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#QuoteoftheDay ‘You don’t need to learn to hate. But you need to learn to love.’ - HH Younus AlGohar (

#CitadelDía ‘No necesitas aprender a odiar. Pero debes aprender a amar.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar (

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Sometimes we think too much, WAY too much. Do it, already! #AimOnPurpose
I was told to seek and stay where I belong, but I chose to fly away and explore the world!
Don't be on an island. Get out there, make friends and expand your network. #AimOnPurpose
You are always in the driver seat. Thank you to my beautiful little savanna for reminding me this yesterday. Who knew teaching your kiddo a lesson on her bike would actually lead to a life lesson that is so powerful and so true. You are in control of you life. Your choices. Your business. Your happiness. #theconfidentbeautymovement
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More loosely translated, your mind will be calmer if you show:⠀
- Friendliness towards the Happy ⠀
- Compassion or Support for the Unhappy ⠀
- Delight or Goodwill for the Virtuous ⠀
- Disregard, Neutrality, Tolerance, or Acceptance for the Non-Virtuous (aka the Difficult)⠀

In other words, to cultivate equanimity, we strive to respond with right action when encountering any “type” of attitude or behavior. The universe sends souls our way to help us overcome our issues (to test us) and at the same time sends us tools (meditation, yoga) to overcome them (through insight and self reflection). 🤔 ⠀

Patanjali’s advice: ⠀
With a happy person, be friendly. Be able to share in another person’s happiness or good fortune, instead of being jealous or trying to destroy their joy through negative words or actions. Jealousy doesn’t hurt the happy person, rather it robs you of your own peace of mind. ⠀

With someone unhappy or upset, offer assistance. If she needs space, then leave her alone after letting her know you will be there for her when she is ready. Instead of taking pleasure in seeing someone else suffer, remember how it felt when it happened to you. By doing that, you will retain the peace of your own mind. “Through compassion you find that all human beings are just like you.”— The Dalai Lama⠀

With a virtuous person, offer goodwill. Appreciate and be open to inspiration by knowing such greatness is possible.⠀

With difficult people, develop neutrality. Not everyone will be aligned to our values, some people may oppose them. At some point in our lives perhaps we said or did something hurtful to someone else. The best way to keep the mind calm is to be indifferent to that person. Acting in a way that is neutral does not mean approving of bad behavior. It means tapping into your own inner strength, patience, and forgiveness.⠀

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Life lessons from this weekend:
🖤I still strongly dislike bar hopping. 🖤I am far from 21 and pretty content with not being able to "hang" all night. 🖤When kids say "that's disgusting" they actually mean that's cool. 🖤When given the chance AWAYS order the 20 piece McNuggets. That way you have ten for the next day. 🖤For being much closer to 30 than 21 I think I'm doing pretty decent.
🖤Take your vitamins before bed. 🖤Love the ones who go the extra miles for you the hardest.
Exactly!! If I don’t have to be around negative energy I exclude myself from it...otherwise I’m no better because their energy will affect mine! #truth#realtalk#lifequotes#lifelessons#wordsofwisdom#justsaying#sorrynotsorry#donebeingnice#overit#icant#goodvibesonly#selflove#innerpeace#energy#vibes#mindfulness#lawofattraction