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Kuddos to #AG for giving a girl a #hammer #measuringtape #scissors and a #pencil to go and #buildabetterworld 💞💞
21st Century PROBLEMS REQUIRE 21st Century SOLUTIONS.
- Judy Beltran #beltranisms #buildabetterworld #quote ***
THANK YOU ALL for HIGHLY ENGAGING with me both offline and online on this MOTIVATION/ Man CRUSHING Monday, November 20, 2017. One of the UNIVERSAL ASPIRATIONS for HUMAN BEINGS is to HAVE a HOME 🏡 . It’s also ONE of my #ithank #happythanksgiving2017 Initiative which KEEPS ME UP at night.
BE GRATEFUL that YOU are NOT HOMELESS because it would CRUSH MY HEART ❤️. Happy Thanksgiving week! Good evening 🌆.
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We’re 3 days away from Thanksgiving which means 3 more days until the Girl Scout float makes it way through the 91st Annual @macys Thanksgiving Day Parade®! Are you excited?! 😆💚 #macysparade #buildabetterworld #GirlScoutsRock #countdown
What does it really take to change a child’s life? Video Mentor Amy Humbert knows that all it takes to set a teen on a positive path is 30 minutes of her time each week. 30 minutes is not a lot of time - sometimes it takes longer than that to find a parking spot. But 30 minutes to a South African teen means there is one special person who they can count on.
Thank you, Amy, for being that special person for all 5 of your Net Buddies since 2012!
Won’t you be a special person to a South African teen? At Infinite Family, we believe the gift is you! For Giving Tuesday on November 28th, give the gift of you to a teen in South Africa and become an Infinite Family Video Mentor today! Or sponsor a teen for a year of Video Mentoring. Link in Bio.
Corporate Challenge: Customers are skeptical of a new company and its product.

Ironbound Strategy: Powerful brands create value for customers, society, and employees. Create value for the customer by identifying methods that communicate trust and superior product quality.

Ironbound Action: In 1890 before pasteurization, children would often fall sick from drinking milk. Wawa, a newly founded Dairy Farm at the time arranged for doctors to certify their milk as sanitary and safe for consumption.  During the 1920s consumption of milk grew rapidly. In the 1960s Wawa opened stores in response to the shift in customer preference from home delivery to store purchases.  Wawa’s core values of teamwork, group consensus, and encouragement helped it become the largest convenience store chain in Eastern Pennsylvania, and part of its regional culture.

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Are you tired of fake news and friends who bail at the last minute? Debra Kahn loves how real her relationships with her Net Buddies feel. She truly cares for the well-being and success of her Net Buddies and loves how different each week’s discussions can be because her Net Buddies are full of life and share theirs with her. Video mentoring creates a simple connection between two human beings from across the world that helps everyone “keep it real.” Thank you, Debra, for guiding your Net Buddies into their very real and bright future!

Make it real! At Infinite Family, we believe the gift is you! For Giving Tuesday on November 28th, give the gift of you to a teen in South Africa and become an Infinite Family Video Mentor today! Or sponsor a teen for a year of Video Mentoring. Link in bio.
Want to take an amazing journey without leaving home? How about sharing a teen’s topsy turvy trip to adulthood? Amy Spangler has been video mentoring her Net Buddy, Zinhle, since she was 12. Amy has helped Zinhle mature from a confused and angry child to a college-bound adult who has learned to adapt and overcome all of the challenges life throws at her. In the process, she has also given Amy a special gift. Watch her video to learn more.
We thank Amy for her commitment and helping Zinhle build a bright future!
Ready for a rewarding journey? Become an Infinite Family Video Mentor today! Link in Bio.
Made this about 4 years ago my 32 life lesson. -
Sometimes we all fail others around us, not by choice but through frustration, anger or just being petty. Never give up who you are, take a step forward and change your world....I believe that we all are great and no matter what your circumstances are, what wrong you've done, or if you just have too much drama in your life you can prevail. Use your talent to help one another, let's cut the bullshit and be the people of change ! #winners
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“Imagine all the people living life in peace, you
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one”
- John Lennon

#givepeaceachance #whycantwealljustgetalong #buildabetterworld #thinksocial #socialgratitude
The Infinite Family Team is a definitely diverse. Take their eating habits – well, maybe not quite habits. These are the foods that they have claimed to be the most adventurous they have eaten:

Boiled baby duck eggs
Mopane worms
Raw broccoli
Semovita (aka Fufu, a Nigerian doughy staple made from cassava, yams, plantains or cocoyams)

Can you guess which “most adventurous” food goes with each team member?
Conceptualizing a pocket neighborhood consisting of small, single family homes all built well above energy efficiency standards. A neighborhood where stormwater would be collected and reused as lawn and community garden irrigation. While the individual lots are small - 40'x60', the owner's outdoor spatial needs are offset by generous community green and open space.
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Вторая летняя программа в библиотеке была «кто больше прочтёт книг». Участники этой программы получают книгу и приз в подарок за каждые 10 прочитанных книг.📚 А так же они принимают участие в розыгрыше главных призов. 🎁 Эта программа компьютеризированна, то есть у участников есть аккаунты на сайте библиотеки. Необходимо вносить все книги, которые прочёл, а так же оставлять полноценный отзыв. При посещении вашу карту проверяет библиотекарь и сообщает сколько вы можете взять книг и призов в подарок. У них есть специальный стенд и ты сам можешь выбрать книгу и приз по душе. Таким образом библиотека нам подарила более 150 классных книг, чем вызвала у меня огромный восторг 😍😍😍 и более 100 призов, чему были рады дети. Призы были небольшие, но достойные: мячи, пластилин, игрушки и раскраски. 🖌 по окончании программы в библиотеке проходило празднование и вручение призов. 🏆Дети делали очень классные поделки, жевали пиццу, а пока они за обе щеки лопали торт объявили победителей. И наш Тоша выиграл главный приз- ему подарили три очень классные игрушки. 🥇Кстати сказать, при выходе всем детям вручили книги и пакеты с небольшими подарками, поэтому довольными остались все! #наняитоша #погодки #билингвы #яжемать #сша #библиотека #люблючитать #торт #вечеринка #игрушки #подарки #usa #library #buildabetterworld #bilingual #homeschool #summerprogram #happy #cutekids #smart #инстадети #инстамама
Corporate Challenge: Building a powerful brand.

Ironbound Strategy: Powerful brands have meaning. They create more value for customers, greater value for employees, and positive value for society. This often means in the short-term focusing more on the top-line and less on the bottom line.
Ironbound Action: On a hot summers day, a young entrepreneur decides to set up a lemonade stand in a competitive market by holistically creating more value. After ensuring the extended weather forecast would continue to be favorably hot, this enterprising individual printed professional signs, designed a monumental stand, bought organic lemons, prepared filtered water, and in addition committing a nickel of every sale to a charity to help children living where fresh water is scarce. This simple thought example illustrates that businesses should exist to #createvalue to #buildabetterworld.

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