BELLA – Don't try this at home
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I like this photo of me. So here it is ❤️
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Seeing red
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Baby girl @kandikamerugh
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My eyes are up here ;)
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Tasting you is like chewing with a mouth full of thorns
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Come on baby light my fire 🐥🔥
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Was I really naked or was I wearing clothes? Hmmm
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It's a drawling day 🐥 (drawling baby talk)
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Someone tell me what's this guy thinking in the back @kandikamerugh
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Last min touches 💍
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For everyone out there struggling with a life long illness I hope this movie touches you..just a bit ❤️ full link in my bio #midnightsunmovie
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You thought this was a fairy tale ✨
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Break my heart 1000 times next year 🖤🎬👀
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#midnightsun in theaters march 23rd! which is also my besties birthday so it's a great day over all 🐥🎬 trailer out Friday
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How many thornes do u see in this photo? Lol get it...#everyrosehasitsthorn #breaktheinternet @papermagazine
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Happy sisters by @papermagazine #breaktheinternet out at 12 pm est
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Dazed & confused
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Perching 🐥🐥