Euro Elite
“A Never Give Up Story”
Note from Dave: The thing that personally make me most proud isn't just the fact Eric got his first points...he was ready now... but it is that these boys, thru EuroElite, became good friends and I know that this is happening all the time. Players meeting at one of our camps or tours and BOOM... they have made a LIFE-LONG FRIEND:-) KEEP IT GOING, GUYS!!!
11.01.2018 06:44:56
Coach of Ly Hoang Nam (VIE) winner of Wimbledon Junior Double Title 2015 and Head Coach Becamex Tennis Academy - Vietnam becomes a Guest Coach og Euro Elite. Please Welcome Christian Brydniak
05.01.2018 01:13:24
Merry Christmas to all of EuroElite :) Dave has now put together the initial camp list so it's now time for you parents to:
1. Look at each camp. See if your son/daughter is listed.
2. Confirm which one they will do and cancel the others
Follow the link beneath :)
25.12.2017 07:23:40
Amina Kadic went all the way in the @tenproglobaljuniortour at the @rafanadalacademy closing out a drama 7-6 in the 3rd set in the final winning the 2005 girls category. The reason that Amina is holding 2 trophies is that she also came in 3rd in the 2004 category. Huge Congratulations to Amina for the struggle and desire to pull through in the end when it was the most difficult with the crowd behind the local opponent 😀👏
12.12.2017 05:45:13
Funny photo taken by Jacqueline Cabaj Awad during Mexico Grade A event 2013... HA! The EuroElite Boss trying to hide, but Jacqueline found him 😜
10.12.2017 03:07:23
OUR FINAL CAMP FOR SESSION I IN KRAMFORS AT OUR Scandinavian Junior Tennis College- by EuroElite with 7 PUMPED UP PLAYERS!!
10.12.2017 03:05:27
Last night in 🇪🇸 spent in Palma De Mallorca's Christmas decorated streets. The baloon with lights was much more popular than seeing the cathedral apparently 🤔
09.12.2017 15:27:55
Victor Tauson got lucky getting a selfie with the one and only @rafaelnadal here at the @tenproglobaljuniortour 😀
06.12.2017 15:35:15
Victor having a few troubles opening his self-made lunch bag 😜, but succesfully prepared himself with a post match snack done at the breakfast making sure that he is independent timing his recovery meal himself 👏
06.12.2017 05:08:05
We thought we came to ☀️Mallorca and it turned out to be ❄️ cold, but the Team were out supporting their team mate Josh playing last match of the day here at the @tenproglobaljuniortour at @rafanadalacademy 😀
05.12.2017 15:18:31
JOIN OVER 180+ Tournament Competitive Juniors at Scandinavia's LARGEST TENNIS ACADEMY for Camps and Tours... EuroElite!!! It all STARTS WITH SUMMER CAMP 2018!!!
02.12.2017 03:08:06
The boys trying to find the best cross not only on the tennis court but also at the ping pong table in the nights 🏓
29.11.2017 15:21:29
Gabriel Jornert has now got his first Tennis Europe points on a EuroElite Tour. First and foremost Congratulations to the work Gabriel and his home Club have done. We at Euroelite are happy to have supported, guided and facilitated an environment in which it has been possible for Gabriel to take one step further in the direction of his dreams 🎾💨💨
29.11.2017 05:08:00
Players here in 🇳🇴 are charting each other providing valuable feedback to each other about:
- 1st and 2nd serve %
- Returns in play on 1st and 2nd
- Big points % won
28.11.2017 10:57:04
The EuroElite Team and our friends from Skanör Falsterbo + a table tennis table all gathered in the same room 🤷‍♂️🎾💨💨
27.11.2017 12:11:29
🎾3 DECICATED EuroElite Coaches.
26.11.2017 07:13:33
Kramfors and EuroElite Collaboration. To read the full article head over to our Facebook page 👉 FB 🤓
22.11.2017 18:02:56
Madalina Josan Kramfors Tennis SJTC och Euro Elite hade en framgångsrik helg på hemmatävlingen i Kramfors!
Madalina gick fram till 2 finaler som avgjordes samma dag och mot samma motståndare Emelie Westin Sundsvalls TK och även hon Euro Elite spelare!

Emelie var starkast i den första finalen och vann i 2 raka set!
Timmen senare möttes de på nytt och denna gången fick Madalina gå segrande ur striden 3-6 6-3 6-4 i en ytterligare fantastiskt välspelad fin final!
Madalina har bara varit i Kramfors i 2 månader men hon utvecklas snabbt och blir ett härligt tillskott för nya SJTC Junior TEAM!
20.11.2017 06:33:51
Tim Tim was the fastest player to get through the racquet in 🇫🇷- can you beat him!? 😜
06.11.2017 01:38:40
The whole Team played a total of 91 matches over the last week making every player in avg play 7,5 matches. Incredible learning opportunity you guys created @tenproglobaljuniortour 😁🙌🙏🎾💨💨
04.11.2017 09:19:04