Etiqueta birdsofprey

As some of you know, I like watching the birds outside my window. So much so, that I would say I have a problem with bird feeders. Love ‘em! I got super excited and spent near 15 minutes trying to identify this bird of prey I saw swoop past my feeders. It landed in my neighbors tree and I looked at from 3 different windows. I’m 95% sure it was a Sharp-shinned hawk. #Excited #BirdsOfPrey #VacationDay #SharpShinnedHawk
Bringing in the mail 💌🦅 #BarnOwl #BirdsOfPrey
Great joy comes from digging through field photos during grant-writing season. This photo was taken this summer, as two bald eagles battled for the rights to a red snapper (yelloweye rockfish) carcass. The victor seems perturbed by my presence. 🦅
Caught this really cool predator/ prey moment when a cooper’s hawk and squirrel first noticed each other on the same fence. #birds #wildlifephotography #hawk #squirrel #backyardbirds #newjersey #predator #birdsofprey