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Chipley 'Chip' Sprocket! Ginger tekmage and Ricven's little earthling pal. Which earth? Well, there are many earths... The|MULTIVERSE
EPISODE 36: Chipley
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This is a book I designed for author, Raymond Lee Hegstad, please be sure to pick it up on Amazon. Title : Who is my child? Author : Raymond Lee Hegstad.
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Join us Wednesdays at 7pm EST for a new guest. We talk with thought leaders, business leaders, activists, advocates, transformational speakers and the like. Listen in as we bridge the gaps while talking transformation and what life was like prior.

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• vent if you must.
(I secretly love octobers tho. the actual month. not the people. I ain’t that messed up yet.) (also, I feel like this is a recipe for typos)
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I was tagged by the wonderful Allison @younglyricallit for the #ifiwasabook tag! Thank you, Allison! This is very exciting!!!
📚What would be the title? Kindness, Struggle, Strength, and Writing
📚Who would write it? Me!
📚What cover would you choose? Maybe a heart jumping over a hurtle? 📚Paperback or Hardback? Paperback!
📚How many pages? I'm with Allison - about 350!
📚Genre - Biography, I guess
📚Whose comment would you want on the back cover? @thingscarlaloves @she.writes.for.good @sarahwarsi

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Thanks for checking out this week’s issue of HARRISON KITTERIDGE WRITES!
This week’s theme is “Comeuppance”.
Plenty of terrific stories hinge on a villain getting their just due. Revenge stories are immensely popular and work well because provide clear motive for a protagonist bent on seeing those who’ve harmed her punished. I haven’t watched KILL BILL in a while. I think I’ll run it down and tee it up. Or maybe THE REVENANT. What’s your favourite revenge film?
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- “Becoming” (A Very Short Short Story)
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- “Impostor’s Dawn” (A One Line Story)
- Excerpt from “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Paper Journal”
- Weekly Bit of Cheer
For a long time I didn’t realise all the strange thoughts I had were the seeds to stories. Now that I’ve made a habit of producing consistently, I keep stumbling over bits and pieces of new characters and storylines. I’ve got a few projects on back burners and even more ideas percolating. It’s making it difficult to focus on the work I’ve committed to getting done first. Interest waxes and wanes, and there always seems to be something new and shiny to look at and dissect. Creativity really is a gift and a curse, and sometimes it seems like the gods are playing games with us – overwhelming us with ideas or keeping them just out of reach. Nevertheless, I welcome the clutter I’m sorting through. It’s better than the paralysis of being blocked.
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BECOMING (a very short short story)
We become the thing we loathe. It had taken me a long time to discover that – a lifetime. I’d hated my father while he was alive. Taking sides against him with my mother hid how much I hated her as well. That came in adulthood, and I embraced it with a fervid, unyielding grasp that was beyond the strength of any child. -
I have a hard heart. Like Pharaoh’s. It began calcifying early and was stone by the time I’d left high school.
I’d sworn I’d never be like my parents. Yet here I am, lying in my hospital bed alone. Dying. My older boy had come to say goodbye because he knew it would look bad if he didn’t. The younger one refused to make the trip. All that recrimination, bitterness and hatred. I’d carried it in my blood and passed it along to them in the womb. I’d poisoned them.
I wish I’d found a way simply not to care. Perhaps that would have been easier on them.
Preview of the writing I'm working on 🥀
A weekly writing prompt for those who need inspiration!
Self-publishing is full of pitfalls and money pits. There are four things I (@harrisonkitteridge) wish a wiser person would have told me when I was getting started: (1) Follow @garyvee (2) Become active on @wattpad (3) Learn to use GIMP and (4) Learn more about the music business. I know this is a bit of a weird list, but what I needed when I got started was a shift in mindset. Read more in my Medium article at
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I post flash fiction to Snapchat daily, and this story is one of my “One Line Wednesday” posts. Add me on Snapchat:
“Everyone knew” about Weinstein’s predatory behaviour. Young actresses were warned not to be alone with him, and his contract with his production company specifically stated that he couldn’t be fired for sexual harassment as long as he paid out pre-determined amounts to his victims. Everyone knew. That’s the line that’s being trotted out now. So, if everyone knew, why weren’t women who’d actually spoken up believed? Because it was bad for business. And that’s what determines who gets targeted. As glad as I am to see Weinstein meet his Waterloo, I know that it has nothing to do with getting justice for all the women he’s abused over the years. He’s the one that’s bad for business now. Making the rest of his piggish compatriots bad for business is the next step.