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📖cr: reign the earth
📚2017 71|75
Because I get have to read this book. I think I’ll hold off just a little bit. I don’t want to read it now and have to wait so long for the next book.... - Liz ➰Ravenclaw ➿Winter court❄️ (@throneofshatteredbooks)
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Taylor :: OKC 🏀⚡️💙 (@taylortakesphotos)
taylortakesphotos 10:56 12.10.17

I'm definitely holding off on reading it until right before the final book is released!

Liz ➰Ravenclaw ➿Winter court❄️ (@throneofshatteredbooks)
throneofshatteredbooks 11:43 12.10.17

@taylortakesphotos  yes the next book is too far off

Christina | 🏳️‍🌈 (@christinareads_)
christinareads_ 14:44 12.10.17

I was holding off on reading EoS until this one was released but now I kind of want to wait.

Liz ➰Ravenclaw ➿Winter court❄️ (@throneofshatteredbooks)
throneofshatteredbooks 15:02 12.10.17

@christinareads__  and binge all three that would be a good idea because EoS will leave you like wtf

Neneh | Twenty 🇦🇺✨📚 (@fantasybooksrus)
fantasybooksrus 15:46 12.10.17

But it's so so good 😫

Liz ➰Ravenclaw ➿Winter court❄️ (@throneofshatteredbooks)
throneofshatteredbooks 15:50 12.10.17

@fantasybooksrus  I know I’ll love but that’s why I have to wait lol

Sarah (SJ) 🦄 (@thebooktweeter)
thebooktweeter 17:47 12.10.17

It’s amazing 😭🙌🏽