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I ❤️ Cara 😘

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Lb and 4f4

soozanjuniour 06:26 21.11.17

Wow so

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Lb and 4f4

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We love you Cara. We know you are hurting but in time you will realise you are worth far more. Be kind to yourself ❤️😘

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@cara_is_love_  do you know why she doesn’t post??

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Crazy 🙆🙆🙆

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@caradelevingne  😒❤💝

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@cjd_cjd_cjd  yes, DM

ΔBBIΣ HΔRPΣR✨ (@abbiekharper)
abbiekharper 10:07 21.11.17

I still just can’t believe you cancelled the book talk completely. So disappointed. So are the people who travelled the world to simply see you. Smh.

Hope Saunders (@hopesaundersx)
hopesaundersx 10:29 21.11.17


Tyler Elswick (@sexy_burrito_face)
sexy_burrito_face 10:44 21.11.17

Just put the toilet seat down and listen bro. It’s not that hard.

Carolina ♌ (@caritothom83_)
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5/10 💯

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Enter and witness the wonders of the treasures of the East

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Likes x likes

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@cara_is_love_  okey

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I love you @caradelevingne  ! I really want to meet you! I wish you were here ^^ can I get a wishes from you Cara?

| ARTS | (@iamsyaxzart)
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alexiqt9 (@alexiqt9)
alexiqt9 12:03 21.11.17

Margot Robbie Fanpage (@m_for_margot)
m_for_margot 12:03 21.11.17

Cara I just came to ur account to tell u that what u post in ur Instagram stories is very inspirational & heartbreaking sometimes, but it truly speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. You make me feel proud to be a woman. You are beautiful inside out! Never ever change!! Love you!

alexiqt9 (@alexiqt9)
alexiqt9 12:03 21.11.17

alexiqt9 (@alexiqt9)
alexiqt9 12:03 21.11.17

alexiqt9 (@alexiqt9)
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@caradelevingne  i love u😩😒

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alexiqt9 (@alexiqt9)
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jannahyazid_ 12:04 21.11.17

💕💕💕💕💕 yep

Caraislove (@cara_is_love_)
cara_is_love_ 12:04 21.11.17

❤️ give yourself a hug

Terry ☄☮ (@lovesmusic1984)
lovesmusic1984 12:24 21.11.17

New Snapchat please ♥️

serenawilson 12:38 21.11.17

Honestly if you think that women being called crazy or whatever is emotionally damaging or oppressive, then you must think women are really weak because it’s legit just a word calm down.

lina qishawi fans 💖 zeze (@zeze9871)
zeze9871 12:50 21.11.17


lina qishawi fans 💖 zeze (@zeze9871)
zeze9871 12:50 21.11.17


Pablo Jn (@pablojn_2003)
pablojn_2003 13:45 21.11.17

These people are overexagerating ffs.

Baylie (@bayliebofenkamp)
bayliebofenkamp 13:50 21.11.17


️کانی عوزێری (@kaniuzeri)
kaniuzeri 14:20 21.11.17

Cara you are a Legend!! I like your sayings😍

Tianna (@_tiannajerome_)
_tiannajerome_ 14:22 21.11.17

No way!!!! It's the gym teacher 😂😂 @_lyshcollette_ 

Макс Киско (@maks_kisko)
maks_kisko 14:31 21.11.17

Норм ✌🏼😂✌🏼

kari (@mmotherofcats)
mmotherofcats 15:18 21.11.17


🌺In Trap We Trust🌺 (@trappshit)
trappshit 15:50 21.11.17


der_janosch_ 15:59 21.11.17

@notmurray  good one

ben._moreton 16:00 21.11.17

Are they though ????

ben._moreton 16:00 21.11.17

Are they realllyyy ?

Valentina Lualdi (@valentinalualdi)
valentinalualdi 16:15 21.11.17

🌹 Hi! I'm a new italian fashion blogger, please check out my page

Chantelle Mccoll (@chany_mccoll)
chany_mccoll 16:42 21.11.17

Yess Cara 💕💕

Francesca Porta (@drancy_7)
drancy_7 17:58 21.11.17


avian vazquez (@avian.vazquez)
avian.vazquez 21:27 21.11.17

What the fuck is this 😂 this is the most cringeworthy vid of the year

Demir (@demirtopzz)
demirtopzz 22:01 21.11.17

I love you 😩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Suckinah ( 22:40 21.11.17

@solliebaluah  GOT IT?

Katrina Garcia (@expand_your_horizons_)
expand_your_horizons_ 00:02 22.11.17

There are people who are melodramatic, the ones that have an actual issue (e.g. PMS), and it depends on their upbringing which results in how one deals with their temperament under various circumstances. I think many of these factors might account for this issue, as well as how much of society accepts these behaviors, and simply sums it up to be, "Just a typical womanly behavior." Although females are biologically more emotional compared to males, it shouldn't justify acting dramatic or irrational. A more proper upbringing/education could significantly resolve the issue

AMY ELIZABETH FRITH (@amyelizabethfrith)
amyelizabethfrith 02:02 22.11.17

@caradelevingne  you have a good soul xo 💜

👻: meertjees (@merelvanesx)
merelvanesx 02:04 22.11.17

Kijk dit @demihessels 

Legendary Vibes📚📝 (@thedonhawsa)
thedonhawsa 03:59 22.11.17

Legend of Legendary

Eunice Jaspio 👽📖 (@unixjaspio)
unixjaspio 04:27 22.11.17


S U D E S H N A💎 (@sudeshnaroyyy)
sudeshnaroyyy 04:50 22.11.17

Reed🍏 (@zenpakuu)
zenpakuu 04:54 22.11.17

So you're agreeing you guys have mood swings?? What's the point here?

CARA ♡ (@cjdpage)
cjdpage 05:01 22.11.17


Sreejani Ghosh (@janny_with_love)
janny_with_love 05:23 22.11.17

🙋 Hey there, would you care to spend a few minutes on visiting my profile and check out my writings??🙋 🌠 HAVE AN AMAZING DAY 🌠

Louita Potgieter (@louitap)
louitap 09:29 22.11.17

Vir jou en jou volgende verhouding 😌😌😌😌😂😂😂 @grobler_pieter 

eleanor slyman (@eleslyman)
eleslyman 11:50 22.11.17

This 👏🏽👏🏽

eleanor slyman (@eleslyman)
eleslyman 11:50 22.11.17

@zenpakuu  Of course we do but do blame it on our period or that we are just being emotional is a step too far

eleanor slyman (@eleslyman)
eleslyman 11:51 22.11.17

@avian.vazquez  Maybe as a guy you don’t understand

avian vazquez (@avian.vazquez)
avian.vazquez 12:29 22.11.17

@eleslyman  yeah I’m a dude I don’t understand equal rights for women I’m such a horrible human being

eleanor slyman (@eleslyman)
eleslyman 12:35 22.11.17

@avian.vazquez  That’s not what I’m saying. The fact that you criticize a video about women standing up for themselves without understanding the experience first hand is something you shouldn’t be judging.

Piercings by Rachel Ballard (@piercingsbyrachel)
piercingsbyrachel 12:48 22.11.17


OFFICIAL 밤비 バンビ 🐰내 덤퍼님들 사랑해요 (@real_bambi)
real_bambi 13:24 22.11.17

@avian.vazquez  you being a dude has nothing to do with your understanding of basic human rights, it's your lack of empathy and willing to fight for something that doesn't affect you...which does make you a bad person, a good person fight for causes that don't benefit them.

OFFICIAL 밤비 バンビ 🐰내 덤퍼님들 사랑해요 (@real_bambi)
real_bambi 13:27 22.11.17

@zenpakuu  the point is that moodswings don't have anything to do with gender, is your point that "you guys" don't have moodswings?

OFFICIAL 밤비 バンビ 🐰내 덤퍼님들 사랑해요 (@real_bambi)
real_bambi 13:32 22.11.17

@expand_your_horizons_  and why is it an issue that ppl are different? Maybe a proper upbringing would teach ppl to accept someone that is different from oneself, like their emotions? Stereotypes don't justify ignorance and judgement.

Reed🍏 (@zenpakuu)
zenpakuu 13:37 22.11.17

@real_bambi  we don't really. We're just chill. And the video JUST said you have frequent mood swings

OFFICIAL 밤비 バンビ 🐰내 덤퍼님들 사랑해요 (@real_bambi)
real_bambi 13:40 22.11.17

@serenawilson  If you think words don't oppresse then your extremely ignorant. It's like saying words don't hurt emotionally when it's a fact that verbal abuse causes psychological effects, positive aswell as negative. The fact that you can't understand that not everything will affect or hurt you as a woman is not universal for other women, and that you don't understand neither accept that someone don't share your opinions, show how immature and oppressive you are as a person. A woman that feels offended by this doesn't need to calm down bc you don't see the issue.

serenawilson 13:50 22.11.17

@real_bambi  women are stronger than that. Saying someone’s “crazy” and getting traumatized by it is so weak minded. We are strong and empowered and constantly tell us we are oppressed does not help.

Sara (@priyasaraa)
priyasaraa 14:05 22.11.17

@saminamerica  good

Katrina Garcia (@expand_your_horizons_)
expand_your_horizons_ 14:13 22.11.17

@real_bambi  there's nothing wrong with expressing an emotion so long as it's appropriate, and not dramatic. However in any social environment, it requires for a person exercise rational communication skills if they want to come a resolution with any issue, let alone to even have a proper level of communication in the first place.

حنظل  شہباز (@hiinzal)
hiinzal 14:14 22.11.17

@_aisha.shahid  literally what we were talking about yesterday

Aisha (@_aisha.shahid)
_aisha.shahid 14:16 22.11.17

@hiinzal  These retarded men will never get it ..!

ⓣⓐⓝⓨⓐ ( 15:03 22.11.17

I live with my dad and bros so I relate to this.

GBaby 😈 (@gusher._)
gusher._ 16:19 22.11.17


Azzurra (@azzurranespi)
azzurranespi 16:50 22.11.17


ᴀaғsʜin coʀʟeoɴe (@afch.1978)
afch.1978 17:12 22.11.17


avian vazquez (@avian.vazquez)
avian.vazquez 17:21 22.11.17

@real_bambi  first of all I was being sarcastic if you know what that means equal rights is a good thing but now it gets into feminism, and feminism now is different that it was before

mella13bella (@mella13bella)
mella13bella 17:59 22.11.17


paaras.zhangmo 19:41 22.11.17

love cara @abby_cook_123 

Abby Cook (@abby_cook_123)
abby_cook_123 19:52 22.11.17

Everyone needs to see this @paaras.zhangmo 

Leonora (@leonorasmilegirl)
leonorasmilegirl 20:19 22.11.17

i admit I'm emotional , it keeps my boyfriend away from me.But i'm not crazy!i love him.Perhaps I'm doomed not to be understood. 😢

FASHION EGYPT (@fashionegypt1)
fashionegypt1 00:04 23.11.17


Karla Ale Tejada (@kaletejada)
kaletejada 01:17 23.11.17


Madeleine Coates (@madeleinecxo)
madeleinecxo 01:20 23.11.17

@george_kelly_77  🖕🏼

Neo Mautsa | One And Only (@da_smart_savage)
da_smart_savage 08:51 23.11.17

I agree with this. Women are not crazy they are just human. The reason men think women are crazy is because we just don’t understand how they get their point across. Women are more open to expressing their opinions emotionally whereas men do it in an isolated way.(in most cases)

Dagmarka (@dagma)
dagma 11:06 23.11.17

@fey__fey  @jazzy040889  👌

Harald Franck (@haraldfranck)
haraldfranck 11:11 23.11.17

Nah, they crazy

jazzy 🌸 (@jazzy040889)
jazzy040889 11:26 23.11.17

@dagma  😅👍🏻

💋VERAMEAT (@verameat)
verameat 11:37 23.11.17


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