Jorge Rodrigues (@jmnrodrigues)
jmnrodrigues 18:15 21.10.17

Learn to live with it!

____Angelika___ (@dream_time_8)
dream_time_8 18:51 21.10.17

Жаба Аркадьевна

💋💕Malory & Safwen💕💋 (@malory_safwen)
malory_safwen 20:41 21.10.17

C’est quoi ça 😳😱 abusé !

Paula.💙💸 (@aka.shannara)
aka.shannara 23:03 21.10.17

Madonna, que haces?

Paula.💙💸 (@aka.shannara)
aka.shannara 23:03 21.10.17

No more indicciones

Toni Della Ragione (@iamtonixx)
iamtonixx 00:59 22.10.17

@gingerottotm  e’ in astinenza da tour...:)

Alison_Smith (@ali_smitty)
ali_smitty 01:31 22.10.17


💯@ all 🕘s (@midnight_runnnner)
midnight_runnnner 01:39 22.10.17

Cheer up hunny bunny

Erica (@missericawildflower)
missericawildflower 04:19 22.10.17


Carlos Nudo (@carlosnudo)
carlosnudo 04:26 22.10.17

Next time call me. We will go for an amazing vegan dinner in Cascais. #thehouseofwonders  😎

Mariam Farsi Dooraki (@mariamfarsidooraki)
mariamfarsidooraki 05:49 22.10.17

🎼🎶🎶❤️❤️🙏🏻📿🕯🕯Be stronger than the trees in the fall...say hello to yellow bright sun by calling call!❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎼You are wonderful as much as your much as your art and style...🎼❤️😇

Mariam Farsi Dooraki (@mariamfarsidooraki)
mariamfarsidooraki 05:50 22.10.17

...put your smiley face flower ...every second every where...pile on pile!🎼🎶🎶🎵❤️😍

Laska (@lena.laska)
lena.laska 06:23 22.10.17


EDuaRDo MeNDeS (@edrdmnds)
edrdmnds 06:33 22.10.17

@gil.culiao  vindo de vc? :)

EDuaRDo MeNDeS (@edrdmnds)
edrdmnds 06:33 22.10.17

@alochka79  coming from you.. ;P

Pablo (@pablojoaogutierrez)
pablojoaogutierrez 13:50 22.10.17

Too ugly!!! Too old !!! Gosh!

Andrew McHale (@andrewmchaleactor)
andrewmchaleactor 15:20 22.10.17


Bruno Narvaez Lopez (@brunociccone7)
brunociccone7 16:19 22.10.17

you looks horrible.Why you do that?

Patricia Correia (@correiacharon)
correiacharon 17:07 22.10.17

Well everybody has to wait, in every country. Yours is even worst now. Or did you think because you sing half naked, the Portuguese would give it to you in a second??

Süleyman Demir (@ironsulo23)
ironsulo23 17:32 22.10.17

öl artık amk tipe bak allahım töbe yarabbim

My Life And Things In It. (@kimipeleart)
kimipeleart 18:21 22.10.17

I’m confused are you wearing fake skin?

GEM WONDER/Tokyochaosland (@007gem007)
007gem007 19:21 22.10.17

funny 😂😂😂 ahhhhhh😂😂😂

Alessandra17 Mantova🇮🇹❤️Family (@alessandraginalolly17)
alessandraginalolly17 05:43 23.10.17


onika tanya maraj (@oniquah)
oniquah 07:49 23.10.17

Madge delete this boo

João Parreira (@joaoawesomeparreira)
joaoawesomeparreira 10:31 23.10.17

Verónica if you're feelling down remember itens allways could be worst

joana Cagido (@joanacagido)
joanacagido 13:27 23.10.17

@correiacharon  good one

Vivir Lejos de Perú daily (@vivreailleursjournal)
vivreailleursjournal 16:03 23.10.17

Horrible 😱😱😱

Juan Sebastian Mendez (@jsreviews4)
jsreviews4 18:02 23.10.17


حمزة التركي 🇹🇷 ( 18:32 23.10.17


RobinAnthony (@_robinanthony)
_robinanthony 19:11 23.10.17


Ma Thawng (TL) (@mathawng)
mathawng 20:06 23.10.17

The true mad

Damaris Jimenez (@damarisjimenez4547)
damarisjimenez4547 23:18 23.10.17

Que asquerosa eres no me gustas nada esa boca y esa cara de bruja que asco

Denis Coco (@denisdeococo)
denisdeococo 02:09 24.10.17

You alright girl?

Denis Coco (@denisdeococo)
denisdeococo 02:10 24.10.17

I love you forever Madonna

Madame Jade (@hypnoticmadamejade)
hypnoticmadamejade 13:46 24.10.17

That angle is rough

anxicnvg.nxv (@anxicnvg.nxv)
anxicnvg.nxv 15:14 24.10.17


a i d a (@_aidad_)
_aidad_ 15:56 24.10.17


Alex. Lydia C. K. (@miss_paranormal)
miss_paranormal 15:59 24.10.17

Grandmother 🤣😂

Lukas De Almeida (@lukasdealmeida6061)
lukasdealmeida6061 16:41 24.10.17

A diva parece que esteve a fazer um broxe.

Christine (@mcchrister)
mcchrister 21:07 24.10.17


TriniSam 🇵🇷 (@trinisam)
trinisam 22:12 24.10.17

Are you bored, Madonna? Try this for fun... Transfer thousands of dollars from your account to mine. It's fun! Try it! 🎃🍁🍂

holisticdream 23:42 24.10.17

Why your lips are so big . I rather prefer your natural lips ..

Ñaño Tantara (@victorpariona_31)
victorpariona_31 00:05 25.10.17

I feel very good😘

dingyskipper 02:46 25.10.17

Oh you rebel! ⭐️😋

مـنى بـوالمـالـح 🌺💙 (@mona.maleh)
mona.maleh 03:40 25.10.17

@altallyfashion  هاي اخرة مادونا😂😂😂😂

Adriana De Paoli (@adry_depaoli)
adry_depaoli 03:51 25.10.17

Madonna move to Spain Andalusia, here you must not wait for the Visa ! 😜Love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Joel Araujo (@joel221985)
joel221985 08:16 25.10.17

Também eu Madonna...

Ana Borges (@polyhanna)
polyhanna 08:32 25.10.17

Do you know how many years a Portuguese needs to have a visa in your country? Inquire first before you speak! portugal has been making life easier for you and you just know how to spit !! Portugal lives well without you! Have you noticed how the Portuguese people are? Have you ever been molested? Oh daughter do the little things and go to trump!

Rossana D'Arbitrio (@rossana_d_arbitrio)
rossana_d_arbitrio 09:08 25.10.17

Cosa stai facendo non comprendo madonna

Luis Valle (@fiolulu)
fiolulu 15:04 25.10.17


Antonis Rotas (@e.rotas)
e.rotas 15:12 25.10.17

In love! 😍 #superstar 

Tâmara Santos (@tam.santoss)
tam.santoss 17:43 25.10.17

@filipedasilva_  yes, she is in Brazil now hahaha

Nirav Gujjar (@niravgujjar)
niravgujjar 18:28 25.10.17

This is Portugal, here everybody has the same rights and you are not an exception so just wait like normal citizens do.

Kailas (@kailastibetnow)
kailastibetnow 19:50 25.10.17


Кондакова Наталья (@kondakova9951)
kondakova9951 22:52 25.10.17


Bryan J Zsurka Sr. (@zman0815)
zman0815 00:15 26.10.17

Desire to Suck that tongue too much?

Filipe Licalipe (@filipedasilva_)
filipedasilva_ 02:06 26.10.17

@tam.santoss  But she is Living in Portugal Hahahahhaha!

Nil Mason Cherié (@nilccemason)
nilccemason 03:42 26.10.17

Visa!!! Me sinto um cachorro mordendo a própria calda em relação a esse visa :((

Pedro Canelha (@pedrocanelha)
pedrocanelha 08:29 26.10.17

Tas velha é só banha

Paris Hilton 👑 (@parishilton_alb)
parishilton_alb 15:03 26.10.17


Goergina tate (@georgina00tate)
georgina00tate 15:22 26.10.17

Ugly nasty dried up old witch. 😂 I bet you deparados have been kept busy with this one, I bet you never got any sleep, must of been exhausting 😂. You know who you are wierdos 😂

Roberto Pane (@roberto_pane1)
roberto_pane1 15:31 26.10.17

È uscito anche a striscia la notizia ahaha

Anto (@ntonio71)
ntonio71 15:42 26.10.17

Ma che capelli hai

Omar Chahizzamane (@omar.chahizzamane)
omar.chahizzamane 16:22 26.10.17

@roberto_pane1  esatto

Simone Di Matteo (@s_i_m_o_d_i_m_a)
s_i_m_o_d_i_m_a 19:10 26.10.17

@gingerottotm  😂😂😂😂😂😂disagio

Lehcar (@rmaier005)
rmaier005 20:59 26.10.17


Misty Walker (@misty_143)
misty_143 22:01 26.10.17

Stupid AF. I have always been a fan until now.

Maria Cecilia Peñalver Cordero (@penalvercorderomaria)
penalvercorderomaria 08:54 27.10.17

Y love you madonna forma ever my nomber is maria spain Barcelona the best madonna y love you

locked15 16:57 27.10.17


Dark Paradise (@max.del.rey)
max.del.rey 09:58 28.10.17


are u friendless (@are_u_friendless)
are_u_friendless 17:20 28.10.17

Old nasty slag trading blow jobs for votes. No wounder she lost

Molina DJDAMO (@djdamocolombia)
djdamocolombia 22:05 28.10.17

You are the f*king Queen for ever. Thanks for all MDNA @madonna 

ThePríncipe Valera (@theprincipevalera)
theprincipevalera 22:40 28.10.17

Wow q hermosa mami

E V E R T O N (@evertreis)
evertreis 05:15 29.10.17

Atividade paranormal (@maria_montejo45)
maria_montejo45 12:40 29.10.17

I love her crazyness lmao.she so funny

Samir Gatuso (@samirgatuso)
samirgatuso 17:28 29.10.17

Belle 💕💕💋

joao vitor macedo (@joao.00vitor)
joao.00vitor 17:36 29.10.17


-Naydelin Nazareth🌙† (@naydeliiin_)
naydeliiin_ 00:18 30.10.17


Mariana Barrier (@marianabarrier)
marianabarrier 17:25 30.10.17

What’s on your face?

Paulo Ferreira (@paulofastgame)
paulofastgame 20:57 30.10.17

Cara de sono.

Flávia M. Pereira🌟 (@flaviamp.86)
flaviamp.86 13:38 31.10.17


✂التلي للازياء👚 (@altallyfashion)
altallyfashion 19:57 31.10.17

اخييه ليش جي استوت @mona.maleh 

Oksana Nabokova (@oksana_russia_)
oksana_russia_ 03:17 01.11.17

@madonna  thanks God , you have that American passport lol 😊😂

Happily Healthy (@timeiseverything25)
timeiseverything25 10:45 01.11.17

how are you still hot when your old? @madonna 

Julio Enrique Solórzano R🙏 (@juliosolorzano_)
juliosolorzano_ 02:30 02.11.17

@are_u_friendless  shut up hoe, and show some respect to the queen.

Julio Enrique Solórzano R🙏 (@juliosolorzano_)
juliosolorzano_ 02:31 02.11.17

@misty_143  who cares, bye hoe.

Misty Walker (@misty_143)
misty_143 06:18 02.11.17

@juliosolorzano_  of course someone like you would be trolling

are u friendless (@are_u_friendless)
are_u_friendless 07:37 02.11.17

@juliosolorzano_  Are you referring to yourself being a Queen or the dried up old hag Madonna? You shut up hoe fan boy

Levi Gruwe (@gruwelevi)
gruwelevi 08:46 02.11.17

Nice 👅 what's can you do with it mmmmmm

Fernando Sousa (@froboutlaw)
froboutlaw 09:39 02.11.17

so ridiculous. go back to where u came from. we dont need u here. fuck off!

gataflora 10:22 02.11.17

She scares me... psychotic women

Fernanda Alves Costa (@fernanda.alves.costa)
fernanda.alves.costa 09:44 03.11.17

You are insane !!! So ridiculous fuck off Portugal 👎👎👎👎👎👎

jean-baptiste (@sparksjb)
sparksjb 08:28 04.11.17

@ilonaa_lion  regarde son cou

Ilona Tidjarian (@ilonaa_lion)
ilonaa_lion 09:47 04.11.17

@sparksjb  vraiment elle fait peur on dirait une momie encore elle pourrait faire de beaux selfies elle abuse

Emilia Obłękowska (@the.bodypainting)
the.bodypainting 12:36 04.11.17

Like egzotic blue litte Fish😂😂

Evgeniu Kompanets (@ziksharco)
ziksharco 01:58 05.11.17

Слабо блевонуть???

Soninha <3 (@soninha_2013)
soninha_2013 14:25 05.11.17


Catarina João Mesquita (@catjmesquita)
catjmesquita 14:57 05.11.17

@joana_frade  😅

E.l.I (@e.l.i.94)
e.l.i.94 01:33 06.11.17

@juliosolorzano_  like madonna is gonna Cry for her 😂😂😂😂😉😂

maria teresa páramo lópez (@galaxmin_10_7)
galaxmin_10_7 06:46 06.11.17

impresionante sin palabras...., madonana is madonna, your eyexxx lover

maria teresa páramo lópez (@galaxmin_10_7)
galaxmin_10_7 06:46 06.11.17


Lady Landa (@lady_landa2)
lady_landa2 23:45 06.11.17

Hi there. You can come to my house is for free... Aaaaah just kiding

maria teresa páramo lópez (@galaxmin_10_7)
galaxmin_10_7 21:53 07.11.17

yo creo que este videoo se va hacer mítico sino al tiempo

maria teresa páramo lópez (@galaxmin_10_7)
galaxmin_10_7 21:58 07.11.17

es absolutamente impresionante simpatico, divertido, deja ver muchas cosas y ademax reflexionas ...cuantos sacrificios hace esta mujer para estar ahí .. hubierá tenido una madurez estupenda, estoy segura sin tanto ...lo que sea, creo que me voy a poner el reto de pintarla si su desarrollo natural hubiese sido sin tatas modernidades esteticas y max se me ocurren max obras de arte

maria teresa páramo lópez (@galaxmin_10_7)
galaxmin_10_7 22:03 07.11.17

and ...será madonna ademax a lo mejor se le colapso el chip?? esto ya es otro tema es un decirr; .. yo ..lover forever madonna thankss music illuminatiii

tsern.jana 11:42 08.11.17

. Money made it -madness. She bor

Жора (@ogbuddha9)
ogbuddha9 12:16 08.11.17

В пизде уже сухо

Luisa Lopes (@luisa68lopes)
luisa68lopes 01:58 09.11.17

Eu realmente amo você assim, Madonna!

Jaremy Larsen (@jaremylarsen)
jaremylarsen 05:56 09.11.17


Armindo (@armindo1975)
armindo1975 06:31 09.11.17


Sarah Louwrens (@sarahlouwrens)
sarahlouwrens 10:40 09.11.17

I’m currently doing the same in Mexico #redtape  #suchfun  #not 

Sergei  Chashchin (@bigbi__wolf)
bigbi__wolf 12:45 09.11.17

ебНЫЙ врот страшилище ипаное

Phil Toner (@ptoner33)
ptoner33 04:43 10.11.17


Arizona (@bushspoof)
bushspoof 10:14 14.11.17


Luca Caputo (@scuderia_caputo)
scuderia_caputo 15:09 14.11.17

@madonna  torni qui in Salento???

👦🏻 24🌈    🐠♫ 🎸🎮✈️✌🏻️ (@vb_posh)
vb_posh 15:28 14.11.17


Steward Assyrian (@steward_gram)
steward_gram 10:18 16.11.17


scarlettflowery 10:22 16.11.17


Deb Cushing (@dazz446)
dazz446 19:27 16.11.17


anasus okiem (@a_okiem11)
a_okiem11 10:21 17.11.17

Udh tua btul ya osh madonna 😨..lehernya @michiko29 

Stefanny (@la_vitoo)
la_vitoo 01:03 18.11.17

@andresiyouc  andar por insta cuando vídeo salvaje aparece ahjajajaja

Andrés Urrutia Caceres. (@andresiyouc)
andresiyouc 01:04 18.11.17

@la_vitoo  jajajajajaja ay mana Madonna te ame en sorry

Max Maximov_1 (@max_maximov_1)
max_maximov_1 14:50 18.11.17


Debora.. (@debora_rj14)
debora_rj14 13:49 21.11.17


الـــــ❤ـــــی (@inna26672)
inna26672 16:08 21.11.17

خدایا شفا

❦♛Dâñīęl   Åñth⍟ñÿ  Ł⍟vętt♛❦ (@daniellovett)
daniellovett 18:11 21.11.17

Okay then

Dolabımdaki Ürünler (@kalitelidolap)
kalitelidolap 19:33 21.11.17

You are a Piece of shit @madonna 

Julio R Aquino ♋ 24 june (@ricardo_27_2013)
ricardo_27_2013 21:13 22.11.17


carlos hot boy (@leao_de_troia)
leao_de_troia 00:29 24.11.17

Hooo bagaceira kkkkkk

rainbowladyinthedark 15:00 25.11.17

@kalitelidolap  is she horrible to people?

Mad🐈nna_mad👑 😚😘😚😘😚 (@maria.keck31)
maria.keck31 22:37 30.11.17


wdell (@wdell)
wdell 09:45 01.12.17

Madge, you’re one step away from writing in all-caps. @michaeljdorr  @cupcakesandcowboys 

Diego Vicente (@descontrerass)
descontrerass 15:40 01.12.17

k fea weona

Katie Gill (@katttess)
katttess 19:20 01.12.17

What is this lmao

xoxo, Alex (@alex_lapo99)
alex_lapo99 09:03 02.12.17

@itshxctor  real

Vittoria Lama (@biondavitto)
biondavitto 14:46 02.12.17


maria jose fonseca katagiri (@katagirimaria17)
katagirimaria17 17:50 02.12.17

You look like an old woman !!

Анна Жигалова (@an_zhigalova)
an_zhigalova 10:01 03.12.17


Roy (@roizan99)
roizan99 12:18 05.12.17

@katagirimaria1  she's already old ! What do you expect?

V.lenin (@v.lenindev)
v.lenindev 11:40 06.12.17


Agnieszka (@agnesk2)
agnesk2 13:17 07.12.17


Lanora Trevino (@lovelylanora)
lovelylanora 02:36 09.12.17

Well she looks possessed to me.

Rejane (@rejaneita)
rejaneita 17:53 09.12.17


🌟🌟ℳσみムℳℳムの🌟🌟 (@twhydlwmhmd38)
twhydlwmhmd38 07:14 11.12.17

پیر نشو لعنتی

Alexandre Eduardo Becker (@alexandreeduardobecker)
alexandreeduardobecker 06:32 13.12.17


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