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8️⃣ this book is gay• James Dawson • this book was banned from the city council because they didn't want "gay books" in the library• I have a connection with this book because I have gay/lesbian family members and I know that many times it can be hard, this book explains the hardships that those go through. • #bannedbooksweek #sacstatemassmedia @thiswritingdesk @teachmedia @samzawrites
Twilight By: Stephanie Meyer. This book got banned because it has a vampire theme and should be purged from the shelves. I connect to this book because I fell for the vampire love and series when I was in middle school along with everyone else. When we had free time during class everyone seemed to be reading twilight as their novel #bannedbooksweek #sacstatemassmedia @samzawrites @thiswritingdesk @teachmedia
#BannedBooksWeek “The Catcher In The Rye”
Are you a fan of classics?
If so, what book would you recommend to someone who doesn’t normally read classics?
I am AWFUL at reading classics🙊 and another unpopular opinion, I HATE Daisy from The Great Gatsby. I know, I know😅 but I think this is the most gorgeous cover I have ever seen.
I have SO MANY tags to catch up on! So I’m going to do #top5malecharacters and I was tagged by @a.apsara23
• Remus Lupin
• Victor Vale
• Mr Kindly
• Hagrid
• Sazed (from Mistborn but I haven’t finished so hopefully that doesn’t change!)
These were in no particular order because WHO COULD DO THAT!?
Sorry I’ve been so absent lately! I promise I’ll get better at balancing the candle stuff and bookstagram.
Swipe to see the GORGEOUS candle from @nerdygirlcandleco 😍 it’s inspired by Tina from Bob’s Burgers!
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2017 #BannedBooksWeek Submission Feature: "1984 is one of my favorite banned books. The irony is heavy with banning this book, of course. George Orwell's novel strongly warns against the dangers of censorship and the literal constraint of language, but that doesn't stop some people from trying to ban it. Parents in Florida challenged the book as being 'pro-communist,' which is a great example of why people should read the books they want to ban. On the other hand, actual communists must have read enough of it to figure out that 1984 was blasting communism, as it was banned in the USSR." @carolinamariereads

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I meant to read Fahrenheit 451 during #bannedbooksweek but was preoccupied with Jane Austen. Now, about a month later, I'm finally digging in.

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Hey book nerds! 🤓
Day 17 of #booktoberbabes Is banned books and I love banned books. I love them. Every book I have ever taught to any student has been a banned book. Because I think censoring literature is one of the most miraculously stupid things a society can do.
If you haven't picked up any of the novels above, give one a try. They are all meaningful and have impacted my life in one way or another. If you are curious about any of them, shoot me a message and I'll give you a synopsis!
QOTD: Have you read any of the banned books above? If so why do you think they banned the book? Oh shit, my teacher is showing. Let me stuff her back away. 😂
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Words have power. 📚

Last week was banned book week, which I didn’t know was a thing, but it got Lolo to read The Giver. Then she watched the movie, then she wanted to talk about it, so she asked me to read it too. “It’s an easy one Mom, it’s only 200 pages, read it tonight!” So I did, and I really liked it, and I don’t know why it’s on the banned book list. It actually led to some really good conversations, and I love that my girl wanted to discuss it with me. I now have directions to watch the movie so we can talk about that, which I’m sure will include how bad it is compared to the book, because she hates movies made from books. 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ #booklover #thegiver #bannedbooksweek #bannedbooks #momlife #girlmom
#bannedbooksweek ... A few weeks ago I go to the library and see this. #drsuess #captainunderpants ......just to name a few.
Today's for the bookworms! Day 17 of the #NAHM challenge is all about #literature. Thanks to books, we have a place for our minds to escape and our imaginations to manifest. For Banned Books Week, D.C. Public Libraries put a few controversial classics on display. See any of your favorites? If not, let us know what books you love when you #ShowYourArt2017! #bannedbooksweek
Day Eighteen | Romeo and Juliet | Banned because of the sexual scenes as well as the maturity level needed to watch or read about it.| I highly disagree because this story was an example i always look back upon when i think of love. It has had a huge effect on my life. #bannedbooksweek #sacstatemassmedia @teachmedia @samzawrites @thiswritingdesk
7️⃣ when it happens• Susanne Colasanti• this book was banned from the Helen Matthew library saying content was very explicit• I have a connection with this book because it real speaks about a girl around my age and love, balancing out school and work and thinking about spending your future by someone is really hard to balance• #bannedbooksweek #sacstatemassmedia @samzawrites @teachmedia @thiswritingdesk
Of Mice and Men By: John Steinbeck. This book got banned for profanity. I connect to this book because i read this book with my best friend in high school and I remember us talking about how much we didn't like the book. #bannedbooksweek #sacstatemassmedia @teachmedia @thiswritingdesk @samzawrites
Heat activated copy of Fahrenheit 451. Amazing. Hottest cool. #instabooks #imgur #bannedbooksweek #tokillamockingbird #bookburning
2017 #BannedBooksWeek Submission Feature:
The Lorax was banned because people thought it portrayed the foresting industry negatively @DaniMotty @BataviaNEHS
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We know #BannedBooksWeek was last month, but come on! If "To Kill a Mockingbird" doesn't make you uncomfortable, you missed the point. #freadom