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“To go out of your mind once a day is tremendously important, because by going out of your mind you come to your senses. And if you stay in your mind all of the time, you are over rational, in other words you are like a very rigid bridge which because it has no give; no craziness in it, is going to be blown down by the first hurricane.”
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The first piece of content for a new cryptocurrency project I’m excited be involved with, @cryptoseer . Join us on instagram and Facebook. Also, most definitely start empowering yourself through this technology if you haven’t already. #bitcoin #cryptocurrency
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Microdosing, a better future, magic mushroom legalization, resurrecting the mystery school tradition and more with @thirdwaveishere founder, Paul Austin. Listen now on Apple podcasts, iTunes or wherever you do podcasts.
Missing the daylights out of my fuzzy snuggle brother right now. Check that #derp in the third picture ❤️
One of many choice musings from my latest cast with the great @android_jones .
Android is not only a visionary artist, he’s a visionary. If Elon Musk took a bath in Ayahuasca, was a highly gifted artist and read the Vedas a few dozen times, you might produce a similar being. Hear it now on itunes/apple podcasts thirdeyedrops.com or wherever you listen. #podcast #art #philosophy #future #visionaryart #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #psychedelic #wonder #inspiration
Truth is universal. Perception of truth is not.
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Join self-spelunking psychology mystic, Erick Godsey and I (I’d peg him as a cocktail of Carl Jung, Robert Anton Wilson, George Carlin and early Syphilis-era Nietzsche) as we dissect the neurosis of the western mind, excavating your ideal self, the bottomline shared by all mystical traditions and more. Hear the full episode on iTunes, Thirdeyedrops.com or wherever you listen to casts. —————— #psychology #podcast #philsophy #jung #mind #mindfulness
My mans and I having a look.
Always a wonder-gasmic blast on the Astral Hustle with my good homie @_coryallen_ ・・・ #repost @_coryallen_
@third_eye_drops host Michael Phillip joins me on The Astral Hustle. We discuss ways to navigate existential aches, finding balance in the human game, and how we define chaos! Great hang, man neural nourishing mind jewels!

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Gratitude to everyone that tuned-in to our episode with @awakenwithjp on Facebook yesterday. You can watch the full episode on YouTube or Facebook. And to the man in the comments asking if he can take a bong rip- have at it, buckaroo.
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Moving work from @humansofny. There’s something so pure about approaching strangers on the street in an open, constructive, vulnerable way. A close friend and I started a project like this awhile back and it never came to fruition. This makes me want to pick it back up.
Monday morning #meditation has me feeling 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
A choice bit of rhetoric from my friend @_coryallen_ from our latest mind meld. Grab it at thirdeyedrops.com or wherever you do podcasts.
The great @awakenwithjp on fear, seriousness and arrogance.
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“The apparent veil between the organic and the manufactured has crumpled to reveal that the two really are, and have always been, of one being.”
Kevin Kelly
Electrons work in mysterious ways.
The spot to go for #coffee in St. Louis.
This week on the show we totally red-lined the wokeness meter with the stupendous @awakenwithjp. Get amongst it wherever you listen to podcasts or at thirdeyedrops.com