics to support you.

mobin masoudi nasab (@mobinmasoudinasab)
mobinmasoudinasab 08:22 14.12.17


mobin masoudi nasab (@mobinmasoudinasab)
mobinmasoudinasab 08:23 14.12.17

Please visit my page

johny blaze (@nikkertaker)
nikkertaker 08:26 14.12.17


johny blaze (@nikkertaker)
nikkertaker 08:27 14.12.17


زمین صاف_زمین تخت_flat earth (@flat_earth_iran2017)
flat_earth_iran2017 08:36 14.12.17

Shhhhhh the earth is flaaaaaat

c9p1q_d4rk2 (@d4rke6_2306)
d4rke6_2306 09:11 14.12.17

Nice bro

® 🌊🏞🌌סמואל (@intergalacticsurfer)
intergalacticsurfer 11:04 14.12.17

A drum, some pvc pipes & some Reynold's Foil wrap that could withstand the extreme temperature & vacuum of space. 😂😂😂😂 my #MamaRaiseNoFool 

® 🌊🏞🌌סמואל (@intergalacticsurfer)
intergalacticsurfer 11:05 14.12.17

Not to mention electric wires exposure 😂😂😂😂

Matt Marsh - Marsh's Gym (@matt_marsh_boxing)
matt_marsh_boxing 11:30 14.12.17

Iv heard the earth is flat

Houtarou Kuze (@kuze2654)
kuze2654 19:04 14.12.17

Where the camera?? :V lol send to the public with 4G Connections

Houtarou Kuze (@kuze2654)
kuze2654 19:04 14.12.17

@nikkertaker  jessus your god??

Houtarou Kuze (@kuze2654)
kuze2654 19:05 14.12.17

@nikkertaker  ah you kidding me

Rosa Montes de Oca (@rosa_montesdeoca)
rosa_montesdeoca 19:05 14.12.17

Take care now

Erik Saucedo (@internal3cb)
internal3cb 19:41 14.12.17

@intergalacticsurfer  obviously she did raise a fool.

Surreal Video & pictures (@surreal_mediapicture)
surreal_mediapicture 21:52 14.12.17

داشاق ابی بود

boss ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) bosssed (@bossbosssed)
bossbosssed 04:24 15.12.17

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Fred Sickler (@fredsickler)
fredsickler 08:08 15.12.17

@kuze2654  The camera is inside the ISS and the picture was transmitted using radio.

Fred Sickler (@fredsickler)
fredsickler 08:09 15.12.17

@matt_marsh_boxing  You’ve been hit in the head too often. Its not flat.

Jasiel Nascimento (@jasiel_nascimento)
jasiel_nascimento 08:29 15.12.17


Jasiel Nascimento (@jasiel_nascimento)
jasiel_nascimento 08:30 15.12.17


Stay woke 🅱 ( 12:49 15.12.17

@matt_marsh_boxing  who ever told you that the earth is flat is mentally handicapped

Stay woke 🅱 ( 12:51 15.12.17

@kymani_pyg  it's facts idiot. The earth's brightness blocks out the stars

reza.saltanati ( 12:54 15.12.17

So magic

Young Coffee (@hiago.vicente)
hiago.vicente 13:08 15.12.17

@zedosamba  Olha q Mentira...a terra é Plana caraiii

nnbnn112 13:11 15.12.17

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