85.6K 209
Designed by #AlessandroMichele for the #GucciGift selection, a men’s leather portfolio and wallet embellished with a gold bees and stars print, represented in an illustration by @ignasimonreal evoking a Vanitas—a symbolic style of art meant to remind those who gaze upon it the fleetingness of life. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciCruise18
56.3K 198
Depicted by artist @ignasimonreal in an antique tap illustration, a men’s baseball cap featuring a bee, a symbol from the House archives, part of #GucciGift. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
58.4K 139
Bees—a motif from the archives first used by Gucci in the 70s—and stars are printed in gold foil on GG motif on men’s accessories from the #GucciGift catalogue created by @ignasimonreal. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
99.3K 234
Pursued by Jason for its magical powers, the Fleece of the Golden Ram, a legendary animal from Greek mythology, is illustrated by @ignasimonreal holding a pair of men’s lace-ups on its horns and wearing a grosgrain bowtie, part of the #GucciGift selection designed by #AlessandroMichele. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciCruise18
146K 347
For the #GucciGift 2017 campaign, @ignasimonreal brings to life a Hippogriff—a half-eagle, half-horse legendary creature—holding the new men’s #GucciAce sneakers featuring the House Web detail and bees and stars embroideries. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciCruise18 #AlessandroMichele
161K 514
“A mythical creature, Cerberus, a dog with three-heads, guardian of the underworld. Here in a more gentle form,” said @ignasimonreal about his illustration which features a pair of men’s Horsebit slides embroidered with bees and stars, part of the #GucciGift selection. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciCruise18 #AlessandroMichele
96.3K 243
Artist @ignasimonreal imagines a giant Gucci key and links it to a crystal encrusted butterfly keyring from #GucciGift. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
337.6K 1.2K
The dichotomy of good vs. evil take the form of furry kittens, illustrated by @ignasimonreal alongside the Mystic Cat baseball cap, part of the #GucciGift 2017 campaign. Discover more through link in bio. #GucciCruise18 #AlessandroMichele
110.2K 217
Part of #GucciGift, the artwork illustrated by @ignasimonreal —inspired by the crossed ‘Keys of Heaven’—features a keychain with Double G hardware and crystals. Download the Gucci App and scan the special sticker featured on the windows of Gucci boutiques around the world to enter the Cabinet of Curiosities. #GucciCruise18 #AlessandroMichele
126.2K 343
Artist @ignasimonreal depicts a mysterious model wearing a T-shirt featuring a self portrait, part of the #GucciGift campaign. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
109.1K 231
Spanish artist @ignasimonreal reinterprets the House motifs and codes in his own vision, using various pop culture references to create ironic portraits that are printed onto #Gucci T-shirts. #GucciGift #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
106.5K 267
Quirky characters wear T-shirts portraying themselves, part of the #GucciGift campaign created by @ignasimonreal. #AlessandroMichele. #GucciCruise18
122K 345
Originally a plane factory called Caproni, @ignasimonreal reworks the Gucci Hub space with the Trojan Horse and new #GGMarmont suede pumps with crystals—accessories from the #GucciGift campaign. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
98.9K 256
Leather mini chain bags with Double G detail and crystals appear on a street sign. Discover the #GucciGift campaign illustrated by @ignasimonreal through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
395.7K 1.2K
“When I started to visit the Gucci Hub in Milan, I spent some time wandering around, waiting for meetings, eventually I began to notice the spaces. This is Pegasus, parked in the parking lot. Ideal for Milan commuting,” said @ignasimonreal about his illustration, part of the #GucciGift campaign. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
40K 121
6/6 • The #GucciGift campaign created by @ignasimonreal—who first collaborated with the House for #GucciGram—features ready-to-wear and accessories designed by creative director #AlessandroMichele with diverse influences from myths, Medieval alchemy and the Renaissance. #GucciCruise18
50.2K 134
5/6 • For the #GucciGift 2017 campaign, @ignasimonreal weaves the House’s accessories and ready-to-wear into artworks layered with diverse influences, mixing classical mythology of Greece and Rome, Medieval alchemy, and a popular literary theme of Renaissance works. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
40.3K 98
4/6 • @ignasimonreal, who began his creative collaboration for #Gucci with a quirky fortune teller and weather forecaster that appeared in the first #GucciGram digital art project, unveils stories of imagined characters wearing pieces from the #GucciGift selection for 2017. More through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
52.3K 138
3/6 • Looking at The Cabinet of Curiosities created by artist @ignasimonreal for the 2017 #GucciGift campaign. Discover more through link in bio or download the Gucci App for exclusive content. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18
51.6K 135
2/6 • For the 2017 #GucciGift campaign, artist @ignasimonreal illustrates Greek mythology, alchemy and eclectic characters with a selection of #Gucci products. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele #GucciCruise18