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Project Fearless University Tour UiTM Jengka - WRAPPED!
Empowering more than 300 minds, IT WAS AH-MA-ZING!!!!
You guys have to bear with me, all my photos for the next days will be about this session. I don’t think I can get over it until next year 😅

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As an Alumni of UiTM Shah Alam, I am so happy to go back to my alma mater.
Project Fearless University Tour will continue our journey tomorrow with UiTM girls and I cannot be more excited. It’s amazing vibe all around.
Looking forward to see both new and familiar faces tomorrow!
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Project Fearless University Tour will continue our journey to UiTM Cawangan Jengka this Saturday and we are so EXCITED for this journey!
See you there!
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Project Fearless won’t be possible without the support of women that understand no matter what you want to do in your life, first you have to starts with empowering your inner strength.
Self awareness, self care and knowing what you want is the best starts in everything. I am glad I am sharing this stage with these three amazing women that understands the power of knowing and loving yourself.
And understands we have to install this power on our young women as early as possible.
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@diyana_k Thank you so much for coming yesterday, you make my day! It’s such a coincidence we are both in Malaysia this time of the year. Honestly, one of the highlights of 2017 for me is to be reconnected to you. You are such a great, friendly, all around good vibe person. You are still the same jovial ,Mat Saleh look alike 12 year old from SRK Jalan Bahagia. Hehe. ❤️ Safe journey back to the UK. I’ll make sure I will go and visit you!
P.s: I hope we can do Project Fearless UK Edition someday. That would be so great!
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How to be an empowered women?
Is to appreciate the women around you. Be secured of your own worth and capabilities.
Instead of looking at one another as a threat, look at them as your assets, as your friends, as your mentors, as your sisters.
This is what Project Fearless is all about.
Project Fearless is about SISTERHOOD. And when you have a tribe of women supporting you in whatever you do, trust me. You are fearless.
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Meet the girl that have attended all Project Fearless series from Project Fearless Camp, Project Fearless Pocket Series and Project Fearless University Tour. She traveled near and far to learn something that she deemed valuable for herself. I adored this determination. Kak Long predicts bright future for you, Amira. Keep being you. Don’t let anybody dim your lights.
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On the question on whether millennials should follow pop-culture or go against the odds, my answer is do whatever you wants. If you want to follow pop culture because that’s what you want then do it. If you are not yourself by doing that, keep being the unique you. You don’t have to always following the trends. Find what works for you, trust the process and keep being the awesome you.
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Every time I see the smiles😊 among the participants of #projectfearless, all the hard work was WORTH IT! ❤️ #project #projectfearless2017 #projectfearless #girls #womenempowerment #women #kualalumpur #malaysia
The reason why #ProjectFearless can continuously grow is because it is supported by strong women all around the world. I cannot do it alone. My greatest gratitude goes to Dr @melissamiginfalahat. From a former boss to a great friend, to a person I always admire when it comes to determination and professionalism. Thank you for hosting the very first Project Fearless University Tour with us. You are the best!
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Kak Nana: Maria said if she ever get married, she wants to have a small wedding of 200 people only.
Kak Long: Still. All these 200 people will give a speech. Everybody has something to say about you. Semua orang nak berucap.
Tiga hari wedding tu tak abis. 😪

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Being picked up by my lovelies from the Airport today 😍
Hello Malaysia 🇲🇾, it’s good to be home. ❤️❤️ #homesweethome #naktido #naktido #naktido #besties #malaysia
We have been through distance for a while before but this time it’s Kind of hard to be (really) far away from this crazy cat man this particular time and 7 hours time difference doesn’t help 😭, but I need a break from this cold and I got a lot of shit to do ❄️❄️❄️ #NedostaješMi #我想你 #bae #CatMan
I noticed this worrying trends of so many Malaysian Muslims (maybe it occurs in other part of Muslims world too but I don’t have the time and skills to observe all) thinks it’s okay to go to other people’s social media account and starts trolling RUDELY those whom they think are not following the real teaching Islam (because of course they are know other people’s relationship with God 🧐🤨) under the pretence of ‘mencegah kemungkaran’. First of all, this holier-than-thou behaviour is not helping anyone and it’s not even effective.
You cannot cyber bullying people into doing something. It’s hurtful, dumb and make you look like an asshole if you not already are.
Second of all, Our Prophet A.S himself has reminded us over and over again, there’s adab to talk to people. Always polite. Always menjaga aib orang lain.
If you, by being ‘religious’ think you are better than everyone else, you might want to think again.
Are you really worshipping God or you are worshiping your ego? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #GetOverYourself #BeKind #StopCyberBullying
Approaching the end of Fall. There is a certain melancholy in the air. Whatever it is, I hope Winter will bring a new strength in us. I hope we are strong enough to endure what’s coming our way.

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Thank you for sticking around and always have my back. ❤️
Good men are not easy to find these days. 🦄
P.s: Bila tak pakai shade takde lah mcm Top Gun sangat kan? Hehe

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6 years, almost 20 different representation around the world from Asia to Europe, winning awards, my own World Communication Forum Davos-Kuala Lumpur, 2nd year as Jury for C4F Davos Awards and my own baby, Project Fearless.
I might be loud and I might have a lot of unfiltered opinion, I might not even fall into the perfect mould of a Malay woman, but this woman is going places working hard to make this country 🇲🇾 proud and she don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I am just small town girl from Temerloh but when I was 19, while watching a UN Assembly session on TV, I told myself one day I want to speak on an international Stage. Trust me - If you dream hard enough, be brave enough, you can achieve anything you want.
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But pay attention to the one that only ask but never give.
But pay attention to how they treat old people, children, waiter or people that can’t give anything back in return.
But pay attention to those that suck out all your positive energy.
But pay attention to them that tell other people’s secret to you as they will tell your secret to others.
But pay attention to those who only need you when they need something from you.
But pay attention to those whom words don’t match their action.
BE KIND. Always. But don’t ever be DUMB. ❤️ #bekind #setboundaries #setyourlimit #love
Super #latergram with my favourite hotties ❤️
Not in the mood to comb my hair, to wash my hair, to put up with anybody’s bullshit
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