Tiago M. David (@tyr.m.david)
tyr.m.david 09:20 15.10.17

Mad-onna, please, do us fellow Portuguese people a favor... GET THA FUCK OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! YOU 'RE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO US!

Elizangela  Zuma (@elizangela_zuma)
elizangela_zuma 09:53 15.10.17


cristincarli (@cristinacarli_)
cristinacarli_ 10:13 15.10.17


Colleen_Patricia (@social_mozzarella)
social_mozzarella 10:23 15.10.17

@merk.striker (@ericcoronini)
ericcoronini 10:26 15.10.17


Ekaterina (@katjakattt)
katjakattt 10:31 15.10.17


Ekaterina (@katjakattt)
katjakattt 10:32 15.10.17

@tom.berg.den  безусловно!!!))))

Romanus Chlorum (@la.orella.fantome)
la.orella.fantome 11:12 15.10.17

@tom.berg.den  так и идите к ней...

ТomBerg DeNiC (@tom.berg.den)
tom.berg.den 11:14 15.10.17

@la.orella.fantome  в чём проблема?

📱 (@i_chuani)
i_chuani 11:34 15.10.17

@pabloblanco3  ? Wtf?!

I'm in Love with your words ♥ (@madonna_true_love)
madonna_true_love 11:49 15.10.17

@tyr.m.david  She's not yours to be embarrassed of.

Alter Ego (@ollesvensson4116)
ollesvensson4116 11:57 15.10.17

@tyr.m.david  get the fuck out of this page.

rolandmaasvisualart (@rolandmaasvisualart)
rolandmaasvisualart 12:03 15.10.17


Tiago M. David (@tyr.m.david)
tyr.m.david 12:05 15.10.17

@madonna_true_love  such position and such disrespectful maners don't match with our humble and brave Portuguese people. Soo... yes! She isn't one of us, gladly. But if she's about to live amongst us, at least behave alike, because this isn't like the piggie's den Spain, this is Portugal. Keep that in mind. Best regards.

Cacau (@claudia_omae)
claudia_omae 12:13 15.10.17

Que feia

I'm in Love with your words ♥ (@madonna_true_love)
madonna_true_love 12:26 15.10.17

@tyr.m.david  You're preaching about manners while shouting " get the fuck out " ~ that's not a mindset that I need to keep in mind thanks .

Tiago M. David (@tyr.m.david)
tyr.m.david 13:03 15.10.17

Get tha fuck out is polide if we look at what you are doing here. I 'll not waste my time on this... You popstar are all alike and that's why "You Making Me Hate You". 😂

Giuseppe De Tommaso (@gigiu_87)
gigiu_87 13:07 15.10.17


Saskia Chaotique (@saskiachaotique)
saskiachaotique 14:33 15.10.17

@mariocosta86  @alberbreyes  ¿Me podéis explicar este vídeo? 😂😂😂

Fernando Chuz Alvarado (@chuz_alvarado)
chuz_alvarado 14:36 15.10.17


Silva Tucha (@silva.tucha)
silva.tucha 14:39 15.10.17


Gra Cy ( 14:42 15.10.17

Porquê criticar Madona que mal Vos fez y love Madona 😘

Brian M Wynne aka LITTLE"B " (@brianmwynne_aka_little_b)
brianmwynne_aka_little_b 14:44 15.10.17


Nikki Kristina (@monica.diasideias)
monica.diasideias 14:46 15.10.17

Je t'aimeeee ❤

👨アレックス - Alex (@alexandere97)
alexandere97 14:57 15.10.17


Marina (@cyprusfashionblogger)
cyprusfashionblogger 14:58 15.10.17

@tom.berg.den  это точно !

Luis Garcez Gomes (@luis_garcezgomes)
luis_garcezgomes 15:25 15.10.17

INSIST! !!!!!!!!!

I'm in Love with your words ♥ (@madonna_true_love)
madonna_true_love 15:33 15.10.17

@tyr.m.david  😂😂😂😂😂😂~ Dickhead .

Tiago M. David (@tyr.m.david)
tyr.m.david 15:45 15.10.17

@madonna_true_love  I love you too! 😘

Sam Doma (@stilmackbase)
stilmackbase 15:53 15.10.17


ADRIANO (@adrianodeoliveira74)
adrianodeoliveira74 16:16 15.10.17

Pra vc @neligomes11  kkkk....

Miryam Sánchez (@miryamsanchezs)
miryamsanchezs 16:29 15.10.17

Jajaja so lovely!😍

Witlow Hamilton Jones (@witlowhamilton)
witlowhamilton 16:39 15.10.17

Go to

Verônica Chiabai (@chiabaiveronica)
chiabaiveronica 16:42 15.10.17

Kkkkk que isso ?

carrie (@myfamilymyforever)
myfamilymyforever 16:51 15.10.17

Can't believe the ignorance in some. Blows my mind!!!😢

Сергей Дворянцев (@dvoriantsev)
dvoriantsev 16:54 15.10.17

Ты всегда была смелой

Сергей Дворянцев (@dvoriantsev)
dvoriantsev 16:55 15.10.17

Молодец. Люблю тебя.

Tereza Lada (@terezalada)
terezalada 17:02 15.10.17

Querida Madonna! Estou convidando-te para conhecer Setúbal, que é uma linda cidade que fica junto ao rio Sado e da Serra da Arrábida. Aqui poderás provar uma fantástica e única gastronomia, baseada essencialmente em peixes, mariscos e vinhos (tudo da nossa região). Aqui serás muito bem recebida! E, além disso, sou advogada e terei prazer em ajudar-te em algum assunto! Meus melhores cumprimentos! E espero ouvir notícias tuas brevemente! ❤️

Tereza Lada (@terezalada)
terezalada 17:02 15.10.17

Dear Madonna! I'm inviting you to visit Setúbal, wich is a very nice looking town, is located by the Sado river and by the Arrábida mountain. Here you can taste a fantastic and unique gastronomy, based essencialy by fishes, sea food and wines (all from our region). Here you will be very welcome! Besides that, I'm a lawyer and it will be for me a pleasure to help you in any kind of issue. Best regards! And I hope to hear news from you in a near future. 😘😘💕

Michaela  Schindler (@michaela.k.schindler)
michaela.k.schindler 17:08 15.10.17

Hey du bist doch total dicht. Was soll das mit deiner Zunge? Spinnst du. Auf der einen Seite verkaufst du dich als tolle Mutter und jetzt solche auszetzer, das passt nicht zusammen darling

Jussara Almeida Prado (@jussaraalmeida.prado)
jussaraalmeida.prado 17:18 15.10.17

😜to you

VivoVinho (@vivovinho)
vivovinho 17:34 15.10.17

It's really too much and annoying

Wolf Schmid (@wolfschmid)
wolfschmid 17:52 15.10.17


Soraia Mariano (@solmariano)
solmariano 18:12 15.10.17

Eu simplesmente te amo. ❤️👉🇧🇷

Giulia (@mommonella66)
mommonella66 18:47 15.10.17


STARLLION (@official_stallion)
official_stallion 18:52 15.10.17


STARLLION (@official_stallion)
official_stallion 18:53 15.10.17

That tongue is Wet darling @madonna 

Mario Costa (@mariocosta86)
mariocosta86 19:19 15.10.17

@saskiachaotique  jajajajajaja está super chiflada!!

Myriam (@myriam2329)
myriam2329 19:25 15.10.17

Tu viens quand en spectacle au QUEBEC!!!🔥😍😜

Farhad Foroughi (@foroughi_f)
foroughi_f 19:54 15.10.17

My god u getting old

Philip Robins (@pip_robins)
pip_robins 20:19 15.10.17

is Madonna a goddess or a egoistic showbiz creative?

mcmlxx1td (@mcmlxx1td)
mcmlxx1td 21:03 15.10.17

I would love to meet you as I admire your strength, adaptabilities and cos you're such a freakin awesome B...itch! We would get on like a house on fire!

#Luis_N@varro (@luis.na_v)
luis.na_v 21:09 15.10.17

Hi Madonna! Costa Rica is waiting for U!!!

GARZA (@jasegtx)
jasegtx 21:20 15.10.17

I love you so much. Without your music I would not be motivated. Thank you..💪💜

SG I love Child Support help! (@sean_gentile_child_support)

Madonna, Why does it seem that despite all your wealth and fame there is still emptiness or “blueness “ with you? What would it take to achieve inner peace and satisfaction? How come most entertainers never achieve wholeness? Is it is that much of a mystery? I say that respectfully because it always seems beyond the shock value there’s nothing but emptiness.

Amanda 😍😎👑 (@amandanunes159)
amandanunes159 22:06 15.10.17


Juan Pablo Caceres Castillo (@flakopipa)
flakopipa 22:09 15.10.17


Amanda (@amanda.barufi)
amanda.barufi 22:11 15.10.17

Madonna I am your cover in Brazil. My voice and your voice identic

Maria Charlin Van der Wal (@mcharlinv)
mcharlinv 23:10 15.10.17

@sean_gentile_child_support  my dear there is no exception to suffering...everyone gets sad sometimes. We are all human. There is no escaping it. Just dealing with what's in front of you.

SG I love Child Support help! (@sean_gentile_child_support)

@mcharlinv  thank you. You seem compassionate.

Mahan Khalsa (@mahandharmaqueen)
mahandharmaqueen 23:30 15.10.17

Love you

Jason Mann (@jaymanart)
jaymanart 23:58 15.10.17

Madonna, you were our childhood.

Hector F Muñoz (@hectorjunior94)
hectorjunior94 00:44 16.10.17

Kolia_and_kim_ (@kolia_and_kim_)
kolia_and_kim_ 03:30 16.10.17

Is that a mask?

Dada B (@dada.brecords)
dada.brecords 04:15 16.10.17


JaacksonSpeears (@jaacksonspeears)
jaacksonspeears 05:23 16.10.17

My mommy

JaacksonSpeears (@jaacksonspeears)
jaacksonspeears 05:23 16.10.17

I love you

C a t ✨ (@cat.atsoc)
cat.atsoc 05:46 16.10.17

@andersondavi.krause  im sorry they treated you like that :(

renaissance8974 05:53 16.10.17

Stop imitating Gaga

Neli Gomes 😇 (@neligomes11)
neligomes11 06:37 16.10.17

@adrianodeoliveira74  é cuspe?

Hervey The Kebekman ☺ (@icihervey)
icihervey 06:40 16.10.17

Sorry but very bad video for your image 😕

Ryahel17 (@ryahel17)
ryahel17 06:53 16.10.17


Ana Coelho (@anamendonca63)
anamendonca63 07:19 16.10.17

Love you

Anderson Davi Krause (@andersondavi.krause)
andersondavi.krause 07:36 16.10.17

@cat.atsoc  Unfortunately I have no good memories and I try to alert all friends that are thinking to move to Portugal to go to other countries, they're prejudiced, liars, jealous (no all of then of course), the bureaucracy is so high... Any way; I was very upset but now moving on...

Carlos Encarnação (@carlos_encarnacaoo)
carlos_encarnacaoo 09:22 16.10.17


markin.jobson 10:47 16.10.17

Te amo linda 🙏🙌❤😍

Celia Lgg (@celialgg)
celialgg 11:26 16.10.17

Que feia!!!!

Caroline Peace (@peace_caroline)
peace_caroline 12:55 16.10.17

You need a Neck lift

Leon (@bro_vasik)
bro_vasik 13:05 16.10.17


Jane brown (@janebrown7488)
janebrown7488 14:03 16.10.17

OMG, how ill she looks?? Hope she's ok

Richard Ketaris (@richard_ketaris)
richard_ketaris 14:21 16.10.17

You will get your visa , soon , just have a passion, best of luck !

Richard Ketaris (@richard_ketaris)
richard_ketaris 14:23 16.10.17

@ai________00  , could you put your opinion back in to your stupid head , or you will call me the same names , maby you so so so important in this world but I don’t care , if you are rubbish it is your own problem!!!

Richard Ketaris (@richard_ketaris)
richard_ketaris 14:28 16.10.17

@ai________00  , I’m Russian , you just fucked all Russia!!!

Shit I Like. (@dartsnhearts)
dartsnhearts 14:29 16.10.17

@looney.diaries  see even madonna had problems with it 😂

Autodidacta de lo poco que se (@aguerrever3)
aguerrever3 14:33 16.10.17

Why???? Why???

Cy • World Traveler (@amethys.te)
amethys.te 14:59 16.10.17

@mewolfz  on dirait un poisson 😂

Looney (@looney.diaries)
looney.diaries 15:08 16.10.17

@dartsnhearts  oh god

Richard Ketaris (@richard_ketaris)
richard_ketaris 15:38 16.10.17

Be yourself, be happy as you are , only units of peoples will love you anyways in all your stages , as we all are ! Be great mother as U are and be the Queen of Music !!! Just be free and happy God loves U as Madonna are , there is no accidents in the universe!!!

Przemyko (@przemyko)
przemyko 15:46 16.10.17


Александр Шаталов Мл (@alexshatalovjr)
alexshatalovjr 17:14 16.10.17

@madonna  feeling blue awaiting your new music! 🙏🏼🖤🇷🇺

aesthetics in red 🌹 (@redlipskissredroses)
redlipskissredroses 17:18 16.10.17

Check my profile❤❤❤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Hishzidhis (@hishzidhis)
hishzidhis 17:40 16.10.17

You need go to work, make good things, our world don't need more crazy banana

Beau Ward (@beauwrd49)
beauwrd49 17:46 16.10.17

That looks inviting

Luca Mangione (@guardamibene)
guardamibene 18:48 16.10.17

U are U.G.L.Y. That's all!

shannon (@kanona25)
kanona25 19:25 16.10.17

Hope your better. Blessings.

Rodrigo Palominos (@contingencia2015)
contingencia2015 19:52 16.10.17

Que espanto

Caitlin Bell (@ctlnblll)
ctlnblll 19:59 16.10.17


Stiven Galezzo Guerrero (@galezzoguerrero)
galezzoguerrero 20:15 16.10.17

Gas q vieja más fea

Eric (@ericlepeluche)
ericlepeluche 20:36 16.10.17

I JUST GOT MINE!!! They were on overwhelm for months. Now they are clearing a few. 🇵🇹🇺🇸🇵🇹🇺🇸🇵🇹🇺🇸🇵🇹🇺🇸Good luck lovely. Hope we see each other soon. 👍👍👍😘😘😘

ЛЕНА ПОЛЯКОВА ( 21:11 16.10.17

What's wrong honey?

ЛЕНА ПОЛЯКОВА ( 21:11 16.10.17

From Moscow with love😍

Andrian $ (@s6strings)
s6strings 21:20 16.10.17

Fuck !!

Denis Pchelinski (@denispchelinski)
denispchelinski 02:10 17.10.17

Мадонна уже не та 😞

Elisa Bizzarri (@rockfil)
rockfil 02:42 17.10.17

Madonna quanto sei diventata antipatica!!!

Mélaine Ruf▪Jewelery Designer (@melaine.ruf)
melaine.ruf 03:32 17.10.17

Ahahah 🖤

Jacqueline Figueiredo (@jacknfigueiredo)
jacknfigueiredo 07:22 17.10.17


Luigi Golino (@luigi__golino)
luigi__golino 07:22 17.10.17


You Solovyova (@julia_ganksta91)
julia_ganksta91 08:01 17.10.17


aninhadelpizzo 08:06 17.10.17


Király Gábor (@kiraly7304)
kiraly7304 09:00 17.10.17

Botox monster.

Foreign Chick 🇱🇷 (@neeshbuck)
neeshbuck 09:33 17.10.17

when ur grandmom is trying out a snapchat filter

Mélissa Justine (@mewolfz)
mewolfz 10:02 17.10.17

@amethys.te  de ouuuf😂😂😂

LF Photos/(📷)🏍🎬 (@lesley.beard1)
lesley.beard1 10:07 17.10.17

😂😂😂 some one is board

Esteban Robert (@esteban.mdna)
esteban.mdna 12:26 17.10.17

😂😂😂 👅

Maria Isabel Delpizzo Justen (@belidelpizzo_)
belidelpizzo_ 13:26 17.10.17

@aninhadelpizzo  morriiiiii

deanna burkhart (@d17th)
d17th 14:25 17.10.17

Ha...nuttin new

MarVin Medeiros (@marvinmedeiros)
marvinmedeiros 15:21 17.10.17

@jessikamarques01  minha rainha do pop tá Ga ga...

Martin (@martan80)
martan80 15:23 17.10.17

am sure there are enough young good looking guys to entertain you as they did for the past ten years, so u good.... (who cares they barely speak english) hahah. this only confirms the mindset of truly liberated independent woman in her 50's....

Gabriela Landázuri Proaño (@gabriela_landazuri)
gabriela_landazuri 15:32 17.10.17

Visiiijueee jaja una guayaca comentando

Ronnie Corrral (@ronniecorrral)
ronniecorrral 15:44 17.10.17

Hang in there Queen!!! @madonna 

Jessika Marques (@jessikamarques01)
jessikamarques01 15:54 17.10.17

@marvinmedeiros  quero chorat

Wendy Murray (@wendymurray83)
wendymurray83 16:31 17.10.17


↠  A N A  C A B R I T A  ↞ (@ana_cabrita)
ana_cabrita 16:51 17.10.17


Pierfrancesco Fierli (@mcfierli)
mcfierli 17:10 17.10.17


SYLVIA🍒 (@_sylviageorges)
_sylviageorges 17:28 17.10.17

@catyy00  q hace? xd

catyy00 17:29 17.10.17

😂 @_sylviageorges  😝

sara (@diixsaralove)
diixsaralove 17:48 17.10.17

@jessicasilvaferreira1  👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Gustavo Alonso (@gugaram)
gugaram 17:59 17.10.17

Dear friend, help me. Enjoy my picture with our friend Paul. Thank you in advance! 😉

Jennifer Agata (@jenniferagata)
jenniferagata 20:37 17.10.17

@lulubichaninho  nusss adorei mas não vou dormir de noite

elliemom (@dellie.16)
dellie.16 21:51 17.10.17

Why are you feeling Blueto

elliemom (@dellie.16)
dellie.16 21:52 17.10.17

Sorry... Feeling so blue

Дитя Индиго (@hi_is_hu)
hi_is_hu 22:13 17.10.17


Fernando (@fernandobrh)
fernandobrh 22:26 17.10.17

Qué onda con su cara?😳

Adolfo Martin (@adolfoybieta)
adolfoybieta 23:53 17.10.17

Me gustan tus piernas Al hombro...

Manny (@manuelmarcano25)
manuelmarcano25 00:01 18.10.17

Wth happened to your mdna skin madonna? ;-p lies I tell ya lies.

Марина (@mariannnas76)
mariannnas76 01:30 18.10.17


Rachel Garcia (@rachelalexgarcia)
rachelalexgarcia 02:24 18.10.17

Courage vous l'aurez ! ❤️

Joaquim Luis Ruas (@jluisruas)
jluisruas 05:04 18.10.17

Still 1984

Maria Milucha Oliveira (@mariamiluchaoliveira)
mariamiluchaoliveira 11:20 18.10.17

Sempre belíssima! <3

Ludmila Kholmova (@ludmilakholmova)
ludmilakholmova 15:41 18.10.17

Every little pin used to be stupid 5 minutes a day.. Famous philosopher)

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