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Take flight with #GoPro Featured Photographer, @_toddharper + #GoProKarma. 🚁
Photo 1: Looking at the weather forecast the night before, I could see that it called for a snow storm to roll though during the early morning hours. I packed up #GoProKarma along with my HERO6 and headed out while it was still dark the next day. After about 3.5hrs of hiking, I found a great spot to get the photo that I was after, a river running through a forest of snow covered trees.
Photo 2: Getting warm morning shots with long shadows means making it out of the door early. On this morning, I started my day around 5am and hiked for a couple of hours to get to this spot. After setting my #GoProHERO6 to capture RAW photos, I turned it sideways so that it would capture as much of the surrounding trees as possible.
Photo 3: I came upon this rushing river as the last snow of the winter was melting in spring. I captured some low angle footage by flying my #GoProKarma just above the river and through the trees. Then, as I was flying up and out of the canyon, I hit the Mode button on the Karma controller and switched over to Single Photo Mode to snag this wide angle shot of the area.
Photo 4: Deep in the woods with bitterly cold water at my feet. The #GoProHERO6 was ready to go as soon as I hit the power button. I then attached it to the end of my selfie pole and turned it sideways, which allowed me to capture a long vertical photo of the tall trees.
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Photo of the Day: Wander into the weekend with @sheck aside a peaceful lake in Braies, #Italy. What adventures do you have planned?
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Chasing AdVANture Part 3 of 3: #GoProAthlete @chrisbenchetler and follow cam master @skichef head north to the legendary @BaldfaceLodge.

If you haven't already, peep the 🔗 in our bio for the full 🎬 and stay tuned for behind the scenes content dropping soon.

#GoPro #GoProSnow #Catskiing #GoProTravel #Baldface @johnjamun @travisrice @torsteinhorgmo @baldfacelodge
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Chasing AdVANture Part 2 of 3: Inspired by @rob_machado's shaping style, #GoProAthlete @chrisbenchetler aims to apply a surf-driven approach to his skiing. 🎬: @skichef
Catch the full edit through the link in our bio.
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Chasing AdVANture Part 1 of 3: The build. From elaborate woodwork to hand-drawn art, the beauty is in the details. #GoProAthlete @chrisbenchetler, @_smithmade_ + @skyewalker_art work tirelessly to manufacture the perfect home for their journey.
Check out Chasing AdVANture through the link in our bio.
#GoPro #GoProHERO6 #GoProSnow #Skiing #GoProTravel #VanLife 📽 @skichef
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Photo of the Day: Full speed ahead. Jean-Frederic Fuchs powers through the work week with a sunset flight over the Mer de Glace, the largest glacier in #France. 🛩🏔
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Two creatives, two countries, one van. Hit the road with #GoProAthlete @chrisbenchetler + follow-cam legend @skichef in tomorrow's debut of Chasing AdVANture. Stay tuned for more. ⛷ 🚁
#GoPro #GoProSnow #Skiing #MammothStories #
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Photo of the Day: To see the world, one step at a time. 🌹🇮🇹
📷: @mr.travelller
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Video of the Day: Step up your game with the all new "Camera Tilt" feature on #GoProKarma. The gimbal now rolls up to 20° above the horizon, freeing you to capture all new perspectives from the air.
Featuring #GoProFamily members: @rorykramer + @glographics
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Photo of the Day: Freedom is screaming at the top of your lungs above an epic landscape. 🔊🗻
📷: @philviciani
#GoPro #GetOutside #Hiking #Switzerland
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Video of the Day: An exciting addition to #GoProKarma's built-in Auto Shot Paths is the new "Follow" feature. Hit a trail, walk the beach, + stay in the moment while Karma captures smooth arial footage of your adventure.
🎬: @wheresmollie
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Photo of the Day: Looking back on the weekend like. 😮 🙌 @scrattykay takes a break from the South African surf to enjoy a glowing sunset with her #GoProHERO6.
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#GoProKarma is now equipped with an arsenal of new features, including Follow, upwards Camera Tilt, + more. Dive in while 3 creators put Karma to the test as the ultimate storytelling tool + see how Karma can take your videos to the next level.
Featuring #GoProFamily members @rorykramer, @glographics + @wheresmollie
#GoPro #GoProHERO6
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Photo of the Day: A sky worth celebrating. @matej.lepen basks in the warmth of a Saint-Louis, Reunion #sunset. Where are you catching rays from this #weekend? Share with us at

@GoProFR #GoProFR #GoProTravel #IslandLife #GetOutside
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Introducing Bite Mount. Capture hands-free POV moments, then slide its buckle into any compatible #GoPro mount for additional angles + dynamic perspectives. Learn more about Bite Mount + Floaty through the 🔗 in our bio.

🏄🏼: #GoProAthlete @kai_lenny
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Photo of the Day: Where nature meets neighborhood. 🇮🇹 @pietrocanepa_ lounges out for an afternoon in #Riomaggiore.

@GoProIT #GoProIT #Italy #GoProTravel #LandscapePhotography
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When the sun sets over this small fishing village in northern #Norway, the sky awakens. 🌠 📷: @tordkarlsen

#GoPro #GoProTravel #NightPhotography #Aurora #NorthernLights
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Photo of the Day: The #ocean has a way of washing the stress away. Who's ready for a great #weekend? Shot by #GoProFamily member @johnonelio above the cliffs of #SanDiego. 🌥

#GoPro #GetOutside #SouthernCalifornia #Sunset
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Introducing Shorty, our new mini extension pole + tripod. Toss it in a pocket + you're prepped for on-the-go activities, travel + more.

Check out Shorty through the 🔗 in our bio.
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Photo of the Day: Stop and stare. @sarah.zanotti captures her boyfriend, @sheck before one of #Italy's mystical alpine lakes. 🚣

@GoProIT #GoProIT #GoProTravel #LandscapePhotography #GetOutside