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Our January boxes will be released for presale one week from today. 🎉 We can’t wait to announce this theme, it’s been probably the most requested of any theme so far. 😉 We also are having our own little twist on the theme though.

Have you shopped our Black Friday sale yet?? It’s going on through Monday. You can get 25% off by using the code THANKSGIVING. 😄

Amren: Dragon’s Blood & Blood Orange.🍊

Where are you shopping today?

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Here is our other two new candles. 🎉 The first one, Christmas at Hogwarts, will be another seasonal candle. We are so excited about it. 🙈🎄 The second one, Rook: The Autumn Prince, is inspired by a book that is very high up on both of our TBR’s An Enchantment of Ravens. 🍂 We have been hearing amazing things about it and can’t wait for all of the autumn vibes because it’s already basically winter weather here and I want more autumn! 💗🍁 Make sure to take advantage of our Black Friday sale with the code THANKSGIVING to get 25% off your purchase. The code will only be good until Monday so make sure to get yours quickly. 🤗

Christmas at Hogwarts: Cinnamon, caramel, apple, and berries. 🎁
Rook (The Autumn Prince): Figs, caramel, twigs, and forest. 🍁

Which of the new candles are you most excited for?

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Our new candles are here!!! Our first ones are part of our Holiday Gift Set. It includes four 2oz glass jar seasonal candles all wrapped up in a festive red gift box. 🎄These will only be available for a limited time so make sure to pick yours up quickly! If you order anything this weekend they will make it home in time for Christmas. ❤️ Make sure to use the code THANKSGIVING to get 25% off your whole order between today and Monday. 🤗

Magical Christmas: Eucalyptus, winter fruits, and fir. 🎄
Let it Snow: Snow flurries, mint, and wintergreen. ❄️
Santa’s Workshop: Vanilla bean & marshmallow. 🎁
Under the Mistletoe: Winter fruits, cedar, and fir.🌿

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

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We decided to begin our Black Friday sale a bit early and it will be starting TOMORROW!!! 🎉🎉🎉 It will run through Monday. You can get 25% (😱) our entire website using the code THANKSGIVING! 😁This is the biggest discount we've ever offered so make sure to pick up all those candles you've been eyeing recently. 👀Don't forget about our brand new candles we released, including the new Christmas candles. If you order this weekend you will be getting them in time to put them under your tree. 🎄

What candles will you be picking up this weekend?

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We will be announcing our Black Friday sale tomorrow. 🎉 It will run between Friday-Monday. Do you guys do a lot of shopping Black Friday weekend? I like to stick to the online shopping so I don't have to go anywhere.🙊 I'm sure both Angeline and I will be taking advantage of all these bookish sales that will be going on. 👯 I already have 15 books in a cart for a certain discount online bookstore. 🙊😉

Bookstagram: Clean Cotton 📷

What is the best deal you've gotten on Black Friday?

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Happy Monday guys! How was everyone's weekend? It was so much fun getting back into the swing of things, especially all things bookish. 😋We are so excited about these new candles. 🙈 They definitely will be something that will make the perfect gifts for your Secret Santa.

November boxes have began shipping over the weekend so make sure to check your emails for all the tracking info. 💞

Goddess of War: Ocean, Sun, Crisp Water, and Musk.🌴

What did you do this weekend?

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We have a little surprise for everyone this week, and it mayyyyyy be some new candles. 😎 We’ve been working on them for quite a while now and they’re just about ready to be released! Also all November boxes have been shipped! I’m so excited about all the Laini Taylor goodies we included. 😇 ✨
Inej: Cashmere & Light Musk 🥀

Are you more excited to get your box or to see these new candles??

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Hey guys! We have some shop updates for you today. First off, our December ‘The Life of a Bibliophile’ Box has SOLD OUT! Thank you so much to everyone who ordered it. ❤️ We hope you’ll love it as much as we do. If you are sad you missed out on it, make sure to grab your January box which will be up for presale on December 1st. Second shop update is very fun, we are now selling 4oz candles individually!!! We were formerly only offering them in bundle packages but we figured that this time of year would be perfect to start selling single 4oz candles because they make the perfect stocking stuffers! 🙊

Wizard’s Wand: Woody notes, amber, and a hint of citrus. (October box exclusive)🌱

What is your favorite kind of stocking stuffer?

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I just downloaded Roar audiobook 🙌🏻, and I definitely plan to listen to it while working on Nov boxes 😊

Btw, we are still finishing and packing Nov boxes, but all of them should be out by tomorrow. Hope you guys like the box as much as we do :)

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Everyone should start keeping an eye out for your tracking code emails for your November boxes tomorrow. They will start going out tomorrow and Saturday 🎉 Who is so excited to receive theirs??🙋🏼 I get home today from China and it will be such a great welcome home present 😄 We teased that the November box will include an exclusive woodmark by @inkandwonder.designs and I absolutely can't wait for everyone to see how it turned out! ⠀
Photo of our October 'School of Wizardry' box by @seareneslibrary 💕⠀
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Do you like fairytale retellings? I just received a book called Tiger Lily by Jodi Anderson which is a retelling of Peter Pan from the perspective of Tiger Lily. I'm definitely planning on picking it up soon. Another Peter Pan retelling I've heard of is Everland by Wendy Spinale, has anyone read it? I'm definitely looking out for more other story retelling books out there.💫

Neverland: Forest & ocean breeze.🌲🌊

What is your favorite retelling?

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November boxes are shipping this week 🙌🏻 I am so excited about them. We included so many amazing and fun items that we hope you all love. Personally, I'm just going to be staring out my window until it gets here. I absolutely loved both books I've read by Laini Taylor and I know so many others have really loved her work. I really cannot wait to finish the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series and hope it continues to be just as great as the first one.⠀
Who is your favorite author?⠀
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I can never get enough of our little Witchling! She is absolutely one of my favorite characters of all time. Sarah J. Maas has such an amazing talent for character development. We talked last week about our favorite SJM boys but i thought today we could talk about our favorite SJM ladies. 👯 I think my favorites are Manon and Amren. 💞

Manon (this label has been updated): Soft florals & musk.⚔️

Who is your favorite Maas lady?

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Angeline and I have been so happy about everyone's responses to our boxes, it has become one our favorite parts of the business. It is so much fun thinking up items and new candle ideas for each box. My personal favorite box we've had so far was our July 'Summer Romance' box. I also LOVED all the items in the September 'A Magician's London' but I'm not all the way in the fandom but the items were top notch. 👏🏻⠀
Which was your favorite box?⠀
Hogwarts Kitchen (Exclusive to our October box): Bakery, vanilla, buttercream, and berries.🍓🍰⠀
Photo by @bookables 💕⠀
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Good morning lovelies! ✨

We are still finishing up Nov boxes, can't wait to ship them out to you guys :)

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You guys!!! I'm going through Maas withdrawls right now. I haven't read anything by her since JULY! *gasp* I'm finally going to be continuing the Throne of Glass series this month because I'm just Maas Trash. I have both The Assassin's Blade & Queen of Shadows on my TBR this month. I need more Dorian!!!!!!! 💔

Cassian: Leather, Tobacco, Musk, and Amberwood 🏞

Which is your favorite Maas boy?

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I can't believe it has taken me this long to start Game of Thrones!!! Just like every other person in the world I absolutely love Daenerys, but I think my favorite character is Tyrion 🙊 I am a couple episodes into season 4 and need to catch up as soon as possible. I also loved this woodmark that was included in the September @owlcrate, we are so excited to also be working with @inkandwonder_ with our November box 😊

Khaleesi's Dragons: Blood Orange🍊

Who's your favorite character on Game of Thrones?

Photo by our rep @readerrewind 💕

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🔹October 'School of Wizardry' Unboxing🔹

Our October box unboxing is here!!!! Our December box is currently on sale, the theme is 'The Life of a Bibliophile' and is inspired by the everyday life of a bookworm. The link is in our bio if you want to pick one up for yourself 💕

What was included:
-Hogwarts Kitchen 4oz Candle (Bakery, vanilla, buttercream, and berries)
-Triwizard Tournament 2oz Candle (Crisp ozone, seaweed, driftwood, and water lily)
-Marauder's Map 2oz Candle (Bergamot, raspberry, eucalypus, fir, and cedarwood)
-Alohomora Spellbook 2oz Candle (Old books, almond, and vanilla)
-Wizard's Wand 2oz Candle (Woodsy notes)
-Honeydukes Sugar Scrub
-Drawstring bag designed by @tjlubrano
-Butterbeer Tea
-Fat bookmark by @dreamyandco
-Art print by @dreamyandco
-Button set by @dreamyandco

We hope everyone loved their October box. 🤗 What was your favorite item we included?

Photo by our rep @myfriendsarefiction 💕

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Happy Monday everyone!!! We have a fun week getting the November boxes ready to ship, they will be shipping around the 17-18th. I am probably on my way to China when you guys read this so Angeline will be who you're talking to, at least until I get back also on the 16th. 🙊⠀
Dorian: Earl Grey - Cucumber - Musk ⠀
What is your dream vacation?⠀
Photo by me @starsabovejess 💕⠀
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Our sneak peek for the December "The Life of a Bibliophile" box is here!!! This box will feature an item designed by @stellabookishart 💕 We absolutely adore Stella's art and loved the tote bag she designed for us in August so we knew we had to include her again. It will not be an exclusive design but it is still very gorgeous! We can't wait for you all to see it. 🎉 Make sure to pick up your box before they sell out! The link is in our bio. 💞

Who is your favorite artist?

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