Kendare Blake
The full cover for Taiwan. 💓🤤 #OneDarkThrone #ThreeDarkCrowns
More art from the Taiwan edition, this time featuring Jules and Camden 💓
Tonight at Kepler's Books in Menlo Park, CA: the celebrity t-shirt that asks, how much Val Kilmer is too much Val Kilmer? Also, this hotel is gorgeous but that sliver to the right is my only view.
#aBookTourinHotelRoomViews #OneDarkThrone #valkilmer
Fresh from the bathtub 🛁 #ArmpitMcGee
Second leg of #booktour starts on Tuesday! I get to hang with fantastic authors*. Do we get to hang with you? *except in Colorado, where I am alone. Oh so very alone.
A little Anna Dressed in Blood for October 👻💀🔪 Fan art by @mitsukahime#AnnaDressedInBlood #yahorror @ficklefishfilms
I cannot express enough gratitude! Seriously I've tried lots of sentences here and have deleted them all. This is unbelievable.
Had a great launch @ubookstorereads! Thank you to @forestnoir for awesome hosting and @sweetthemes1 for the awesome cake! The snakes even had little tongues 🎂💖 #OneDarkThrone #ThreeDarkCrowns
Austin gets even prettier at night. #aBookTourinHotelRoomViews
Austin, TX! Another rooftop view but at least there's a cool mural. Also, celebrity t-shirt 3: gird your loins, the Iceman cometh.

#aBookTourinHotelRoomViews #OneDarkThrone #ThreeDarkCrowns
Jackson, MS! Celebrity t-shirt 2: this calls for some classic Kevin Bacon. Also view from my hotel. So far all rooftop views.
Tonight at Lemuria Books: @katharinemcgee and @jessieannfoley ! Are you following them? They take better pictures than I do.

#aBookTourinHotelRoomViews #OneDarkThrone #ThreeDarkCrowns
And so it begins. #OneDarkThrone tour. Celebrity t-shirt #1: the Swayze. Will Patrick and I see you in Georgia? Also, am I bleary-eyed or am I winking? I don't even know anymore.
#ThreeDarkCrowns #booktour
Tour dates! There are more in October but the graphic looked crowded. I'm teamed with amazing authors at the first three stops (Katharine McGee! Jessie Ann Foley! Zac Brewer! Annie Barrows! see the stores for details). Please come hang with us! P.S. I will be wearing random celebrity t-shirts throughout this year's tour.
#OneDarkThrone #ThreeDarkCrowns #booktour
Standing room-only at the Alexander Hamilton: REVOLUTIONARY launch. Huge congratulations to @mbrockenbrough 🥂
One Dark Throne is almost here! And I feel like I'm forgetting to do something...anyway, if you pre-ordered in the US remember to submit your receipt to Epic Reads to get your Three Dark Crowns playing cards ♠♥♦♣ #ThreeDarkCrowns #OneDarkThrone #preorderusa
And little Kat. Lovely artwork, @half.bryce.books 💕

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(after some fan art things)
Here's the final queen from @kendareblake 's book Three Dark Crowns. Her name is Katherine, and she is poisoner, meaning she can ingest poison and not be affected.... in theory. She's got some struggles with that, so she's definitely seen better days. Katherine is my favorite of the sisters, and the gothic a subtle horror of the poisoner culture is so fascinating to me. Which queen do you like best?

OKAY SO ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!!! I officially have my own art page, which can be found in the link in my bio. I'll still be posting art here from time to time, but mostly bookish fan art to keep the page geared towards readers. I'm so happy that I'll have a page that acts as my own personal gallery, so if you're a fan of my art or you just want to see what I create outside of character artwork, please give my new page some love. These three queens are already there to welcome you, and I'll be posting very frequently within the next few weeks, since I have art from Februrary to share with y'all (just like these portraits lol). I'll also be doing commissions and hopefully selling prints over on that page eventually, so if any of this sounds interesting to you, please go follow me @bryceb.artist
Thanks y'all 😊
Arsinoe. Such fab scar work #ThreeDarkCrowns
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Here's my portrait of the naturalist queen, Arsinoe. I loved picturing her jagged hair and her bear claw scars. I'd love to make a full illustration of her with her mask, but for now I've got this little sketch featuring her hardcore Angst™
Love these character portraits of the queens! Will repost Arsinoe and Kat too. #ThreeDarkCrowns
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My character portrait of Mirabella from Three Dark Crowns by @kendareblake . She's got super cool elemental powers (especially lightning and fire which is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼). I'll be posting her sisters later today, as well as an announcement 👀👀👀