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Whew... this teacher is tired 😴 and my momentum is trekking up hill instead of down right now 😵
After a long work day, plus open house at the school tonight I was EXCITED and looking forward to leading our team call & seeing my coach girls tonight.!
They always fill my cup up with some love and joy! ❤
My momentum may be running slow tonight, but my goals are keeping me persistent and consistent & my girls are all ways thee to help give me that extra push! .
If you would like to join my coaching team, Compelled by Courage, then join me this Thursday night oct 26th for a sneak peek into coaching! . No worries you don't have to leave your house. Sit in your pj's and snuggle in and bring your listening ear 👂🤗!
Message me so I can send you a direct invite to join us!! 😘

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PJ Day at work, one of my favorite days of the school year lol! Messy Bun, Lesson Plans, Coffee, and Patience #teacherlife
I love people who make me laugh.. and my students do a great job at it. 😂😂❤️❤️
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We are back on Epic! I had a student ask if she could get on her Epic account from summer school this afternoon! I said of course and thought we might as well have the whole class create profiles! Students love all the features Epic has: read aloud, videos, leveled books to their interest! Getting our 20 minutes of homework reading in, and incorporating technology! + students can access the app at home! 📚💻
Pool league. Date-ish night.
I forgot my lesson plan book. Honestly. So I'm stuck watching the others and drinking. Such a hardship 😅

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Today was the 50th day of school! At the end of the day I showed my students a short clip of things from the 1950’s and we compared it to today! They wrote a short answer to “What will you be like when you turn 50 years old?” and ended with root beer floats! My student pictured smile pretty much sums up the day! #50thDayOfSchool #SchoolisCool #RootBeerFloats #Iteachthird #TheMagicalTeacher #teachergoals #teacherlife #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram
I love quick and easy dinner recipes! Especially after an early work day!

This Pad Thai really hit the spot tonight 😍

What was on your plate?
What a gorgeous bundle ❤️✏️📚🍎 @teachingwithrachael #teachingwithrachael1kgiveaway #teacherlife 🤞🤞🤞
Not allowed to grade tonight I guess...#probert #tabbycat #attentionplease #teacherlife
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Celebrating our multiculturalism during HASS Week! #represent
With all the craziness of homecoming last week, my workouts suffered a bit. It was nice to get back into it with some Max Out Cardio today. This move will work more than just your core!
Book club night with a Halloween theme....a book about the Salem witch trials, a brewery called Witches' Hat...haha. Aren't we clever? Have you read this? I liked it but can't say it was a favorite of mine.
Living and Nonliving printables are ready to go for your next science lesson! Just print and teach. Click on the link in the profile for your download.