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I see your custom license plate and raise you this ☝🏼📸 by @ronyalwin
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From a small dance studio 💃🏻 to the big stage🎤 Take a peek behind the 👁 at how #WITNESSTHETOUR‬ came together #xfinity
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Kween Kong Strong 💪🏻 📸@ronyalwin
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It's Friday the 13th! What better day to plan your Halloween LEWK with these glow in the dark loafs @katyperrycollections?! 👻 🎃 🕸
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🍓🎶 you're like a hard candy with a surprise center 🍓🎶@katyperrycollections
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💋#IAmWhatIMakeUp💋and my new @Covergirl fam and I 💁🏼💁🏻💁🏽💁🏾💁🏿 can't wait to show you that EVERYONE can look 💅🏻in any style💄at any age❗
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✨Golden Girl ✨by @zaldynyc #witnessthetour 👁
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...just getting started 👁#witnessthetour
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💘CYRUS SANDWICH💘@noahcyrus @mileycyrus
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#TBT to when I live streamed my life for 4 wonderfully weird days! 👁 the highlights/lowlights on @YouTubeRed now! Link in bio
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💔 #Repost @cleowade
As I #prayforlasvegas I pray for us all. Find each other out there. Let's help each other through these times. It is always okay to ask for support. One way to do so below:
You can text "HELLO" to 741-741 if you feel you need a little help and would like to talk to a counselor. It's free and confidential text. I love you.
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🎧 🎶Now u can spin me right round baby, right round 🎶 🎧WITNESS is on VINYL & @UrbanOutfitters has the exclusive cover. Link in bio
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💘A group of flamingos is called a FLAMBOYANCE which is what I am naming my side project ok💘
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📢❗If u missed the wild, wonderful, 👁#WITNESS 👁 human social experiment we've got the highlights coming to u soon❗📢 Link in bio.
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✨Firework Finale by @zaldynyc ✨📸by @ronyalwin #witnessthetour
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MASSIVE thanks to all the incredibly talented people who have helped me put together #witnessthetour ❗️S/O @esdevlin @thesquareddivision @thebazhalpin @allthreeheathers @krispooley @taittowers and more. So much love to my band/dancers/crew & team. Can't wait to see ALL of your smiles and hear your stories around the world!!! 📸 by @kevinmazur
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🏍❗️📸 by @ronyalwin #witnessthetour
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🚨SuPeR sTrIpEd🚨by @adamselman x @sweetbabyjamie 📸 by @kevinmazur #witnessthetour
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