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Happy Fri-YAY!!! Omg this week flew by so fast!! @lyraparish & I have been busting our bums this week on our current WIP and just realized it's officially been ONE month since the release of This is Beautiful!! The Checkmate Duet Series is complete & it still feels so surreal all 6 books are out! β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’œ Hope y'all have a great weekend!! Gorgeous shot from @enamoredreads πŸ“Έ
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Archer's Voice by @miasheridanauthor is still one of my top, top reads!! So it's safe to say, I'm over the moon excited for her newest release, Most of All You that went live today!! ❀️ I can't wait to dive in as soon as deadlines stop ruining my life πŸ˜‚ Also, congrats to @meghanmarch & @authorhalle on their two releases today!
Q: What's your anticipated read this month?!
I always love getting packages from because she always packages them so cute & adds in little goodies!! (Scroll to the right to see!) These Halloween themed ones are simply adorable. The first pic is a little glimpse of My Week with the Bad Boy theme πŸ’™ Thank you so much, Tiff for another great package & beautiful items!!! Make sure to go follow her too ➑️ πŸ’–πŸ’–
I've always loved writing. Jotting down random things, notes, poems, & even song lyrics after my first real heartbreak at the age of 15. (Taylor Swift had nothing on me πŸ’ͺ🏻) Another thing that I obsessed over was journals & pens. I was that kid who loved school supply shopping & hoped my mom would buy me a couple extra notebooks because I had a lot of thoughts that needed to come out 😝 I was also that college student that loved writing all my notes by hand instead of typing them out. I was religious with my planner & checking things off. It's probably why I'm so compatible wth @lyraparish πŸ˜‚ So even at the age of 29, I still collect journals, pens, book sleeves, bookmarks, candles, and more. ➑️ Q: What is something you obsessed over or collect? -K
My Week with the Bad Boy by Brooke Cumberland & Lyra Parish (AKA Kennedy Fox)! @brookecumberland_xo | @lyraparish | @kennedyfoxbooks
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Huge thanks to Golden Czermak at @furiousfotog for the gorgeous image, @joey_berry for his delicious abs (and hair because dayum), & RBA Designs : Romantic Book Affairs for her amazing designer skills!! We are seriously so in love with this cover!! β˜…βœ©β˜…βœ©β˜…βœ©β˜…βœ©β˜…βœ©β˜…βœ©β˜…
Never trust a man who answers the front door wearing nothing more than a pair of low-cut jeans and a panty-melting smirk.
That should’ve been my first sign.

I write about guys just like him for a livingβ€”sexy and charming, yet reluctant to get into a serious relationship. His body screams sex appeal, but his condescending personality makes him a classic f*ckboy.
And I want nothing to do with that.

Writing romance novels comes with its perksβ€”traveling, meeting new people, creating characters from the voices in my headβ€”but Ethan Rochester enters my life and rearranges all my preconceived notions about writing what inspires you.

One week is all it took. One week to realize that not everything is as it seems.

One week with the bad boy, and I wanted more.
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." ✨We often get questions about our co-writing process & how we manage the behind-the-scenes of being an author duo. The main answer: we plan, a lot! We both have set "duties" we're responsible for but we make each other accountable for them as well. We set goals and make sure to stay on top of them, like word count, outlining, and keeping up with our online shop. We're never working on just one thing at a time... we multi-task and communicate daily on what we've done, will be doing, or need to be doing. It's pretty amazing considering we're hundreds of miles apart, but when you find the right person--everything clicks & runs smoothly!
I'm obsessed with my Erin Condren planner & staying on top of our schedule. @lyraparish has her bullet journal & takes it everywhere with her and that way when we text or call each other with ideas or reminders, we don't forget to write it down!
So how do you stay organized & make sure to complete all your tasks?!
Soooo I keep trying to post teasers under my @brookecumberland_xo account & Instagram continues to post it under this one, so since it's not working, figured I'd post it here anyway!! In 2 days, @lyraparish & mine upcoming book is having a cover reveal!! We can't wait to share it with you all! πŸ’™πŸ’™ Bloggers & Bookstagrammers promo & ARC sign-up is in my @brookecumberland_xo bio!
I wrote out this big, long post saying how grateful & blessed we feel to have met so many amazing people in this bookstagram & book community and then IG was like "Nah, that's too much text... we gonna delete it on you." πŸ˜‘
So anyway... today is October 3rd & our ONE YEAR PUBLIVERSARY & if you haven't entered the giveaway on our Facebook page, make sure to go do that now!! ❀️I wrote out all these shoutouts but I think it was too many that IG was like Nah, girl. You can't tag that many people at once, so just know if you were there for us since the start supporting two secret authors and gave us a chance based on your love for our books, then THANK YOU!! We appreciate & love y'all so much!! πŸ’™ To our #InstaFam team who always go above & beyond for us! We couldn't do this without all your support & love! πŸ’œ Benita | @bookbeau, you have been the most amazing support system from the start. Thank you for sharing your love of #Traviola and being such a rockstar and inspiration to us! (And of course, @nightreads who brought us together!) ❀️ @koffeeandconfetti, @markedbymary, @bookisharomas, @sweetsbysteph, @zenbathcandies, @acourtofcandles, @threeschatze -- Thank you all for working with us on our Kennedy Fox Boxes & letting us be apart of your amazing work! πŸ’™Huge thanks & love to our readers and everyone who's been there for us! If I had more room to text, I'd list y'all out, but know we're forever grateful! πŸ’œAnd finally, a huge thank you to our behind the scenes team & soon-to-be team: @miss_christine_stanley, @mitzicarroll, @saraeirewphotographer, @virginiacny, @letitiahasser, @furiousfotog, @wanderaguiar_photography
So many goodies going out tomorrow!! πŸ™ŒπŸ» If we owe you a giveaway prize, preordered box/book, or a purchased order -- they'll be on their way to their new homes soon!! β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’œ
I've spent the better part of the last 9 hours moving all my furniture and books into my new office and I'm so glad it's finally done! It got a new paint job and carpet for the first time! Now I can finally have all our Kennedy Fox swag & supplies in one big area! Also, any bets on how often I'm gonna fall asleep down there? πŸ˜‚ Now time to write all the words!! Side-note: You can see the before picture in my IG stories!
Happy Thursday!! πŸ‘—Okay, so we know it's a few months away... but we're just so excited for these Bishop Brothers coming in 2018 that it's hard to stay quiet about them!!! 🀠 Taming Him will be book 1 featuring the youngest brother, Alex Bishop. We seriously cannot wait to show you the cover & share his story!!! And in case you're as anxious as we are, you can now preorder Taming Him on iBooks, B&N, or Kobo!
Do you have a favorite series that is your go-to reread? πŸ’– Gamble was my first KA book & I fell in love with the series ever since! There's just something about mountains, Colorado, & alpha males! I'm listening to one of the books on audio right now & the narrator has does a great job so far! ➑️ So tell me your top series & fave rereads!! πŸ’œ
Happy Sunday, y'all! 🌟 I got this pic idea from @readsbyrose who is obsessed with collecting indie paperbacks. It gave me the idea to see what indies I have on my shelf & wanted to ask how many of you collect them too? My favorite indie cover is definitely Unteachable! It's so stunning & bright! Also, I might have a J. Daniels addiction πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
How bittersweet to see all 6 beauties lined up together on my shelf with their bookmarks! Even more bittersweet is that I'm moving out of my office this weekend & into a much larger one! I'm so excited to have more space & be able to package all our orders in a nice, open area! I'll be sure to give y'all a virtual tour when it's all done πŸ™ƒ
The pink fox is from my girl @benbot00 along with all the amazing @bookbeau & @markedbymary bookmarks! β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’œ
So I don't know about you, but there's just times when I want to read a certain kind of book. Either a trope or theme or something specific I'm craving. My recent obsessions are country men/cowboys! Men that work on a ranch or live in the country, which obviously means they're rugged & alpha πŸ˜‹ Okay, so idk if what I'm explaining is a theme/trope or not but whatever it is are the kind of books I'm craving right now! I've read & devoured all 3 of these books, more than once! Currently anticipating Maverick, which is book 2 in the North Ridge series (Wild Card is book 1). It's releasing next month! ➑️So tell me: what are your favorite tropes/themes in books right now?!
Even though I don't get a lot of time to read, I always squeeze a Penelope & Vi book into my schedule! I can't wait to dive in! πŸ’™ >>What's everyone else currently reading?!<<
Happy Wednesday!! Did you guys see the interview we did with USA Today's Happy Ever After Blog?! It's an article about #bookstagram! Link in bio if you want to read it!! β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’œ
All 6 beauties together at last!! β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’œ If you're new to the series, book 1, This is War is #FREE! The rest are all now available on all platforms! πŸ“šThanks to @peacelovebooksxo for this gorgeous shot!!
We can't believe it's finally here! 😭 The final conclusion to The Checkmate Duet Series is now available on all platforms! πŸ’œ It's been one incredible year & neither of us expected this journey to become what it did, but we're so thankful! 😍 We've met so many amazing people in this community that we consider close friends & some even family. It's bittersweet to see one series end, but we can't wait to bring you more stories to love and characters to swoon after!