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We already have a lot to worry about when it comes to our future wellbeing, and we’re here to make sure that eye strain is not one of them! 
The constant changing of focus between your devices not only causes pesky eye strain, but also results in headaches and blurry vision.
Life is too short to see it in a blur. #99problemsbut 
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Например, могу долго говорить про эстетику японской кухни
про запахи, благовония
про то, как плавится вода
и звенит колокольчик
Это все составляет неотъемлемую часть моего восприятия, но такие темы не интересны в широком смысле
На них не реагируют повально, как, например, на вчерашний пост 😄 случился бум!

И одна из интересных тем, и, мне кажется, даже актуальных и важных – Digital Detox!
Для меня насущная, потому что провожу с включённым телефоном от двух до 5 часов в день 🤭
у меня даже приложение есть, которое считает когда и как долго
И раз неделю я стараюсь на целые сутки отключить вообще все гаджеты.
И мне очень хочется делиться своими находками и полезности этого действия, но обычно посты про Digital detox просто проваливают меня в ранжировании Instagram.
Потому что мало кто на них реагирует
Что тут можно сделать:
😤отказаться от выходного
🧐уходить в выходной, но постить что-то “на поговорить” отложенным планером. И закрыть для вас тему digital detox
🙃Или превратить эту “рубрику” в челленж: я вам информационную полезность про #digitaldetox вы мне отчет в комментариях!

Что скажете? Объявляю голосование
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#DigitalDetox #ByronBay Good afternoon of Sun, Waves and The Beach
Now back from an amazing time, Retreat and also digital detox. I know it often feels scary to think we cannot do without computers, phones etc but truly the biggest connection is our relationship with ourselves, our Earth and the bigger life. I feel huge benefits, and noticed when turning the computer back on, how it directly affected my energy, in ways I had not felt before... take care of YOU, self love, self care. .
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A daily dose that seems so simple yet was oddly challenging at first - for 2 hours before bed, stop using your phone/tablet/computer.
I never realised quite how much I used technology before bed. Seemingly endless scrolling - often with no purpose, and last minute planning for the activities of the following day/week.
The blue light from these devices is shown to disturb our circadian rhythm, creating restless sleep, or no sleep at all (hence apple installing the nighttime feature to turn blue light off). This daily dose, as well as helping me avoid that problem, has allowed me to recognise a pattern of mine when it came to planning ahead. I was leaving it to the last possible minute to sort out essential things, which was actually causing me more stress and also affecting my sleep!
It has prompted me to be more organised with my daily and weekly activities. It has also carved a chunk out of my day that I can dedicate to some of the other daily doses - bedtime meditations, writing gratitudes, reading time - all of which are helping me sleep way more soundly. My morning energy levels are through the roof , so I’m starting my day in a way more productive way too.
How has everyone else found the digital detox? Which of the daily doses would you like me to break down next?
Lens: @jake_paul_white
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Inspirace! Historie a současnost. Inspiration! History and contemporary. Body&soul! #obrigado #digitaldetox #local #lifestyle #responsibly #travel #mindfulness #lifestyle #biohacking #organicfood #maat #architecture #mindthebody
Always talking 🗣
And tanning 👙
My digital detox from tech happens in nature. Try tuning out consciously even for 30 min a day. Then go back to your work with more purpose and productivity.
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#mardiconseil : le nouveau roman de Coralie Khong-Pascaud (@books_and_butterfly) chez @librinova.
Une comédie feel-good sur fond de digital détox.
Une chronique plus complète est en ligne sur le blog !
Oftentimes we complain of fatigue and stress. Have you paused for a split second to realize the stress holding your device causes you?
Most times, when you should be relaxing, it keeps you in work mode, drains some percentage of energy and keeps your brain and mind working.
To be and remain productive and effective, decide to start having some “Tech Sabbaths”. A day or some hours off. Nothing will change, you won’t die, rather you will unwind to recharge and gain more inner and outer strength.
#morningmotivation #tips #unwindtorecharge #digitaldetox
With so much sunshine pouring in, you can’t help but feel light 🙏
Our living room is the perfect place to enjoy a hot cup of tea, curl up with a great book, or just sit and do nothing. Even on cloudy days, this room makes us feel 👌
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Woahhhh now ! This is big knicker weather. Despite watching the weather like a fisherman, I still didn’t get the memo and I’ve not layered enough. Learn by my mistakes Instagram and wrap up this morning. The technical term for this is fkin freezing. ❄️❄️😫 (don’t worry I do have outer wear on just not enough!) .
In other news, the other week I was interviewed for a university project after a journalism student had tracked me down via a Huffington Post article I wrote about social media detoxing. The poor sausage had contacted 100’s of People but I was amongst only a handful that bothered to reply. It was 30 mins out of my day over a coffee to discuss what using social media means to me, what the detox did, why I did it and would I do it again. It was a really thought provoking chat and I hope this young man got out of it what it wanted for his study. Well folks that leads to me telling you that I will be socially detoxing again this January. Just pressing the reset button. What about you? Do you think you need a digital detox?
The colors in this shot by @moonphacecollective are perfect for these darkest few weeks of the year (up here in the northern hemisphere). It’s a great time to hibernate at home, light some candles, and focus inward. 🕯🕯🕯
Pictured: the Larissa mala 📿
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The V03D-BR/LB/WH. Neutral tones of steel and leather by @puncwatch.
Haven’t made any plans yet, going bonkers thinking where to go this new year?
Join us for our next #road trip. .
Trip details on our Facebook page.
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Digital detox
Sometimes I feel like I need a break.
Be away of technology and start to enjoy the little things on my side.
Technology is keeping us busy all the time. People walk and drive checking texts, mail and social media.
Nowadays people doesn't see each other when they are talking. They just keep busy with the phone.
The question here is: do we want to spend our life looking a little screen, while our family or fiends are waiting for our attention? -
Enjoy every moment as the last one. Look at the eyes when you talk to somebody. -
Laugh and give you the opportunity to love what you have.
Let's work together for a healthy world.
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