The Craigster – NYC based. Guatemalan born.
From outside the Givenchy show at #pfw
Some squad action from @mbfgt. From left to right: @luisaallan, @raquelcanas, @arianneisabelg, @nane.miller #streetstyle
Always fun to reunite with my home country at @mbfgt. Here with one of local favorites @teffasierra #streetstyle
Playing video games with my new friend in #AugmentedReality Design by #RogueNoodle WHY is this relevant? Because half a billion phones will be Augmented Reality enabled by 2018. #AR now is the App Store of 2008.
Throwback to an #altamiraspinzone experience with former Miss Poland and World Fashion Channel reporter @kasiaviastyle #KasiaAyerden #tbt 🎥: @kirstinsinclair #throwbackthursday
👩‍🔧 #modelsoffduty 💙🖤
Waiting for Uber with @shopbop Fashion Director @carolineinnycity #streetstyle #carolinemaguire
She’s not really popular yet in the America’s: @valerieabouchacra #valerieabouchacra, but she certainly has the potential if she keeps making repeat visits to #fashionweek
Testing out some #AugmentedReality at Times Square. Thanks to @jaesukkim for the illustration. CC: @mbfwrussia
Power in numbers. From @mbfwrussia #mbfwrussia
Using @sketchfabulous I made a whole #augmentedreality photo exhibit from the @mbfwrussia instagram feed. #ar #mbfwrussia. You can literally visit this exhibit in any hotel or airport lobby in the world.
It almost looks like #katedavidsonhudson @katedavidsonhudson and I shot this at a nuclear power plant, but in actuality it was at the Grand Palais #streetstyle
The future is now. #augmentedreality or #ar for short will soon be auto enabled across over half a billion devices by 2018. AR is at about the same stage apps were at in 2007-8. Here is a #3D illustration done by @jaesukkim at @mbfwrussia. #mbfwrussia once again designating itself as a leader in adapting new tech in today’s fast changing world. #arkit