badgalriri – @FentyBeauty is out now!!
SPAM (@guccisnakes_)
guccisnakes_ 05:00 20.11.17


clear glue obsessed (@shibaslimes_)
shibaslimes_ 05:04 20.11.17

@bethkagl  this is America fix your fucked it attitude

🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃 (@hf.artss)
hf.artss 05:54 20.11.17

sit the fuck down, not everyone got straight perfect teeth

Slam Rothstein🐺🦄🦈 (@taylorsith)
taylorsith 06:39 20.11.17

@bethkagl  Bitch, fix your face. W.C. Fields looking ass bitch. Slick shits on your whole life🤣🤣🤣🤣

Slam Rothstein🐺🦄🦈 (@taylorsith)
taylorsith 06:41 20.11.17

@pfeifenreiniger  And she still wouldn’t let your ugly ass smash 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Slam Rothstein🐺🦄🦈 (@taylorsith)
taylorsith 06:43 20.11.17

Half these bums coming for @slickwoods  beautiful ass smile can’t even afford dental insurance, got hella cavities, and ain’t seen a dentist since Clinton was president. It’s always the 🌽🌽 ass niggas talking loudest.

Jeremy Chandler (@kinglaveil)
kinglaveil 08:17 20.11.17

Yara lookin ass 😂

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk🌹 (@_byusira_)
_byusira_ 09:20 20.11.17


Zakiya Malika Pauling (@unique_phenomenon)
unique_phenomenon 09:30 20.11.17

Bruh she was not playing she really didn't wear lipstick

Nguyễn Lê Thanh Tú (@_nltt)
_nltt 09:52 20.11.17


wairimu (@acy_soulgirl254)
acy_soulgirl254 09:52 20.11.17

@bethkagl  you live in america fix your nut sized brain. In africa she is royalty

wairimu (@acy_soulgirl254)
acy_soulgirl254 09:53 20.11.17

@hf.artss  she is perfect

wairimu (@acy_soulgirl254)
acy_soulgirl254 09:55 20.11.17

@animegirl_litlife  you dp is a black hole ..dont impose your self esteem issues on others

Hilal Pınar (@hilalpnr35)
hilalpnr35 10:10 20.11.17

oha bu rihannamı :D

my God is able🙏 (@rita_ora_k)
rita_ora_k 10:12 20.11.17


varvarausova 10:45 20.11.17

where do y’all see ugly wtf

jwaanrashid 10:51 20.11.17


Mattia Pasquariello ⚡️ (@tia.1996)
tia.1996 11:23 20.11.17

Che bel sorriso

hodaya.luzon 11:38 20.11.17

חחחחחחחחחחחחחחח אני מתה @baruch_destar 

Novacaine (@pretty.novacaine)
pretty.novacaine 11:39 20.11.17

So it drops on my birthday? Send me a stick 💄

Ruth Ajuzie (@amarak_urworld)
amarak_urworld 11:42 20.11.17

Its okay for Brigitte Bardot but not @slickwoods  GTFOH

ريناد محمد ♈. (@art.renad1)
art.renad1 11:45 20.11.17


Mehrshid Watson (@mehrshidwatson)
mehrshidwatson 12:15 20.11.17


Hussein & Chaimae. (@haso.chaimae)
haso.chaimae 12:45 20.11.17

Ze heeft kontgat tussen haar tanden @leylajmkvc  - Chaimae

Beth D Kagl (@bethkagl)
bethkagl 13:20 20.11.17

@acy_soulgirl254  do I care what she is in Africa? She's ugly AF

Beth D Kagl (@bethkagl)
bethkagl 13:21 20.11.17

@ivygreen3832  okay????

Beth D Kagl (@bethkagl)
bethkagl 13:21 20.11.17

@shibaslimes_  I will when she fixes her ugly ass teeth

Charline Briand (@chachaaa._)
chachaaa._ 13:34 20.11.17

Elle est pas trop moche mdrrr @eva_cbl 

mj (@mariajtorrado)
mariajtorrado 13:34 20.11.17


Dominique. ♡♡♡🇭🇹😍😗😗🙏 (@doumie1)
doumie1 13:37 20.11.17

@taylorsith  she does not have to be your definition of beauty. She does not have to be what society wants her to be. If you're not smart enough to know people are their own kind of beautiful and people like you should stop spreading hate when someone is unique, you should be ashamed of urself.

Dominique. ♡♡♡🇭🇹😍😗😗🙏 (@doumie1)
doumie1 13:39 20.11.17

@bethkagl  she can be what she wants to be without having to be the perfect image society want her to be. You thinks she's ugly , that I no reason to be here and look at her picture, unless you seeking for likes and attention😒😒 retard.

More Life (@kadia18_)
kadia18_ 13:51 20.11.17

@brazilian_bad  on dirait qu'elle dit quoi ?

nuriamaarin 14:18 20.11.17

@paumarin15_  tu

wairimu (@acy_soulgirl254)
acy_soulgirl254 14:53 20.11.17

@bethkagl  ok miss perfect i wont roll with you in your pool of sewarage judgemental attitude

Beth D Kagl (@bethkagl)
bethkagl 15:01 20.11.17

@doumie1  oh shut the fuck up! It's called freedom of speech. If she's ugly according to me then let me say she's ugly. You find her cute then good for your ass.

ruairixo 15:05 20.11.17

I have realised now that she is saying fenty beauty @melody.01 

queenjah 15:09 20.11.17

@bethkagl  shyt so are you.

Dominique. ♡♡♡🇭🇹😍😗😗🙏 (@doumie1)
doumie1 15:10 20.11.17

@bethkagl  u so educated, I'm impressed 👏👏👏

Beth D Kagl (@bethkagl)
bethkagl 15:11 20.11.17

@queenjah  😂 Bruh! With a face like yours to call me ugly is hilarious.

m a e (@dragonsdutches)
dragonsdutches 15:13 20.11.17

@bethkagl  The fact that you go out as an adult (whilst you’re supposed to show the younger generation how to be good for society) and shame other adults like that calling them ugly is just the pure form of disrespectfulness and immaturity.

Beth D Kagl (@bethkagl)
bethkagl 15:15 20.11.17

@doumie1  Can't come up with a come back? Lol bye, child.

Dominique. ♡♡♡🇭🇹😍😗😗🙏 (@doumie1)
doumie1 15:17 20.11.17

@bethkagl  u really thought I would waste my time on u, ur not worth the calories I would burn talking to u. Go Take a b

Beth D Kagl (@bethkagl)
bethkagl 15:17 20.11.17

@dragonsdutches  The fuck? it's called freedom of speech. Do I look like I'm tryna be a role model. Damn! It's my opinion that she's ugly, if you find her beautiful then good for you. We all don't have to agree on everything.

queenjah 15:17 20.11.17

@dragonsdutches  he's an insecure guy.

Camila Marques🌒 (@milamrqs_)
milamrqs_ 15:18 20.11.17

Haha legal ♡

Beth D Kagl (@bethkagl)
bethkagl 15:19 20.11.17

@doumie1  exactly! So go run and lose some grease on that fat ass

Dominique. ♡♡♡🇭🇹😍😗😗🙏 (@doumie1)
doumie1 15:22 20.11.17

@bethkagl  u ar probably talkin for u itself. If that can make u feel better, go ahead

m a e (@dragonsdutches)
dragonsdutches 15:27 20.11.17

@bethkagl  This is certainly not about agreeing nor disagreeing towards certain opinions tho. This is the fact that you went out there and disrespected a human being. Do you think that’s normal? Thousands of people die yearly because they commit suicide because of people like you, do you even realize that? Just rethink the words that I just said and let it sink in. May god bless you and your soul, help you in life and send you towards the right path. Have a good day.

🎲J O N A T H A N🎲 (@joniduch_22)
joniduch_22 15:47 20.11.17

La odio @marinagalvezz 

🔺️ברוך דסטה // baruch desta 🔻 (@baruch_destar)
baruch_destar 16:16 20.11.17

@hodaya.luzon  איכס בת זונה חשבתי שאני והיא זה אנחנו אבל אחרי הסירטון הזה hell no

George'Avery🍁 (@george.avery)
george.avery 16:32 20.11.17

@jerry_cottonxx  it’s @stevothemadman1 

LJ "oso dam fli" (@leahjeneaofficial)
leahjeneaofficial 16:42 20.11.17

Smh , shes gorgeous . Not everyones the same.

MarinA (@marinagalvezz)
marinagalvezz 17:33 20.11.17

Por qué? @joniduch_22 

Rome (@rome_boy6)
rome_boy6 21:07 20.11.17

Fix that gap ewww wtf

Jaleesa D (@jaleesaccd)
jaleesaccd 22:34 20.11.17

Goals @mvrscott  @chanelreginaaa 

Kayra Scott (@mvrscott)
mvrscott 22:36 20.11.17

@aseeljd  kots

Ray (@raybadgal_)
raybadgal_ 22:43 20.11.17

OMG so ugly jajajja 😂

Dina (@_dina_jo)
_dina_jo 00:12 21.11.17

So beautiful 😍 love her lips and her gap... fuck all yall haters, probly purchased the Kylie Jenner lip kit and still not happy with yourselves so you out here with yo lip envy asses lmao 😂

#PYT#chasingMyMAKER#DemiGods (@trinamariepyt)
trinamariepyt 01:03 21.11.17

@slickwoods  👽💙💚💙👽💎👑

mÄriănŇe 🇵🇭 (@mxrianne.a)
mxrianne.a 03:01 21.11.17

she need braces

Anissa E (@anissa_elr)
anissa_elr 05:50 21.11.17

@ameluuux  espèce de conne mdrr

Nilva Rege (@nilvarege)
nilvarege 06:25 21.11.17

aí credo

gleycejapira (@gleycejapira)
gleycejapira 07:19 21.11.17


selcankarabs 09:46 21.11.17

@hilmi.er1  😅😅😅😅😅

poff3355 10:30 21.11.17

That is the WORST gap I have ever seen

Vrishabh 🍼 (@vrishabhsd)
vrishabhsd 10:33 21.11.17

I can set up a swing between her front teeth

Flavia. (@flaviatritta)
flaviatritta 10:35 21.11.17


cheyannes finsta (@factz.finstaa)
factz.finstaa 10:51 21.11.17

@neunowa  stfu

cheyannes finsta (@factz.finstaa)
factz.finstaa 10:52 21.11.17

She so fine as can be💜💜💜😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

Nikita Gosain (@getlostwithnikki)
getlostwithnikki 11:30 21.11.17

That could be my gap lol @criss_pereira 

Kiana Klein Patton (@kianakleinpatton)
kianakleinpatton 11:53 21.11.17

@mxrianne.a  @poff3355  you can say that when you’re perfect. Because I’m 10000000000000000000% sure that your not. She’s beautiful just the way she is so you can shut your mouth thank you.

Kiana Klein Patton (@kianakleinpatton)
kianakleinpatton 11:55 21.11.17

@trill.swammy  are you perfect… No you’re not so you can start saying that when you are. She’s beautiful just wish she is so please be quiet, and just scroll past.

Kiana Klein Patton (@kianakleinpatton)
kianakleinpatton 11:56 21.11.17

@pfeifenreiniger  are you perfect… No, so you can shut up thanks👍🏼

Kiana Klein Patton (@kianakleinpatton)
kianakleinpatton 11:58 21.11.17

With all the hate about the post, I don’t understand she’s beautiful just the way she is. NO ONE is perfect so I don’t understand why they think they are, that they can comment something so rude... but anyway you keep rocking!!@slickwoods 

•Sindi♉Gjoni• (@sindigjonii)
sindigjonii 12:49 21.11.17

@uendi_gjoni  paska me keq se ti😂

Uendi Gjoni (@uendi_gjoni)
uendi_gjoni 12:50 21.11.17

@sindigjonii  ik mi

Criss Pereira (@criss_pereira)
criss_pereira 14:27 21.11.17

its nothing like that @getlostwithnikki 

•Elif 🌌 (@elfnr.atk)
elfnr.atk 16:31 21.11.17

@robzfreakmeout  oha amk

Gerald (@trill.swammy)
trill.swammy 17:14 21.11.17

@trill.swammy  sheesh, calm tf down I'm just new to insta and wana know how to express my feeling towards this post. You must really like this person if ur gonna scroll 2 days back just to defend her. And yes I am perfect how dare u question my beauty

shana💖 (@shana_klazema)
shana_klazema 18:18 21.11.17


keisha (@keisha289000)
keisha289000 19:55 21.11.17

@rome_boy6  fix your life gay ass

arzugül _prlk (@arzugul_prlk)
arzugul_prlk 20:01 21.11.17

@_1903ezgi1903_  😂

CindyP (@cindycp67)
cindycp67 20:10 21.11.17

Gorgeous 💋

EMMA ☕️ (@emmaredekopp)
emmaredekopp 20:40 21.11.17

why are y’all dragging her for her gap? Let a girl live! Her confidence is amazing and that gap giver her something to stand out

Y V O N N E (@regineyvonne)
regineyvonne 22:09 21.11.17


renae.a 00:57 22.11.17

Will it be available in stores??? I love it!!

Julia Hupertz (@x_jewlz_x)
x_jewlz_x 00:59 22.11.17

@vrishabhsd  let’s introduce @badgalriri  to @invisalign  - You r welcome.

Briana Justina Harmon (@bjharmon12)
bjharmon12 02:02 22.11.17

My fav 🙌😍❤️ @slickwoods  #bossaf  #icon 

Vrishabh 🍼 (@vrishabhsd)
vrishabhsd 02:16 22.11.17


Jennifer Cardenas (@jennyxestrella)
jennyxestrella 02:29 22.11.17


Nourhan (@nourhanmouallem)
nourhanmouallem 03:35 22.11.17

😂 @rawan.mroueh 

روان مروة (@rawan.mroueh)
rawan.mroueh 03:39 22.11.17

@nourhanmouallem  😂😂

_FueledByTHC_ (@rochelle_taylor420)
rochelle_taylor420 04:32 22.11.17

Wdf lol

Rass 🌸 (@rasdewi)
rasdewi 05:19 22.11.17

@renxii  hhhhhh

__onmyfeet__ 09:35 22.11.17


jodyxo (@jodymatthew)
jodymatthew 09:43 22.11.17


Beatriz Rcc (@beicoli)
beicoli 09:50 22.11.17


01938 (@t_meneghini14)
t_meneghini14 13:07 22.11.17

@emmaredekopp  🙌😍🙌😍🙌😍 wootwoot

youuloveedej 13:56 22.11.17

Them teeth 💀💀💀💀💀

Alpay Celik ♒ (@alpinator)
alpinator 14:38 22.11.17

@cagataycelik1710  😂

Cagatay Celik (@cagataycelik1710)
cagataycelik1710 15:30 22.11.17

@alpinator  ekelhaft die Zähne 😂😂

NLMB ひ (@svprxme.j)
svprxme.j 15:45 22.11.17

These comments 😭..

LakinChanel (@chocokitty3384)
chocokitty3384 17:00 22.11.17

Most ignorant people. Fucking disgusting comments smh

thereallval_ (@the.offical.val)
the.offical.val 17:45 22.11.17

Her gap is so gorgeous😍😍

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 18:19 22.11.17

@x_jewlz_x  Why You So Mean

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 18:19 22.11.17

@poff3355  You Ment Best Gap You Have Ever Seen

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 18:20 22.11.17

@jaydenacacia  *Meant

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 18:20 22.11.17

@mxrianne.a  No She Don't

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 18:21 22.11.17

@rome_boy6  Wby You So Mean

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 18:21 22.11.17


Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 18:21 22.11.17

@rome_boy6  *Why

mÄriănŇe 🇵🇭 (@mxrianne.a)
mxrianne.a 18:28 22.11.17

@jaydenacacia  u blind

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 19:12 22.11.17

@mxrianne.a  no

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 19:12 22.11.17

She's not ugly

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 19:12 22.11.17

Every body is pretty

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 19:12 22.11.17


mÄriănŇe 🇵🇭 (@mxrianne.a)
mxrianne.a 19:13 22.11.17

@jaydenacacia  or prolly u don't know what braces are lmfao

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 19:15 22.11.17

@mxrianne.a  she can get braces of She want but she don't need them

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 19:15 22.11.17

Bye I Don't Got Time For This

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 19:17 22.11.17

@mxrianne.a  Bye I Don't Got Time For This

Lana Martinelli (@lanamartinelli)
lanamartinelli 19:45 22.11.17

Vibes and such , Xoxo @badgalriri 

maiya💤🌱 (@maiyanocarey)
maiyanocarey 20:07 22.11.17

fuck yes!

_chill_out_22 20:54 22.11.17

if that was bigger than my brain then that means you have a huge gap

Griffin Buchan (@griffin.buchan)
griffin.buchan 21:46 22.11.17

@jaydenacacia  what you mean you don’t got time for this you started it

C'est La Vie✝️⚓️🌊 (@miss_pickles_)
miss_pickles_ 21:47 22.11.17

@madame_gg  😍

Hana :) (@hanabowersc)
hanabowersc 22:01 22.11.17


beyhive foreva bitch 🐝 (@fuckthestans)
fuckthestans 23:54 22.11.17

that damn gap. can fit another tooth in that bitch

augustine °✧,༄ (@axcxlxm)
axcxlxm 02:37 23.11.17

her gap is beautiful?? why are y’all so rude damn

Jayden (@jaydenacacia)
jaydenacacia 09:32 23.11.17

@emmaredekopp  👏

hanofah_0 (@hjw.6)
hjw.6 10:48 23.11.17

Why all this racism, guys?

Ayonna☽ (@clairdeluneag)
clairdeluneag 15:22 23.11.17

All of you calling her discusting but shes on rihannas page and doing something with her life and yall are on your phones being bullys

Jai'don (@wxvvykid.j_)
wxvvykid.j_ 16:19 23.11.17

Front teeth sponsored by gap tho

Лаура Майчракова.👸🏽🥀 (@l.majchrakova)
l.majchrakova 16:52 23.11.17


Tina Hinzberg (@tinahinzberg)
tinahinzberg 18:23 23.11.17


Callie Binford (@callie_binford)
callie_binford 19:46 23.11.17


Tayla (@tayddybear96)
tayddybear96 02:10 24.11.17

Holy shit i thought she was 12.😲😲

Esty (@motun101)
motun101 06:16 24.11.17

beautiful model

KRISYOURCEREALBOX💫 (@thatboiikriso)
thatboiikriso 06:55 24.11.17

Flex that booty

Ciela Bucangenda (@si_ella_ella)
si_ella_ella 08:47 24.11.17  nu is ons fleetje weer in 🙄

Ciela Bucangenda (@si_ella_ella)
si_ella_ella 08:47 24.11.17

@si_ella_ella  *spleetje

Carmen ( 11:14 24.11.17

@si_ella_ella  hadden het moeten houden, waren we nu trendsetters geworden 🙄😐

Annabell (@annabell_92007)
annabell_92007 13:12 24.11.17

@wxvvykid.j_  lol ikr

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