Avril Lavigne – Professional Rocker, Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Clothing Designer, Philanthropist. Contact: Vector Management. BMG Records. PMKBNC.
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Listen to my duet tonight on the @hallmarkchannel at 8 pm during the premiere of “Switched For Christmas” — you can hear “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by @JonnyBluMusic and I
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‪Happy Holidays - our @abbeydawnofficial Black Friday sale started today! Up to 40% off on existing items and new pieces to preorder!‬
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Listen to my duet of #BabyItsColdOutside with @jonnyblumusic on iTunes! It will be featured on Sunday’s @hallmarkchannel premiere of #SwitchedForChristmas (link in bio)
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Happy Remembrance Day #canadaremembers
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So what ... I like to play with fire
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Killer show last night Kesha @iiswhoiis 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤😘
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Happy Sunday 🖤♥️
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Trick or Treat ? 🎃@jrotem
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Fight Lyme Disease. Merch link in bio #lymelightfoundation #avrillavignefoundation
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#Stronger! Donate to help children and young adults fight Lyme Disease and for a chance to win cool prizes!





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These costumes are legit #awesome #authentic #repost @mikethemiz Doesn’t get much better then this #happyhalloween
#repost @ryancabrera when ya show up to the party dressed as the hosts 😂😂😂 @mikethemiz @marysemizanin we don’t Mess around when it comes to costumes parties @avrillavigne #wwe
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Hands down the best Halloween costume I have ever worn! Thanks @marysemizanin for lending me your actual @wwe outfit!! & #intercontinental #heavyweightchampionship belt courtesy @mikethemiz
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Congratulations @marysemizanin @mikethemiz #itsagirl #genderrevealparty 🌸🍼🎀🍼💖
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Chilling with my French Canadian @WWE Diva @marysemizanin today. So happy for you and @mikethemiz with your first pregnancy. #Badass #Canada