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Hey y'all! There are only 3 Darth Maul candles left!!! As for Darth Tyranus and Darth Sidious, there's only 11 more days to order them until they're gone for good! Oh snap! 😉
I love rainbow bookstacks! 😍 and @thegeekyyogi picture just completes this love even more! And she included the Halloween wax melts! She's got skills! 😍
Hey y'all! Just wanted to pop on and say there are only FIVE MORE DARTH MAUL CANDLES LEFT! And then they're gone 😭 Nooooooooo! 🖤🖤🖤
I. Love. This. Picture. @snowy.maiden Sammy takes magical pictures and like I just said, I'm in love with this! 😍😍
What is your favorite thing to do in the fall? Is it carving pumpkins, cozying up to a good book, watching scary movies, dressing up for Halloween, eating all the pumpkin goodies? What is it? I love reading with a blanket and sweater on and drinking a cup of good hot chocolate. Yum! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
There are a few people on IG that just light up my life and make the world so much brighter and wonderful and one of those is @austenandarthur. She just makes my heart happy! If you aren't already stalking her stories and pictures, you aren't wasting your time properly enough! 😍😍😍 #goals
What's your favorite book to read during October?? Do you like spooky reads?? 🎃🎃🎃
Loving this DRACULA inspired candle in @booksnbeaches picture! 😍😍 She has magical skills people. 🎃 haha .
Remenber, our Halloweeny candles will only be available for a limited time!!! 🎃
Would you rather have the option of ordering one scent for the wax melts, or do you like just one from each part of the collection? OR BOTH? Comment below what you think! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
How did y'all like the sale this weekend?! I want to know your thoughts! Message me what your thoughts were and I'll send you back a picture of a raffle ticket for the raffle giveaway going on this month! 😍
My girl @alifetimeofpages deserves all the awards for a crisp, fall afternoon feel for all her pictures! I love the feel of her feed! 😍😍😍
🌟🌟If anyone missed out on the sale and wanted to get something today, go ahead and comment below or message me on how you can still get some FREEBIES! That's right, FREEBIES! 😉😉😉
I'm blown away by @featherlyreads talent you guys! Robin is one of the sweetest gals and she is beyond AMAZING! Go check out her feed! 😍 Simply beautiful! 💖
Who's your favorite DARTH??? 🤔 I'm a Vader fan myself! Did you know we have a sale going on?? Did you want a free set of wax melts or 2 oz OR 4 oz?! Well, check out our sale that ends TODAY to get your hands on some awesome freebies!! 😎
This picture is by none other than one of my favorite people in this world: @voyage_reads Not only is she a wonderful person and friend but I just finished bouncing a million ideas off her a few days ago. Literally, she's the peanut butter to my jam. 💖
TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF OUR SALE! HURRY! Check out our shop and info about our sale going on NOW! There are so many freebies happening and I'm so excited to get them together just for YOU! 💖
Comment below your favorite musical! 😍 ALSO WE HAVE A SALE GOING ON! Freebies everywhere! Just check out our previous post to learn more! 🎃🎃🎃
ALSO! I'm adding ANOTHER FREEBIE! If you buy $35 or more, you'll get a FREE wax melt set, FREE 2 oz tin, AND FREE 4 oz tin! 💖 You're welcome!
Photo delights by the gorgeous and super nice gal, Tessa over at @the_bookworms_library 💖 This girl is one of my very best of friends on bookstagram. She's so genuine and lovely and just ALL AROUND WONDERFUL! 😍
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If you ever want a custom bookmark, let me know! 😉 This is a RAVENCLAW custom I made for my WONDERFUL rep, @avoiding_reality_ 💖💖💖 It's one of my favorites I've ever done! 😍😍😍
Did everyone see the sale I posted today?! FREEBIES EVERYWHERE! I'm so excited people! 😍😍 Go look at my previous post for more details!! Woot woot! ❤
@thegeekyyogi has blown me away with her pretty pretty pictures and this is one of them!!! 😍 She's one of the sweetest ladies on the planet so go follow her NOW! 😍❤
Did you know we have reed diffusers in our shop? 😮😮😮
😍 They're perfect if you worry about an open flame and easily fills a room! You don't even need to blow it out! 😂😂 Check them out in the shop! ❤
I'll never get tired of saying THANK YOU to @booksnbeaches for taking some of the loveliest pictures I've ever seen. 😘😘😘
Comment some of your favorite Disney Villains!!! Maleficent is always one of my top 3. After all, she is the "mistress of all evil"!!!!
📸photo action is by the supremely talented @singprettyreadbooks !!! She literally has the voice of an angel! 🎶😍❤🎶
You can never have too much Star Wars. Especially my girl, Leia. I wish I was more like her. 😍 Which Star Wars character do you wish you were more like?
Thank you @alifetimeofpages for another brilliant shot of our candles! 😘😘😘 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Pure white candles make me happy! What's your favorite color for candles???
Picture genius is @avoiding_reality_ 😘 Thanks for your supreme awesomeness!
Our DARK SIDE Collection Set is retiring today! If you snag it today, you can get them for $5 each! You can still get them individually for about 2 or 3 more weeks but the SET will be gone tomorrow!
A huge thanks to the magnificently awesome @featherlyreads ! Robin is THE BEST! ❤❤❤
What is everyone up to on this awesome weekend??? 😄
I'll be working on some orders and LOTS of errands. Gotta cram all the things on the weekend, am I right?! 😂
This is one of our DISNEY VILLAIN candles by my awesome rep, @intothepagesofficial 😍😍 Who's your favorite villain??
The raffle giveaway for October is a brand new, hardcover copy of Hannibal by Thomas Harris! Maybe I'll throw in something else like a candle or bookmark if there are enough entries! 🎃🎃
How to enter: All you have to do is place an order between now and Oct. 31st. Every candle/reed diffusser/sample pack/bookmark/etc ordered, I'll throw in a raffle ticket! (Ex: You want a reed diffuser, a sample pack, and an 8 oz., I'll send you 3 tickets!) .
When I'll choose: Once all orders from October have shipped safely home, I'll do a drawing and pick a winner! 🎃
Ready? Go!
We wanted to make sure that the Halloween Collection candles were made extra special for you...Can you tell what we did differently? 😉 I can't for you to get them!
Pic credit goes to the one and only @honeydukesbooks She's the best and needs all of the love right now! 🍁❤ Go check out her feed and you'll love her like I do! 😍