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Happy first day of autumn! These are the best books I've read during the summer. Beartown is still my favorite of the year. Definitely a must-read! - Valerie Roller (@valerie_roller)
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minirowrow (@minirowrow)
minirowrow 14:37 22.09.17

I love Fredrik Bachman!!! I just picked up "Britt Marie Was Here" a few mins ago. But my all time fave is "A Man Called Ove." I'll be sure to pick up Beartown soon! Thanks! Enjoy your weekend.

Valerie Roller (@valerie_roller)
valerie_roller 15:31 22.09.17

@minirowrow  oh you'll have to let me know about Britt Marie!

minirowrow (@minirowrow)
minirowrow 21:17 22.09.17

@valeriebalderas10  I will! Until then, Happy Reading! Happy Weekend!

Kerrie (@lovedreadingthis)
lovedreadingthis 11:08 01.10.17

Beartown I think will be one of my favourite books of 2017. I enjoyed I Found You, but preferred The Girls in the Garden, have you read that?

Valerie Roller (@valerie_roller)
valerie_roller 12:39 01.10.17

@lovedreadingthis  I haven't read The Girls in the Garden. Thanks for the recommendation. I just added it to Goodreads