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#summerisover! #backtoschool Tuesday for #anseagles. Does that make you feel 😢 or 😀? Students in grades 6-8, your #summerreadingassignment is due by Friday, 9/8. In grades K-5, please turn in your #summerreadinglog by 9/8 if you'd like to earn the #reward! See you soon. In the meantime, the rain has stopped so enjoy your #labordayweekend! ☮💚📚
Not ONE complaint from these three about writing letters to their favorite Disney Prince or Princess! Rumor has it, they write back! #theartofletterwriting #writingrocks #helpthemgrow #avoidthesummerslide
Here’s a Tip! Say goodbye to the #SummerSlide by playing a fun math game doing simple everyday things-like filling up the tank! #LinkInBio to learn more about the Beneficial #SummerMathAddVantage Program and about participating to #AvoidTheSummerSlide this Summer!
New post & giveaway on the blog today. Check out some of what we've read this summer. And let me know in the comments what you're reading.
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Here’s a Tip! #AvoidTheSummerSlide by practicing easy math used in cooking skills! Learn more about the Beneficial #SummerMathAddVantage
Here’s a Tip! #AvoidTheSummerSlide by practicing easy math used in cooking skills! Learn more about the Beneficial #SummerMathAddVantage
Games, competitions and special offers at The Book Basket's Schools Out for Summer event over on the facebook page. #USBAH #thebookbasketdevon #schoolsoutforthesummer #summerholidays #avoidthesummerslide
Hitting the road this summer? Here’s a #tip on how you can still #AvoidTheSummerSlide even as your summer vacation begins!
Sound off! How's the Curly Kid's Summer Reading Challenge going? #avoidthesummerslide #SummerReadingChallenge

Tip #6 - Get OUTDOORS!
* All 5 senses are activated by the outdoors - looking at everything around you, listening to all the sounds, touching the world around you, smelling nature's fragrances and tasting (as appropriate and with permission) the bounty nature offers
* Whole body movement is naturally encouraged in nature which means the brain fires even better on all cylinders
* Gives a break from technology allowing for increased face to face interaction and a lot of conversation
* The outdoors promotes problem solving and encourages curiosity
* You can venture and explore the outdoors during both day and night
* Field guides & nature journals will encourage reading and writing as well as expand learning
* Older children can practice directions using a compass
* Do a nature scavenger hunt (FREE download on my website - LINK IN BIO)
* Ask and respond in open ended questions; model the use of descriptive answers too
* Go camping (or pitch a tent in the backyard)
* Take nature walks and hikes
* Plant a garden - talk about where flowers and food come from - learn how to grow and nuture plants - learn respect of nature and more

Getting your children outdoors will help you help your children avoid the "summer slide". #avoidthesummerslide

TIP #5 - PLAY!

Playing = Learning...for ALL ages


Tip #4 - Let them be BORED!

Every minute of every day of summer doesn't need to be planned or busy. Provide downtime and time for your child to just be.

I guarantee if they whine that they are bored and you don't jump in to fix it that they will end up finding something to do and having a lot of fun.

If you need a little support to help them get "un-bored" print this graphic from my resources page (LINK IN BIO) and tell them to find something to do that falls into one of categories.

Allowing children time to explore, discover, observe, move, play, use their imagination and get creative on their own will result in a lot of learning. It will also give them an opportunity to use and expand the skills they have learned in a way that suits their learning style.

Letting your child be bored will help you help your child avoid the "summer slide". #avoidthesummerslide #taohinspirededucation
Wrapped up a fun book fair at a lovely school. Congratulations Alaya preschool on a successful, lovely event! #avoidthesummerslide #summeradventure #alayapreschool #bookfair

* Jump up & down in the pool as you count by 2's (5's, 10's, with even numbers, etc.) to 50
* Do "x" number of jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, etc. and count as you go
* Play board games (also great for strategy and problem solving practice)
* Coupons - How much will we save? What is the new cost? What if we can double the coupon?
* Grocery Shopping - add prices, estimate to nearest dollar, get one dozen apples, how much change do we get, etc.
* Cook - measurements, divide the food in equal parts (fractions), etc.
* Play cards - Top It (aka War), Go Fish, Elevator Up, Memory, etc.
* Temperature - keep track of the temperature, what if it was 10 degrees cooler or hotter, etc.
* Play math brain games - "I have a number" it is divisible by 2 and may be called a dime...they kids would guess 10
* Hopscotch - use numbers, math facts, etc. in the squares

Math can be easily mixed in to your everyday activities to help you help your child avoid the "summer slide". #avoidthesummerslide #taohinspirededucation
We’re looking at ways to keep kids educationally stimulated during the summer - on our blog. Our latest post talks about avoiding the summer slide (not the water slide!) – the loss of skills when they are not practiced. Check it out – link in our profile.
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They don't feel like it but there will be no sliding over here. #summerwork #avoidthesummerslide #academicsfirst #success #parkerfoundation 👦🏾👦🏾📝📓📚💫🙏🏾

Tip #2 - WRITING * Keep a Summer Scrapbook of places you visit, ticket stubs, photos, etc...write details * Send postcards - from your state or places you visit...send to yourself with a memory from vacation or send to a friend/family member * Write a letter to friends, grandparents, or a pen pal * Keep a back & forth journal with an older write to them asking a question, telling a story with a question, or asking for their opinion then they write you back...keep it going all summer long (or longer) * Take pictures and have your kids caption them with different types of sentences * Have your child write the grocery list * Leave different writing utensils out with paper for the kids to explore writing

Incorporating writing into activities in a fun way will help you help your child avoid the "summer slide". #avoidthesummerslide #taohinspirededucation

TIP #1 - READ! * 15-20 a day for beginner readers (adjust to your readers ability/age) * Read to your child (even older children enjoy being read to) * Have your child read out loud to you (even older readers can practice with younger siblings or take turns reading out loud with you) * Provide a variety of reading materials (books, magazines, newspapers, comic books, event calendars, information about a vacation spot) * Visit your local library * Set the example and make sure your child sees you reading * Reading doesn't always mean books - read a recipe and cook, read the instructions for a board game, have your child read the grocery list as you shop, read signs as you drive, read the signs at museums/zoos/historical sites * Read the same book your older child may be reading for summer reading and talk about the chapters as you both read them (think mini book club)

If you make reading fun and a part of every day in some will help your child avoid the "summer slide". #avoidthesummerslide #taohinspirededucation