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Dale Carnegie, author of 'How To Win Friends and Influence People,' was born #onthisday in 1888. Thanks to advice like this, his work is a perennial Audible best-seller. Has this audiobook changed your life? Comment below.
Nothing says "home for the holidays" like returning to Hogwarts! Which audiobook do you love listening to over the holidays? 📷:
Double-tap if you're thankful for 55+ hour long audiobooks that can take you from holiday meal prep all the way through your tryptophan-induced comas! What’s on your Thanksgiving playlist? #oathbringer #audicted
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Inside the studio with @sarahgadon, star of Netflix’s #AliasGrace and voice of the audiobook. Who else is binging this mini series? 🙋‍♀️ (We finished it in 3 days... shh, don't tell anyone 🤐) Dive back into this captivating and disturbing story about one of the most notorious women of the 19th century, written by Margaret Atwood and performed by Sarah Gadon. #NowOnAudible
It's official, the Narrator Hall of Fame is here. Head to to meet the 2017 inductees and explore their wide, varied, and vibrant bodies of work, exceptional listener reviews, and their commitment to the craft. #audible20 #NarratorHallOfFame
"Give me your word, Dad, that you’re going to be all right. Promise me, Dad.” #JoeBiden narrates his memoir, #PromiseMeDad. Only on Audible.
Essential item for your next hike? Audible! @christinexploring recently took 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed on her climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. 🏔🏃‍♀️ Swipe ➡️ to follow her journey. #NationalTakeAHikeDay
"Hope really, really matters... The way to get through it is with a sense of purpose, to begin to do something that matters." - Vice President #JoeBiden at Audible HQ for the launch of his memoir, 'Promise Me, Dad.' #NowOnAudible #InsideAudible
Who better to perform a badass heroine than a badass actress? Hear @rosariodawson as Jazz Bashara in 'Artemis,' only on Audible. #ArtemisonAudible (Link in bio)
238,900 miles away from Earth, Jazz Bashara is going to attempt to pull off the heist of the galaxy. Listen to #ArtemisOnAudible now! (Link in profile)
"If you're looking for venomous muckraking or a juicy tell-all, that's not this audiobook. Instead, #PromiseMeDad offers something way more extraordinary: the rare political memoir that transcends its author and reveals something greater about humanity altogether." - Audible Editor Doug on #JoeBiden's moving memoir, out now on Audible.
In less than 24 hours, we'll be on the moon. Are you ready? #ArtemisOnAudible
What Audible book are you loving this month? 🎧 #AudibleAsks
Remembering author #KurtVonnegut, born on this day in 1922. #andsoitgoes
Happy birthday to #authorator Neil Gaiman!

What's an “authorator,” you ask? It's an author who narrates their own audiobook–and Neil Gaiman is one of the best.
Haaaaaaave you listened to #Otherworld? Actor Jason Segel wrote AND narrated this new YA sci-fi-thriller series. #NowOnAudible
Mark Watney may have scienced the sh*t out of Mars, but Jazz Bashara is going to hack the hell out of the moon. #wcw #ArtemisOnAudible (Pre-order from the link in our bio!)
It may be a man’s world. But Jazz Bashara proves it’s a woman’s moon.
From the author of #TheMartian, and only on Audible. Pre-order now from the link in our bio. #ArtemisOnAudible
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