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Don't forget to sign up for the October box! We have two incredibly practical and fun items for you in October! Not to mention a dreamy book that I'm ... - Uppercase (@uppercasebox)
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Chelsea. - SC 🌴 (@kuehlerbookstop)
kuehlerbookstop 21:18 19.09.17

Woohoo! I can't wait!! 🎃🍂🍁

Faith Lasecki (@faithkelli)
faithkelli 21:24 19.09.17

No I just got my September one, don't make me crave the October one already! 😂😂

Uppercase (@uppercasebox)
uppercasebox 21:31 19.09.17

@faithkelli  Haha!! Sorry not sorry 😉😇

Chelsea🌙 (@chelseaa_oxo)
chelseaa_oxo 22:28 19.09.17

Make your shipping cheaper to Canada

Brenna Godfrey (@brebooklover)
brebooklover 22:35 19.09.17

This month was in incredible!!!

Uppercase (@uppercasebox)
uppercasebox 22:39 19.09.17

@chelseaa_oxo  We always look for cost-effective ways to ship, but unfortunately this is the best price we can find for Canada right now.

Chelsea🌙 (@chelseaa_oxo)
chelseaa_oxo 22:41 19.09.17

Sad. I love your box

Stephanie (@steph.m16)
steph.m16 22:48 19.09.17

@chelseaa_oxo  yes can't agree more! The average shipping costs i've seen for book subscription boxes we're between $10-$15. I would subscribe right away if shipping was more affordable.

Kami Pearson (@kam_pearson)
kam_pearson 23:28 19.09.17

I loved this months box so much and I was so impressed that you got it out in spite of the circumstances! It just makes me like you guys even more! I even got mine a day earlier than I thought! And now I have 2 great signed books to add to my collection so far! I ♥️ uppercase!!!

Danielle Ward (@dawntreader25)
dawntreader25 23:31 19.09.17

@uppercasebox  do you post hints about what book you might be offering? I am subscribing to another book box this month and am trying to avoid duplicate copies. 🙂

Brittany (@pepperxmint)
pepperxmint 00:23 20.09.17

@brebooklover  Totally agree! Mine came a little banged up, but I still squeed, 😄

Ms. Chloe (@chloeisfox)
chloeisfox 05:53 20.09.17

Still waiting on mine for this month :(

Jourdan Gandy (@old.enough.for.fairytales)
old.enough.for.fairytales 11:01 20.09.17

@uppercasebox  has been on a roll lately!! I always love my boxes, but the last two have been AMAZING. 💕

Mrs. Kirkendall (@foureyecrow)
foureyecrow 20:03 20.09.17

@uppercasebox  , I still haven't received my September box and my UPS tracker isn't working. 😟

a_geeky_clodea 22:08 20.09.17

Do you have any September boxes available??

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