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These days are all about small simple pleasures and coziness ❄️
Hope, you're enjoying the pre-holiday time as much as I do 💗 If there's still place for some cozy knitting, there's a free pattern for this #blue_snowdrop_sweater on my site (link in bio) and on Ravelry ⛄️

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When I'm not knitting, I'm baking. I'm baking knitwear 😅❄️
This is my creation for the annual Christmas party at the local knitting circle. I mean, any cake only gets better with some reindeer and a pompom, right? ⛄️
And it's definitely when the situation "The hat is so cute I'd like to bite it!" can literally happen 😄

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Tiny weekend projects are the best 🐾
They are so satisfying and also leave enough time for doing other things.
For example, my #lifeiscozy_giveaway3 winner was finally picked! Congratulations to @nitkann ❄️
Details on how my picking process works:
• I re-write and number the names of all the participants from the comments section to a separate sheet (in this way I avoid double-commenting and friendly comments of non-participants)
• Using random.org, pick a number and find the corresponding participant's account.
• Check the account for the repost to make sure the rules of the giveaway were met.
• Post the confirming photos in stories so that whoever wants to check them can do so.
Easy and efficient 🐰

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Happy Friday! ♥️
Hope, you're enjoying these magical days ⛄️

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄
The tree is put up and decorated, the Dundee cake is waiting to get moist and delicious, and the classic holiday music is on all day long – can it get any better? Add some satsumas and festive knitting, and that's how my perfect day looks like ⭐️
P.S. It is the last day to enter #lifeiscozy_giveaway3 which can make your holidays even brighter ✨ Details - in the post with the "giveaway" mark on the photo ☺️

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❄️ Pattern release ❄️ Make these days even more merry and bright with some festive knitting!

I'm so happy to share with you the pattern for making an essential holiday accessory 🎄This Christmas stocking is knit in stranded colorwork technique from the top down with the fish lips kiss heel. The pattern contains detailed instructions for an i-cord hanging loop.
You’ll also find here lots of different fair isle motifs and ideas of adjustments to help you create a very special item that suits all of your requirements. And you can add the name of the stocking recipient in the duplicate stitch using the alphabet chart provided ➰
The pattern is available on my site (link in bio) and on Ravelry under the name Cozy Season Stocking ♥️ Enjoy! •

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There's one recipe that always works against my Monday blues – a bright lipstick and a matching scarf 🙆🏻
And it gets only better if it's handknit with my beloved Malabrigo ➰
What are your go-to solutions for the cloudy mood? Is there something knitting-related? 🙈
• If you want to knit something similar, grab a free pattern for #sorceress_scarf on my site (link in bio) •

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To share with you the spirit of the coming holidays I decided to arrange a Giveaway!
The winner will get everything pictured: four skeins of beautiful Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace (extrafine superwash merino, color 44009), ChiaoGoo Lace circular needles (size US 1.5/2.5mm, 40"/100cm), a set of festive stitch markers, a project pouch from KnitPicks in a magical champagne/silver color, bird-like scissors, two tapestry needles, and several matching Christmas ornaments 💗
To enter:
✨ Follow me @life_is_cozy
✨ Like this post
✨ Repost this, mentioning me and #lifeiscozy_giveaway3
✨ Comment when done, tagging two friends.
That's it! Giveaway entries will end December 7th at midnight, PST. Winner will be announced December 8th. Your account can be from any country, but has to be public and alive 💓
Good luck! ✨
P.S. This giveaway is not sponsored by any brand ☺️
Do you feel it in the air? ❄️
Taking a day-off from everything knitting-related today to enjoy some of my favorite Christmas crafts 🎄
Plans: assembling the new door wreath, listening to all the classic Christmas songs, making a dozen or two of diy tree ornaments, and baking the Dundee cake 🍪
Can't wait to start! Hope, you're having a magical day, too ✨

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The last Clue of #lifeiscozy_stocking is coming out today! ❄️
You'll get the final directions for the Toe, for the loop for hanging your stocking, and for the optional embroidery of the name of a recipient. And this also means that I'll release the whole pattern in the nearest 1-2 days! Just in time to make it before Christmas ♥️🎄
I've also added several new holidays-inspired colorwork patterns to this post - enjoy!

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Cozy season is in its full power 🐰
It's good that weather gives me an excuse to stay at home, cuddle in the blankets and knit. The past few weeks have been really hard – I'm constantly tired and upset, and there's no exact reason for these feelings. It's even hard for me to write posts - anything longer than two sentences seems impossible to compose 🤷🏻‍♀️
Excuse me for sharing these moody vibes with you. I just wanted to say that if you feel something similar - you're not alone! And I'm sure that brighter days will come ❄️ P.S. Free pattern for the pictured #blue_snowdrop_sweater is available on my site (link in bio) and on ravelry.
If you're waiting for the Clue 3 of #lifeiscozy_stocking , I hope to send it today or tomorrow!

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Cozy Monday morning ☕️
The air is so crisp today in SF that I just couldn't stay home! So this day is about walking around the city, enjoying the cool weather, and staying warm in my super-chunky scarf 🖤
Have an amazing start of the week!
Long weekend calls for some additional time all for yourself ✨
I always try to find several hours for one of my "almost meditation" activities – reading, baking, or (of course!) knitting ☺️ And in the latter case my favorite pick would be for a fast project, so that you can see the result almost immediately, and mention by the way in a conversation – I made it in less than a day!
The #misty_rainbow_scarf is definitely one of such projects. It looks rather complex because of the Herringbone Stitch, but variegated yarn does most of the work for you 💗
Find a free pattern on my site (link in bio) or on ravelry. New to the Herringbone? Check the tag #lifeiscozy_tutorials for how-to videos ✔️
Happy coming Thanksgiving!
The long weekend ahead calls for some calm time with lots of comfort food and, of course, knitting ➰
I've sent out the Clue 2 for #lifeiscozy_stocking , and had a thought that even if you're not knitting with us, maybe you'll enjoy some additional colorwork patterns for other Christmas projects 🎄So here they are!
We already have some beautiful projects in the KAL collection! I'm constantly amazed with how almost the same pattern comes out in so many different ways depending on who knits it 🖤 Check the tag #lifeiscozy_christmas_kal for inspiration ✨
All the unicorn vibes are in the air around me today 🦄
I started shopping for some of the Christmas gifts, and this always makes me feel a bit closer to the fairy world. And probably wearing my #blue_snowdrop_sweater is an additional reason 💗
Want to make one for yourself or as a present? Get a free pattern on my site (link in bio) or on Ravelry ✔️

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Monday texture games 💗
After several froggings I'm finally pleased with how my new sweater design is knitting up ➰
And now it's impossible to put on hold even for a moment, as I'm eager to see it finished and blocked.
What's on your needles this week? Any Christmas knitting happening there?
Happy Saturday! ☕️
This week was pretty crazy, and the next one promises to be even more fun 🙈
So the weekend feels like an oasis on the road for me. Can't wait to spend some calm hours all to myself, and I bet there will be knitting involved 🖤 •

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Fair Isle is the most festive knitting technique for me 💗
Yes, it requires more time and concentration, but in return offers endless possibilities for the design and color combinations.
I am now sending out the PDF versions of the Clue 1 for #lifeiscozy_stocking KAL which contain various colorwork patterns you can use for the Christmas knits. Can't wait to see how you guys will combine them ☺️
P.S. If you haven't joined us yet but are interested - there's still time! And participation is free ✔️ So contact me in any way - in the comments or through the messages, and I'll add you to the mailing list.
Pattern Release 🌊
Like blue snowdrops show up at the edge of cold to help to recall the existence of warmer and brighter days, #blue_snowdrop_sweater reminds that after the long cozy season the spring will come.
Warm and at the same time stylish, the sweater is knitted from bottom up in the round with the yoke. Both waist and neck shaping guarantee the comfortable fit. Stranded colorwork yoke gives you endless possibilities for color combinations.
This pattern will work great with any sport weight yarn. Worsted weight can be used as well to create more dense and warm fabric.
The pattern is available for Free on my site (link in bio) and on Ravelry.
I'm so grateful to my testknitters @insomniaknitting @ranneyknits @laribcruz @lizziesh4rp @jonescrafted @raindrop.knitwear @malgorzata1705 @strikkeann @yana_lsh for their help and precious comments! Thank you, ladies 😘
Let's start knitting our stockings! ♥️
• CLUE 1 of #lifeiscozy_stocking
Choose the main color (MC) that will be used for the cuff, heel, and toe - white in my case; and the second main color (MC2) that will emphasize the main - red in my case.
• CUFF •
Using MC2, CO 96sts and combine them in the round.
R1-7 (MC2): purl all sts.
Attach MC and switch to it.
R8-22 (MC): knit all sts. We will be able to use this section to embroider the name of the stocking owner later.
Switch to MC2 again.
R23 (MC2): knit all sts.
R24-27 (MC2): purl all sts.
R28 (MC2): knit all sts.
• LEG •
R1-60: knit the colorwork part. You can use any of the provided charts and combine them in any order you'd like.
Share your progress photos with the tag #lifeiscozy_christmas_kal so that everyone can see your creations! ❄️
I'll reach out to everyone who was interested in the participation to collect the emails and to send the PDF versions of the charts and the Clue 1. Please, check your message inbox and/or message requests. If you didn't receive a message from me, let me know! ✔️
If you would like to join us, just write it here in the comments and I'll get in touch!