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12.01.2018 15:41:20
You know what it do! @SnoopDogg’s The Joker’s Wild is renewed for Season 2! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #JokersWild
11.01.2018 13:09:59
Wishing y’all a lotta love and good luck in 2018! #JokersWild #HappyNewYear #NYE2018
31.12.2017 14:42:31
Y’all know a game show like this is gonna have some wild outtakes. Check out @SnoopDogg’s flubbed lines and mishaps from #JokersWild right here:
30.12.2017 18:16:29
Get Seussical with @wizkhalifa and @snoopdogg, Tuesdays at 10/9c on #JokersWild. 📖
30.12.2017 16:21:38
30.12.2017 13:48:26
What other game show gets it’s questions from a bong? #JokersWild
29.12.2017 18:39:02
Aww, you shouldn’t have. But please, keep goin’. #JokersWild
29.12.2017 16:38:06
’Cause where else can you watch @SnoopDogg talk some Yiddish? Only on #JokersWild, Tuesdays at 10/9c.
28.12.2017 17:04:11
When your uncles get lit and bust out some karaoke. #JokersWild
28.12.2017 15:03:38
You don’t wanna miss @SnoopDogg and @MethodManOfficial bustin' out 80's karaoke. Trust us. #JokersWild
27.12.2017 18:03:33
Lean on Lady Luck for the buck! #WCW #LadyLuck #JokersWild @thejeanniemai
27.12.2017 15:02:44
Hey y'all, check out the #JokersWild FINALE tonight at 10/9c. Then catch up with @SnoopDogg's new music video + all of season one, all on your TBS app!
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26.12.2017 13:32:09
Walking away winning 25K is a dope holiday gift, y'all! Let's see if these players can beat the devil on the #JokersWild FINALE, tomorrow at 10/9c! 🌲
25.12.2017 17:07:44
Happy Holidaze, y’al! Grab the eggnog and watch #JokersWild TOMORROW night at 10/9c! #HappyHolidays
25.12.2017 14:03:49
Though he’s a joker, @SnoopDogg's serious about cash flow. Check out some of his wildest quotes on #JokersWild Tuesdays at 10/9c.
24.12.2017 13:50:04
That’s your claim to fame, baby. #JokersWild
23.12.2017 14:09:37
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