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What a day it has been! I managed to get all open order (without a preordered candle) shipped out on time today! Some of you will be seeing your candles as soon as the middle of next week!
A couple candles are already sold out so I wouldn’t wait too much longer to snag the ones you’ve been keeping your eye on!
Not sure which candles to pick up? 2oz make the perfect sampler sizes and stocking stuffers! My current favourites are High Warlock (maybe it’s just the glittered top? 😉), Westeros Wine, and Burnt Sugar Cider!
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Let me know which candles you have or are going to pick up this weekend! 🖤
We are running extremely low on our Monthly Exclusives candles right now! If you want one you’re going to want to order very soon! Just a heads up; putting things into your cart doesn’t save them - the only guarantee is an actual order!
We have:
- New York Institute SOLD OUT
- L.A. Institute SOLD OUT
- 4 London Institute (available for preorder only)
- Winter in Narnia SOLD OUT
- 6 Holiday Cheermeister (available for preorder only)
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I have enough supplies to make a small restock of Winter in Narnia currently but that’s the only one! I’m waiting on supplies for both London and Cheermeister! They should be here within a couple days and I’ll make them the same day shipping the next day. So that being said, if you’ve ordered a London Institute or a Holiday Cheermeister, your order won’t ship until next week. All other orders will either be shipping today or Monday!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you US bookworms! It’s honestly making me so happy to think about all of the Christmas trees that are going to be decorated tomorrow! ( of mine is already up...yeah I’m that person and I have no shame! haha)
I am sending all open orders out today to prepare for tonight/tomorrow! Do you have your order all planned out!? Remember Winter in Narnia, Holiday Cheermeister, and King of the North are all coming to the shop this afternoon too! You can use the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY30’ at midnight tonight to start receiving 30% off your entire order! This is the biggest sale we’ve had since opening! This weekend is definitely the time to order!
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📸: @theandreeadaniela
If you are ordering candles that will be Christmas presents please remember that International orders will need to be shipped by Air Mail! These are the Christmas shipping cut-off dates:
- December 11 (Regular parcel)
- December 20 (Xpresspost)
- December 21 (Priority)
- December 12 (Expedited parcel)
- December 16 (Xpresspost)
- December 20 (Priority)
- December 1 (Air parcels)
- December 8 (Xpresspost)
That being said, I will be taking the week of the 20th off to relax and spend time with my family but the shop will stay open for all of December!
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📸: @lumierewhispers
I’ve made a really small batch of London Institute candles today (only one of them will be stocked for the shop, but more supplies are coming!). I’m a little overwhelmed, in a good way, by how much you guys are loving this month’s exclusive candles! London Institute is clearly the favourite of the three but all of them have been a huge hit! They will only be available until the 30th but I’d recommend ordering yours this weekend! Hello Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! There will be 30% off site wide with a couple other little sales going on throughout the weekend. The first 20 orders will also receive a free exclusive 2oz candle in their order. The sale will start at midnight on Friday the 24th and end midnight on Tuesday the 28th! Plan your orders ahead of time so that nothing sells out before you get a chance to order! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
📸: @thenovelia
I’m finalizing all of the details for the new monthly boxes and I’m getting really excited for you guys to finally see them! If you haven’t seen any of the sneak peeks in my stories, the new boxes will include:
- Four 4oz tin candles
- Two to Three extra goodies that will sometimes be from different shops!
- boxes will go on pre-sale the month prior and ship on the 15th of each month (to explain: January’s box will go on sale December 1st and ship January 15th).
All boxes will have a specific theme: sometimes based around a specific book or series and others just around a general theme. I hope you guys are excited to finally be having these boxes back! 🖤
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📸: @thebookwormofnotredame
Fangirl by @rainbowrowell is currently that book that I want to reread over and over again. I mean it’s just so cute and written so well that I can’t get enough of it! So good! Levi’s Lattes has become a permanent in the shop because of this very reason!
I’m currently planning out a few things for the last restock of the year and the Black Friday sale that’ll be taking place next weekend! Alongside the sales there will be the two new exclusive candles Winter in Narnia and Holiday Cheermeister (these will have very limited quantity so if you want one, plan on ordering Friday Morning!) as well as one new wintery candle and one Game of Thrones candle that was exclusive to one of your boxes! And remember that I won’t be selling 2oz candles in the new year so this will be your last chance to stock up on the sampler sizes! (p.s. they make amazing stocking stuffers! 😉)
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It’s strange seeing photos with candles that have the old labels. Even though it was never that big of a change I just think they look way better now!
- - -
I’m sure by now everyone has heard the news of the new installment in the ACOTAR series. Are you excited to read it or are you done with this series?
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📸: @thebibliolife
Today is a day of planning as I’ll be away from my “studio” for the afternoon. Planning for Black Friday, for December exclusive candles, for holiday candles, and for the new candle box that is coming back next year! Who is excited about Library Lights monthly boxes coming back!? I know I am! If you are, let me know what type of theme you’d most want to see!
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📸: @lonopia
I sent out another batch of orders this morning so if you are in Canada or the US you could be seeing a Library Lights package in your mailbox by the end of the week!
There are a couple of scents already sold but there will be one last restock of the year for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Speaking of which! I do have a little question for you! Do you prefer seeing BOGO sales or percentage off sales?
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📸: @eloquentnovel
Happy Monday. It’s a chilly -10 here today so I’m sure you can guess that I’m sipping on a cup of hot tea while packaging up orders this morning! I’m really loving the feeling of having a max of 2 days processing time right now! It’s great to see things constantly moving and watching your unboxing videos! Make sure you tag me in any story or photo that you post with any Library Lights candles; I love watching stories and may just repost your photos! You can also use #librarylightscandle 🖤
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Don’t forget to pick up one of the very few Book Boyfriend candles that are left in the shop! Snag one up for 25% off right now!!
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📸: @estelleandbooks
The restock is running very smoothly so far! I made enough candles to hopefully last until December so that I can keep processing times as short as possible! As of right now processing times are 1-2 days unless you’ve ordered a London Institute candle which won’t be shipped for another week or two as I’m waiting on supplies to make another batch! There are still some discontinued candles available for 25% off which you can take another 10% off of when you use a rep code!
What candles are you looking at buying during this restock?
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📸: @chiquireads
I asked last night when you all wanted the restock to happen and the majority of you said tonight! So that is when it’ll happen!
Some things to know about this restock:
- This is the second to last restock of this year.
- November exclusive candles will be listed as pre-orders so everyone who wants one will for sure get one, I’m just waiting on more supplies.
- 2oz jars will not be restocked again.
- There are still items in the 25% off sale!
I will announce in my stories exactly when everything is restocked on both my website and my Etsy.
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📸: @thebeautyandthebookstore
Last night we officially sold out of our November exclusive candle the London Institute! I made as many as I had supplies for thinking it would last the month but I was very wrong! Don’t worry though! Everyone who wants one is going to be able to have one! On Monday, alongside the full restock I’ll be including the three Institute candles in a pre-order so that your candles are secured! They’ll take an extra week or two of processing because I’m waiting on the oils to make them! But they will be yours! Let me know if you’re going to pick one up during the restock!
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📸: @thatpageturner
I can’t believe that it has been four years since I first read The Mortal Instruments series...I put off reading them for forever because their size intimidated me, which is laughable because know I choose to reread all of Cassandra Clare’s books all the time! I have loved this series and this world from day one and can’t see that changing anytime soon! I’m currently rereading City of Fallen Angels and want to finish the series by December so that I can finally pick up Lady Midnight! If you’re feeling a little nostalgic about this series too, I recommend you go pick up any of my five (yes 5!) Shadowhunter inspired candles!
- - -
When did you first read City of Bones? And if you haven’t read it, do you want to?
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📸: @thomreads
Wahoo! I finally got the last order I was waiting on which means that all open order will be shipped by Friday! I’m going to be spending the next couple of days making candles so that by next week there will be a full restock and a 1-2 day processes time! Please remember that with the holiday season approaching it is super important to pay attention to shipping times. The best place to see these are on my website but if you need an order by a certain day, please message me before placing your order so I can guide you to choosing the best shipping option. There is no guarantee that international order placed with Canada Post International Surface will arrive before Christmas!
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📸: @no.epilogue
If you’ve been keeping up with me on my stories you’ll know that I’ve been testing some new products out, specifically a new wax. If everything works out, a wax change might be coming in the new year! What I am testing is actually cleaner burning than a soy wax and it has an incredible hot scent throw! I’m crossing my fingers hopping that it passes all of my tests because so far, it’s pretty promising! If I do change waxes you don’t have to worry, there won’t be a price increase! I just wanted to keep you guys updated on some of the behind the scenes action going on here at Library Lights! I’m at a little bit of a standstill right now waiting on some packages to arrive with new oils and supplies that are going to help me to get candles out the door faster though! I’m going to do my best to have all orders out the door by Thursday/Friday including the ones with a pre-ordered Hawkins, Indiana candle!
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📸: @thatpageturner
What a week it has been! I have a couple orders I can send out today then It’s back to candles making all weekend long so I can get the majority of your orders out on Monday! There are only three more days to pre-order yourself a Hawkins, Indiana Stranger Things candle! It has an exclusive 80’s inspired label and smells like waffles and coffee!
And while you are at it you might want to take a look at the November exclusive candles! The Shadowhunter Institutes! Let me know which candle you are most excited for!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
📸: @lumierewhispers
Alright my little bookworms! The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! My November Exclusives are now on sale!!!
Which institute are you going to claim as your own!? Caffeine filled New York? Lavender Tea London? Maybe Coconut Shea L.A.!? Or if you’re like me and can’t decide on a favourite, get all three!
Remember there will be limited quantity (I’ll try to make as many as you guys want though!) and they’ll only be available for the month of November!
By the angel, I am so excited to be finally releasing these candles!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
📸: @serenereads
New candles are coming this week!! Tomorrow morning, both Hawkins, Indiana and Westeros Wine will be released. There are going to be three monthly exclusive with imagery labels inspired by TID/TMI/TDA!! I’m really excited about this months batch of Monthly Exclusives! I’ve been working on them for awhile now! You can see a sneak peak of them in my stories! As well as the label for the collectively created Stranger Things candle! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
📸: @thebookwormofnotredame