50 Cent
38.3K 2.8K
This is why I don't date girls from my neighbor hood. LOL#50centralbet
89.5K 4.2K
If you see this bum ass jeweler @Davebling tell him 50 looking for him. He owe money, the man broke don't fuck wit him.
139.9K 1.9K
They bullshitting I'm working, it's POWER tonight 🎼music tomorrow. #50centralbet #BMF #frigo #smsaudio
85.8K 4K
Check me out NOTHING FT. Jeremih 🎯🔥🔥🔥🎼. I'm back in my Bag.
115.6K 918
Little big man Sire, likes Star Wars. #50centralbet
112K 2.2K
Thank for listening to my Demo, I'm not sure I'm ready to be famous,they say people will turn on you but I want to make it. Sometimes my Nana writes her prayers down and puts them in her bible. I unfolded a piece of paper that fell out. She told God she knows I'm special, and to watch over me because I'm gonna need it. 50cent New Music On The Way 🎼
113.8K 5.7K
Please be patient (perfection) I'm Coming. Listen to my demo, I think I can make it!!! #50centralbet
217.2K 3.3K
I'm back to work people, I mean on the music. I never stop working. #50centralbet #power
145.3K 1.5K
Me & Sahar at the OG BDAY get together.
585.2K 8.4K
Had to go see the real OG grandpa 🎂 85, He said why you didn't bring no girls wit ya ? LOL #50centralbet #power
144.4K 2.7K
Check out people's magazine, eww I think they like me. #50centralbet #power #frigo
415K 8.5K
GYM time, let's go people! Time to work, I change my mind fuck this I'll go tomorrow. LOL
206.8K 12.3K
😆 LOL catch 50Central tonight 10:30 PM #50centralbet #frigo
213.2K 5.9K
Wait so 😆this fool just made some shit up. LOL Will like I ain't give him that 😂#50centralbet tonight 10:30 PM on BET
63.2K 1.1K
Tune in to BET, check out 50Central #50centralbet #frigo
322.5K 4.3K
I told Don King it don't matter who I come in with I'm leaving with the Winner, Don looked at me and said 👀what the fuck, you think you me? LOL
322.4K 14.7K
This is gonna be the Biggest fight in Boxing right here, who you wit? #frigo #50centralbet
280.8K 7.4K
Man I didn't even see the Damn fight. I walked Deontae out then before I could get back to my sky Box the fight was over. 👀🤦‍♂️I get off the elevator and see 😳this
194K 29K
😆when them pockets is hit boy, God Damn 😳LOL#50centralbet
135K 1.1K
Good morning I'm up with the birds my Little man had big fun on Halloween. #50centralbet