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I’ve been fussing over the male Blue-throated Sapphire, but the females have a lot of subtle beauty of their own. Especially since in this species male congregate, to perform in leks to attract these females. We don’t have many species on the peninsula with pronounced sexual dimorphism, but this is one you can see from afar, with the bright blue gorget lacking in females. @audubonsociety
The Willow tit (Poecile montanus) has declined by 90% since over the last 30 years. This is down to loss of appropriate nest building habitat, meaning they have no place to rear their young. The Wigan Flashes holds one of the last strong holds, with a population of around 200. This is down to the vital habitat management work and nest promotion research, we have been doing over the last 19 years. We want to continue this work and to connect other local populations within the region to ensure they will survive climate change impacts. We are running a winter willow tit appeal this Christmas. So if you want to give back to a local species this winter. Please think of our Willow tit ❤️ to donate visit
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My little buddy helping me (though if he thinks I'm not looking he tries to steal keys from my keyboard, goofy bird!) #birdsofinstagram #quakerparrot #study
This Red-tailed Hawk appeared to be quite accustomed to being around people. It hovered 15 ft over my head while actively looking down on me. I was a bit nervous that it was going to swoop down and land on my head. Later, I walked within ten feet of two hawks. One had a band on its leg. Anyone know what’s going on at Cowell’s Ranch near Half Moon Bay? Have captive birds been released here? These were all juvenile Red-tails.