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Rup Chakraborty ( 02:59 14.10.17

Miss you chester..

Regina Steinhauer (@reginasteinhauer_)
reginasteinhauer_ 03:13 14.10.17

@kristel_hou  und wie!

みき (@hydrangeamiki)
hydrangeamiki 03:41 14.10.17


Lily🦋 (@la.s3n)
la.s3n 04:05 14.10.17

That was amazing ❤we love you Chester and we love linkin park

Pearly💄💋 (@jeanpearlx)
jeanpearlx 04:57 14.10.17

@linkinpark  man,I just can’t get over it! I still dream of this misery cause I felt connected to you through your music. I was a Fan since day one and I wish myself that We could turn back time and somehow help Chester’s soul. I’m so sad and it’s 10:54am,I’m sitting in the parc and I’m thinkin of what happens! Goddamn what a crazy world and what a sad story! But somehow that’s Life! The clock doesn’t stop tickin and time will heel our wounds. RIP Che!!! I wish you can see how many people are deeply left in sadness !!!❤️

Jay Roberts (@jay962)
jay962 05:02 14.10.17

Brilliant, just brilliant

Margie Mae I. Ladrillo (@margieats)
margieats 05:04 14.10.17


wendy pass (@chelsea7165)
chelsea7165 06:01 14.10.17

That was so fun to watch guys ..we all miss Chester so much .... much love to you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Six Beats Of Separation® (@sixbeatsofseparation)
sixbeatsofseparation 06:08 14.10.17


Baluta Ana (@balutaana3113)
balutaana3113 06:42 14.10.17

I adore you Linkin Park

L. O. B. I. B (@lobibmahfuz)
lobibmahfuz 08:10 14.10.17

new crue ken jeong 😜

CJ DRIGER (@cjdriger)
cjdriger 08:34 14.10.17

Fuck Ken jeong

Candi (@lady_k_the_hooligan)
lady_k_the_hooligan 08:57 14.10.17

I did good up until the end. I completely lost it 💔❤

Erik Nakakawa (@e.nakakawa)
e.nakakawa 09:21 14.10.17

Leslie fuckin Chao

Woranut (@mjltworanut)
mjltworanut 09:49 14.10.17


Phay Saya (@adventures.with.phay)
adventures.with.phay 09:50 14.10.17

Chester: “(Mike) the greatest songwriter of our generation.” Mike laughing at everything Chester says and does. What a beautiful friendship. ❤️

Patrycja Gadomska ( 09:55 14.10.17


F Λ L K (@theofficialfalk)
theofficialfalk 10:31 14.10.17


Claudia Lauterback (@clauterback)
clauterback 11:18 14.10.17


. (@marisol_caicedo)
marisol_caicedo 11:21 14.10.17


Fran Roberts (@franroberts1984)
franroberts1984 11:38 14.10.17

So funny and so unbelievably sad at the same time 😥

เตยเย้ : ) (@toeyyeh)
toeyyeh 11:41 14.10.17


Julen J (@julenjb3)
julenjb3 12:02 14.10.17

Was just looking this besutiful shit right now...still crying :(

flor arana rodriguez (@florecita_aranarod)
florecita_aranarod 12:37 14.10.17


Марина Черных (@marinachernykh3446)
marinachernykh3446 12:46 14.10.17


TOP SE7EN (@top_se7en)
top_se7en 12:51 14.10.17


TOP SE7EN (@top_se7en)
top_se7en 12:52 14.10.17


chesterbennington❤ (@chester_bennington_loveyouall)


Ayşegül Yılmaz (@aysegulyylmz)
aysegulyylmz 13:56 14.10.17


Alissa Sk8er (@alissask8eredits)
alissask8eredits 14:06 14.10.17

💔😢 Love you Linkin Park!

Alina Matveeva (@matveali)
matveali 14:35 14.10.17

Thx for free episode! It's great ,song NUMB!!!!!Chester , we miss you From Russia with all love💜

Sterk-Rajzó Réka (@reku_sr)
reku_sr 14:50 14.10.17

“So say goodbye and hit the road “😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sabina marter (@sabinamarter)
sabinamarter 14:51 14.10.17

Today I was watching hole video...cryin and loughin at the same time 😔

L O R A I N E   S A N T O S  ❤ (@loraine_santos_)
loraine_santos_ 15:02 14.10.17


Alexis Parker-Hinks (@linkinbabyhinks)
linkinbabyhinks 15:34 14.10.17

Love them xxx

mariposa_peleonera 15:39 14.10.17

I'm so disappointed in how the remaining members of @linkinpark  have handled and capitalized on chester's death. Linking park's music and chesters voice helped to see me through my own thoughts of suicide at a pivotal time in my life. I have to cordially say, I'm out.

Ana Carolina Miranda  (@amirand__)
amirand__ 16:02 14.10.17


Надежда Казакова (@parravozova)
parravozova 16:10 14.10.17

I love you very much, gays!!!!! So much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my life...... so sad....... f*****

Alexander Green (@heresstitches7)
heresstitches7 16:13 14.10.17


Jil Hagen | Yoga & Fitness (@jilhagen)
jilhagen 16:14 14.10.17

#nice  😊

Tini (@flauipowi)
flauipowi 16:38 14.10.17


Polly 🌹 (@plpolly)
plpolly 16:42 14.10.17

@karolh95  widziałeś ten odcinek? Genialny ❤

Denis Dlm Praud (@denispraud)
denispraud 16:42 14.10.17


Леночка Давыдова (@lenochka88davydova)
lenochka88davydova 17:22 14.10.17


Heidi Amabisca (@surfindwater)
surfindwater 17:58 14.10.17

@mariposa_peleonera  yeah, by creating a fund for suicide prevention? By making sure voices are heard? Wtf?

Tim Woodbridge (@twotonguetim)
twotonguetim 17:59 14.10.17

Guys watching this made me really shocked that Chester actually did that. He seems to fun. I wish he could have failed. My brother tried and failed and now he regrets he ever trying. Fuck man. The only way is through the pain.

Mattia (@xmatty98x)
xmatty98x 18:02 14.10.17

Chester 😢

sonde_aluna 18:18 14.10.17

Chester's so passionate

Karol Haniszewski (@karolh95)
karolh95 18:35 14.10.17

@plpolly  Jeszcze nie, ale jutro koniecznie nadrobię 😊😊

Valentina Girotti (@valentina_girotti)
valentina_girotti 18:43 14.10.17

Just remember his smile

Evelin Józsa (@redroseandskull)
redroseandskull 18:54 14.10.17

Oh it was so sad and happy to see him. I miss you so much❤️

Hayley Gilmour (@hayleyg2506)
hayleyg2506 19:09 14.10.17

It just shows how invisible mental illnesses are 😔

Rebecca Counts (@nyssapizza31)
nyssapizza31 19:18 14.10.17

Ugh! This made me smile, laugh and cry all at the same time

This is for you 😁 (@awiealexander_)
awiealexander_ 19:35 14.10.17


Brian Tylee (@briantylee)
briantylee 19:41 14.10.17

@deanacant  @leigh.krieger 

Paty Oliveira (@patyoliveirahunter)
patyoliveirahunter 19:56 14.10.17

@angela.rec  , num sei se tu já viu... tem que assistir 😍 mais uma vez a gente escuta chester e mike tá demais! Pensei em tu... assiste no YouTube 😍

Lisa Watson (@cagrlasu)
cagrlasu 20:57 14.10.17

Wish we could go back in time and stop him. Loved seeing his face and hearing his laugh. 😢❤️ #fuckdepression  #ripchesterbennigton 

隋宗庭 (@johnnysui)
johnnysui 23:23 14.10.17

Chester dedicated himself to this episode!!😂😂 Cool

Nicholas Kenning (@nic0215)
nic0215 23:49 14.10.17

Episode was great, gonna miss him#ripchester 

armchair (@armchair7)
armchair7 00:15 15.10.17


Diyana Kamal (@lei_dee)
lei_dee 00:22 15.10.17


Karla Alejandra🎀 (@alejandra_monterrosa1)
alejandra_monterrosa1 00:41 15.10.17

The episode was amazing!!!! #MakeChesterProud 

🌸Carla🌸 (@krloncha)
krloncha 01:17 15.10.17

The best!! I laughed my soul out.❤️

⚡BDAYGURL⚡ (@ceceo_xo)
ceceo_xo 01:55 15.10.17

If we could just turn back time

Me (@melancholyintroversion)
melancholyintroversion 02:10 15.10.17

I loved watching this, I laughed so hard I cried. It was so good to see Chester again. I find it really hard to reconcile the fact that on that day he was having so much fun and was so jovial, but 6 days later he was gone. It just goes to show that we often cannot tell what is REALLY going on inside a person's head.

Me (@melancholyintroversion)
melancholyintroversion 02:11 15.10.17

@hayleyg2506  absolutely.

Me (@melancholyintroversion)
melancholyintroversion 02:12 15.10.17

@mariposa_peleonera  how have they capitalized on his death? I think they have handled it with respect and grace.

Meihan Boey (@mei_the_force)
mei_the_force 02:36 15.10.17

it was awesome. Best way to remember not just Chester but the awesome dynamic of LP in general - the Hotdogs & Ketchup dance.

Shohini Sgupta (@ssg_perspective)
ssg_perspective 02:37 15.10.17

Mike's pose though. 😄

Barsha Shrestha (@barsha_stha)
barsha_stha 02:44 15.10.17

All I want to be is be more like me and be less like MiKE hahaha that was funny. I cried so hard and I laughed so hard. We love you Chazzy. We know you are happy up there. Will see you when we get there buddy till then stay happy stay smiling. Lots of love ✨

Xiu Ying Grace Too (@missy.jewel)
missy.jewel 02:45 15.10.17

Miss you...

Sofia Bartolini (@sofibarto06)
sofibarto06 03:10 15.10.17


Angel_95 (@angellodiaz95)
angellodiaz95 03:55 15.10.17

Ever forgeth you

🌸 🌸 Drea 🌸 🌸 (@mrs.maccioli)
mrs.maccioli 04:16 15.10.17

@m_shinoda  - check your private messages when you have a chance 😊

Polly 🌹 (@plpolly)
plpolly 04:28 15.10.17

@karolh95  cooo?! Koniecznie!

Karol Haniszewski (@karolh95)
karolh95 05:31 15.10.17

@plpolly  Już! Świetny! ☺

Tarva (@vpower666)
vpower666 05:32 15.10.17

Made my day!😂😂 Thank you so much for sharing this! All the best for you guys❤

Polly 🌹 (@plpolly)
plpolly 05:50 15.10.17

@karolh95  tak myślałam, że Ci się spodoba 👍

Adrian Abeyta (@doublea4rox)
doublea4rox 09:47 15.10.17

It was so good!! This was so amazing.

nicole martinez 💋 (@nicoledjm)
nicoledjm 10:32 15.10.17


ámíř şãđéğhí (@amir_____sadeghi)
amir_____sadeghi 11:05 15.10.17

Chestere khoda biamorz 😩

carleane pereira (@anacarlapink01)
anacarlapink01 11:45 15.10.17

Muito legal

Катя (@panisheva_ekaterina)
panisheva_ekaterina 12:05 15.10.17


thebloodoftheartist 12:19 15.10.17

<3 <3 <3

Donna Zdanowski Manio (@donusia15)
donusia15 14:03 15.10.17


Alive_and_Kicking (@bearded_cali_lover)
bearded_cali_lover 14:50 15.10.17

Thank you... ❤️

Edgar Gomes (@edgarcpt)
edgarcpt 14:55 15.10.17

Chester no die?

Amber Cottrell (@amby00)
amby00 15:56 15.10.17

I could watch this all day, I didn’t want it to stop. God bless you @chesterbe  @talindabe__official  @linkinpark  ❤️

Linkin Park (@lk_park_stuff)
lk_park_stuff 17:37 15.10.17

I've seen it already

Linkin Park (@lk_park_stuff)
lk_park_stuff 17:38 15.10.17

@edgarcpt  of Course he died😔 that Video was a few month's ago

Betzy Betz (@lightandlove1)
lightandlove1 17:40 15.10.17

Miss you Chester. Anytime I listen to your voice I have tears in my eyes

43y091016 (@raynanda091016)
raynanda091016 18:00 15.10.17

Linken park

Rebecca H. (@appelr_)
appelr_ 18:01 15.10.17

This was awsome! Thank you for sharing the episode!

Consu (@konsu_smn)
konsu_smn 22:07 15.10.17

@m_shinoda  I'd like to see a pic of the back of the shirt you used in the video! I'm so fanatic of Fort Minor's font and I'm collecting pics of the letters

semihezen (@orumcek_bey)
orumcek_bey 23:54 15.10.17

Chester see...😢

Panagiotis Martiou▪[Project M] (@panagiotis_martiou)
panagiotis_martiou 10:49 16.10.17

when I saw that pic,in July , for fuck why Chester wears so much clothes in such a sunny day ???

anika tasnim (@anika_e09)
anika_e09 11:57 16.10.17

I miss u Chester... this world lost an Amazing person.... i've felt like crap ever since and I can't even imagine the pain of Mike, the band, and Talinda& your kids of course..... it makes my heart ache every time.. i hope u find you peace Chester.. T_T...

Quinn Rose (@photos_by_quinn_)
photos_by_quinn_ 12:52 16.10.17


vignesh (@vignesh21082003)
vignesh21082003 12:54 16.10.17

lovable linkin park forever

sahebehkhoshnasib 14:02 16.10.17

I remember the day we 1st saw the pic :) @m_shinoda  u are awesome as always there ;)))

Alexander Green (@heresstitches7)
heresstitches7 15:20 16.10.17


Alexander Green (@heresstitches7)
heresstitches7 15:22 16.10.17

............. The very secone i get a really awesome freind like chester humanity just takes him from me....................... like it has with everything else..... .... I was also the only guy who was good to lindsay lohan.... she wasnt even drinking when i was with her.... but noooo .... humanity frowned on us being together...... and created a homicidal phycopath who is ready to make a joke out of texas chainsaw massacer

Natalia Gubina (@natgubina)
natgubina 15:47 16.10.17

Best carpool karaoke ever!!! 😹✨💛 Thank you for sharing! It's fun and enjoyable to watch and listen. And thank you for bringing most beautiful music on earth 😌🌍💫

anon (@unknownseven5)
unknownseven5 19:50 16.10.17


anon (@unknownseven5)
unknownseven5 19:50 16.10.17

I miss him already, linkin park was there for me since forever and i cant believe this.

Masoudian_sss (@masoudian_s)
masoudian_s 04:49 17.10.17


Ashtyn (@ashtyn.stallbaumer)
ashtyn.stallbaumer 05:58 17.10.17

That guy played in The Duff! I love that movie and he is one of my favorite actors in it.

Enjoy Your Life (@afifnajmii_)
afifnajmii_ 12:00 17.10.17


A.R.Skandan (@a.r.skandan)
a.r.skandan 13:04 17.10.17

Linken park

Lori Roy McCluskey (@lori_mccluskey)
lori_mccluskey 19:01 17.10.17

He seemed so happy. Fooled everyone.

Joseph (@soldierlp13)
soldierlp13 21:37 17.10.17

That was so cringeworthy tbh

VionaMayanda❣ (@vionamynd_)
vionamynd_ 23:05 17.10.17


iam.yuns (@dianherdiansyah09)
dianherdiansyah09 23:52 17.10.17


🍒 (@boklag_20)
boklag_20 03:59 18.10.17

Отличный выпуск.

Koletta Mysiura (@koletta.mysiura)
koletta.mysiura 07:35 18.10.17


Daniel Zhu (@daniel.zhu.127648)
daniel.zhu.127648 08:00 18.10.17

Love forever😄

Yuliana Rachmawati (@yulianarachmawati93)
yulianarachmawati93 08:05 18.10.17


N A O M I  W U Y T S (@naomiwuyts)
naomiwuyts 11:25 18.10.17


👑Shahin👑 (@shahin_unique)
shahin_unique 11:55 18.10.17


Korogame Boyhera (@korogame)
korogame 12:49 18.10.17


Korogame Boyhera (@korogame)
korogame 12:50 18.10.17

Lenkin park forever

Just A Stan (@313_slim_)
313_slim_ 17:19 18.10.17


Работа в Италии! (@rabota___europa)
rabota___europa 07:40 19.10.17


bensm88 10:20 19.10.17


amy lynn (@amylspence1277)
amylspence1277 10:48 19.10.17

I miss Chester so much.. I wish he was still with us

iamalighanemi (@iamalighanemi)
iamalighanemi 14:21 19.10.17

That was cool 🤘

iamalighanemi (@iamalighanemi)
iamalighanemi 14:22 19.10.17

Already miss chester

__d.a.w.n__ 17:16 19.10.17


✴️BROKEN AND LOST✴️ (@brokenmartinn)
brokenmartinn 20:46 19.10.17

Thank you all for being wonderful inspirations!!!... I love y'all sooo much!!! Y'all have inspired me to do many good things.. I even actually started following my dreams and started making music because of things y'all have said and done❤ ... Anyways I'm giving up on life because I can't handle feeling this way any more... But before I do I wanted to comment and say I love you @linkinpark 

axtu (@axtuparkit)
axtuparkit 21:51 19.10.17

I don't know really why it's always the best die why should this be why humancouldn't live anymore your image death it was the worst show in my life

♌🐬Martina 👫 (@sm_art_y88)
sm_art_y88 01:10 20.10.17

I cried from the begin to the end of the episode

Keshav Maraj (@jimfancy)
jimfancy 07:35 20.10.17

@fraeuleinm_mylife  whoa, it’s just really unbelievable

Shakespeare (@jaxskye612)
jaxskye612 08:36 20.10.17

Best episode ever. Still the crazy conspirist that says chester didnt do shit. Sue me.

mojanazwaznowubylazajeta 09:18 20.10.17

Lukas Tavares (@lukas_ug)
lukas_ug 11:58 20.10.17

"fuck you"

Janhvi Tiwari ( 02:57 21.10.17


dheeraj sharma (@dheeraj_yo)
dheeraj_yo 04:06 21.10.17

hey,,this guy is from hangover

dheeraj sharma (@dheeraj_yo)
dheeraj_yo 04:06 21.10.17

fook man

Jessica Valente (@jesvalente)
jesvalente 07:49 21.10.17

@linkinpark  I laughed so hard that I cried!! Thank you ❤️❤️

sarah (@z.a_ra)
z.a_ra 10:15 21.10.17

Soo beautiful 😢😢😢😢

👫🐈🐕🌃🏖🎡📷🎮🎨🎧🎼🕶⚓🛫♥ (@fraeuleinm_mylife)
fraeuleinm_mylife 13:58 21.10.17

@jimfancy  yes it is 😥

Melissa Waltman (@redhead.87)
redhead.87 14:53 21.10.17

LinKEN Park ❤

Evaline Roluahpuii Hauchhum (@19xx_eva)
19xx_eva 23:31 21.10.17

This episode is just so funny can't stop watching how Chester humorous side is. I miss him though😢

pingui insta story😄✌😂 (@laserepingui)
laserepingui 12:43 22.10.17


dominick agustin (@dominickagustin)
dominickagustin 14:58 22.10.17

Leslie #hangover 

yeganeh__13 17:34 22.10.17

Miss Chester...

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